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Bosch 9kg Series 8 Front Load Washing Machine WAW28620AU $1270.75 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ The Good Guys eBay


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Not the cheapest in Ozb history but definitely a good price on Bosch 9kg Serie 8 Front Load Washing Machine with i-DOS WAW28620AU.

I think the previous deal from Appliances Online is better.

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    Before anyone asks, this is made in Germany.

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      I could be wrong but I think it was that all series 8 and above are made in Germany.

      • Good to know!

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        Yes, you are wrong :) All series 8 are not made in Germany. The start of the product code gives away country of manufacture, so for front loaders of this design (ie not the lastest style) anything starting with WAW is made in Germany.

        • ATangk is right - all series 8 are made in Germany. The WAW is a good rule of thumb, but doesn't capture all German made models.


          • @JackMcKraken: Thanks JackMcKraken and apologies ATangk - I stand corrected - all series 8 are indeed made in Germany! My confusion was because there are series 6 models (including with iDos eg WAT28620AU) which are priced higher (RRP) than base series 8 models and are not made in Germany.

            Re second point, quite right, WAW doesn't capture all German made models, just the front loaders of this (OP posted) design as I mentioned. IIRC the other codes for the German models are WAX (also series 8, latest 2021 design language) and WAY (HomeProfessional series). Rest all Turkey, China etc.

    • If it was made in Germany, that ebay listing would be screaming that.

      • I don't know if a listing must scream "Made in Germany", but it clearly mentioned it in the specifications of the product listing.

        • You're right!

          It's clearly mentioned, but surprisingly not highlighted and took me a bit to find in the listing.

  • Good price. Excellent washing machine!

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    Paid $1300ish for one delivered from AO in feb.

    Good machine but did have a fault recently and took a few visits from the Bosch repairman until they gave up and sent me a new one via AO, which was good as AO installed the replacement as well.

    Does make me wonder if the German Bosch is worth the premium over the Chinese Bosch, as within warranty you'd still get the good service from Bosch I presume, and given mine died in 6 months it makes me wonder the German bosch will last much longer than a Chinese one outside of warranty. But again, great machine aside from the fault.

    • Just curious, what was the issue? I bought the same thing 2 months ago

      • It wouldn't drain and would throw and error that suggested it was blocked (it wasn't, neither was the plumbing).

  • I love my idos Bosch but the capacity seems misleading. I thought 9kg would be bigger compared to my old 6.5kg top loader. I think the capacity is probably the same but feels slightly smaller.

    Still, it’s a great machine and doing two loads instead of one still saves on water compared to top loader.

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    My recent experience with Bosch was not very pleasant. Got the new model and the product delivered didn't match official spec. They are not willing to fix it, after weeks of communication offering a refund for returning the product. Not sure about others who bought it. Never expected it from such a reputable brand.

    • How did it not meet the specs?

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        First visible thing was a much shorter power cord(60 cm shorter than in spec). Immediate response on contacting them was that, the length in spec is not the usable length.

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    Cheaper at Appliances Online eBay for those that want delivery, $1272 Delivered, with the "SPENDNSAVEOCT" code: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/302619734269

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    i have had whirpool in the past and now Bosch and I found Whirpool built was much better than Bosch. With Bosch after 2.5yrs the rubber seal of the front loading washing machine already cracked and required replacement.

    the old whirpool died after 14 years - electronic board issue but never had issue with rubber seal, etc..

  • Is there a physical difference between German and Chinese made models? Like for Wahl hair clippers, it's the lithium battery not American workmanship that makes the Made in USA sought after.

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    Have had the 8kg version (German made) for a year now, no complaints.

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