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[Switch] Metroid Dread: Special Edition $139.95 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ EB Games


This has been posted before but went out of stock almost immediately, back in stock for now so get in quick if you don't want to get ripped off on ebay.

Edit: They've taken the page down now that it's out of stock, however if they get more it will come back up on the same url. Consider bookmarking the url and checking it every now and then if you missed out

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    I thought I would never get this at RRP, I'd give you 100 upvotes if I could, thanks!

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      I was just browsing the well over $200 ebay listings when I decided to check EB again, so I'm happy to help others in the same boat!

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        Sure he does, you devalue the brand by calling it a platform game so that things like first person shooters sounds cooler.

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    Based on my previous order of a special edition from EB, be a bit wary if you're buying for collection purposes if online ordering.

    Their packaging is woefully insufficient, and the outer box of mine ended up heavily dented in two corners. and big scratches along the front of the box that somehow happened though the outer box.

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      In this case there's nothing we can do, its an EB Games exclusive and no click and collection option for this. Will just have to hope for the best I guess.

    • Ahh reminds me of Limited Run Games. Comes from the US with barely any bubble wrap.

      • I actually got a game from there a few days ago, but it was just a normal Switch game, so the padded envelope was fine.

        If you're talking about the special editions, I think EB might be worse although with a shorter travel distance. The packaging they used was just a single thin layer of cardboard wrapped around the box. Zero bubble wrap for cushioning.

      • IMHO, LRG's shipping practises have improved markedly over the last 18 months.

        They used to be good with the PS Vita titles but the arrival of the Switch saw them get greedy and they struggled to keep up with demand.

        Every second Switch collector's edition order would arrive to me dented, scuffed, crushed or otherwise damaged. Then came the waiting game of 8-10 weeks for replacements to arrive.

        Since early 2020, I've never had a damaged LRG CE. Worst damage has been a folded trading card which was thrown, loose, into the carton to fend for itself against the heavy boxed items.

    • +1

      There are MUCH worse retailers than EB AU/NZ for shipping practices on collectors' editions.

      How would you like to receive one like this

      • I've had worse than that from EB before, games in cardboard sleeves usually come heavily scuffed and I've had cases come cracked too.
        The flat cardboard packaging they use is absolutely awful. I'm really hoping the Metroid SE is too big and they send it in a proper box

        • I just collected my copy from a local store. Thankfully it was in mint condition.

          At 1.42kg (!!!!) it's a chonky-boy and EB will need to protect these (with classic Nintendo-thin cardboard) properly to survive transit.

          • @OzDJ_: Wish I could C&C but it's good to know EB gets them mint from their supplier before they destroy them with their packaging lol.
            Enjoy your game :)

  • my standard copy from kogan is still not shipped yet

  • +1

    Nabbed one and now out of stock. Hopefully my order won't get cancelled!

    • Bugger, well that was quick

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    It's a thing of beauty, I've uploaded some pics of the content. Don't click if you wanna be surprised when you get it. https://imgur.com/gallery/gkgRHhF

    • Beauty? $70 for a facelift, it'd better be!

      • +2

        haha mate i've long since stopped buying special editions but it's been my fave series of games since the NES. i definitely get what you're saying though

  • Well that didn't last long…. oh well, guess I'll stick with my standard edition.

  • +1

    Dammit :(

  • Damn, missed the boat :/

    • +8

      this is not any remake. it's 2D yes, but a new game-a direct sequel to Metroid Fusion

        • +4

          Yeah, it's a sequel not a remake.

  • For anyone who missed out, add it to your wishlist and check it every now and then. Odds are their will be cancellations for the "one per customer" and it will re-appear.

    • Now the product page is not found. My wishlist listing for it is also wiped.

      • That's annoying, they took the page down last time it went OOS as well. Here's hoping they get more for those that missed out

      • Disappears off your wishlist but once they put the item back up it'll pop up on your list automatically.

      • +1

        It's back in stock now, looks like only 4 in stock so better be quick!

        • Missed out again :(

        • +1

          Finally got one after checking back!

          • +1

            @FrugalNotStingy: Awesome news mate! Glad you were able to nab one. :)

            • @Shads: Thanks mate! Thanks for the heads up :D
              Only delivery was available so now I pray the steelbook will arrive without dent(s).

  • Missed out again. Hopefully there's another batch that comes through again.

  • It was available pre-order opening for like a week I think. I pre-ordered it & unable to pick up until lockdown ended at Melbourne.

    • You're still allowed to go in and click and collect. Did that today and would recommend you do the same since I'm not sure how long EB holds pre-orders (apparently 1-7 days according to EB, but I admit some people here say longer), and retail in Melbourne isn't back till November.

  • -1

    Man.. Nintendo are making huge money on nostalgia alone whether it's the Mini consoles, updated Game & Watches or rehashed games from way back.

    Played it today and didn't really "feel" right like the old NES version for some reason.

    • -1

      It didnt feel right because you compared a game from 35 years ago.

      It's like comparing a Porsche GT3 from 2001 with one from 2021. Its going to be totally different with new features and changes.

      You weren't expecting it to be the same thing did you?

      • Err.. No. That's a bad explanation for analogy sake. You can literally play the latest Mario and still "feel" it is Mario even after so long even though there's an extra dimension to the game play and updated graphics. Just like a GT3 now still has a "feel" of being a GT3 like it is from 2001 even though it's probably twice as much horses and so much modern in tech. Super Metroid (SNES) had that feel to it compared to the original. This one isn't quite the same in that aspect.

        • +1

          It’s a sequel to Metroid Fusion. A faithful sequel IMO that blends elements from Samus Returns into it. fantastic game from what I’ve played

  • +1

    Dammit, missed it. Dammit dammit dammit dammit dammit dammit dammit

  • Just received mine, came with a small dent in the top right corner, but not too bad. I can see they did try to package with padding but they could have bubble wrapped it at least.

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