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15% off Eligible Items ($1000 Discount Cap) @ The Good Guys eBay (eg LG OLED 65G1 4K TV $3395.75, 55G1 $2545.75 C&C /+ Delivery)


Been a while since we've seen a deal from TGG eBay :)

Offer Terms

  • This offer entitles you to 15% off the pre-coupon purchase price (excluding postage costs) on Eligible Items during the Offer Period, up to a maximum discount of $1,000 per transaction. Multiple items may be purchased in up to 5 transactions per person (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction).

As always, enjoy!

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  • +71

    For a second, I thought the thumbnail of the sandwich press was the item that cost $3395, while thinking to myself, "Since when did LG make sandwich presses?"

    • +26

      and for such a reasonable price!

      • I thought the toaster have special powers.

        • +3

          The temperature lights are OLED. They look amazing.

          • +7

            @Sindex: Burn in and toast don't seem like an ideal combination.

    • Same here

    • +14

      A toaster with that price would be made by Apple, not LG

      • +2

        Those sandwich presses leave some serious burn in!

      • +4

        and still only have a lightning USB connector.

        • Not in EU. Apple has been ordered to start using USB C

          • +2

            @dosada: I'm, sure they'll get right on it. By the time the EU actually ratifies their "order", maybe the USB C standard will be cleaned up, or we'll be up to USB D.

          • +1

            @dosada: lol the same way they wanted to have micro usb? By the time EU does something Apple would be portless

    • Sandwich Press Gallery Edition.

    • I thought, finally a sandwitch press with internet connectivity!

  • +17

    Pulling the trigger on the 65G1, prepping for the next lockdown already (booster shots, new strain, overloaded healthcare etc)

    • +6

      hope you've prepped for continued recession too

      • Buying up bargains for the impending import/export implosion, it's set to be the highest yield since the Mercedes AMG

        • The Westpac Audi investment guy was right all along…..

          • @locknuts: I know right, they must have friends at the Wuhan lab.

      • +1

        There is no recession. New Zealand just pumped up the interest rate for the first time in a long while to cool down the overheated economy.

        I reckon most of Australia (excluding NT and perhaps TAS) should be doing the same.

      • +2

        Dont worry about recessions - government will continue to borrow a few billion a week, and repaying it will be our Children's problem.

        • +1

          But don't touch the franking credits!

  • +1

    nice thumbnail picture

  • +1

    Bloody hell, so tempted on the 55"!

    • +1

      just tempted across the board, cheapest price yet for both models

  • +11

    What's up with the thumbnail?

    Is the OP indirectly saying we'll be grilled by the prices?

    • +7

      You'd be hard pressed to find a better deal.

      • And get ur wallet burnt

  • +2

    It's too bad their eBay selection is a small fraction of their actual site's.

    • +1

      Not a single Samsung TV in sight, unless I'm missing something.

  • +3

    DANG! I really wanted to see what a 3 grand sandwich press could do…

    • +12

      still cheaper than my wife for making a sandwich

      • -2

        Here, here

    • It will press $3395 very firm and nicely and will make it crunchy.

  • Which 75" TV with reasonable price and performance?

    • I think the x90j 75 is now around $3150 with the discount

      • Is the TV stand adjustable in or out like the old model or fixed?

        BTW, a lot less TV selection from their own store.

        • Not sure sorry. I bought it coz apparently they're good lol. Bought from Sony for around $3100 shipped price matching videopro with cash back if want it lower than TGG

        • I think this one (G1) doesn't have a stand but comes with a wall mount and you need to buy a stand separately

          • @Kim88: It does have a feet stand (Australian model) you have to tell the retailer when purchasing. I bought a 65” G1 earlier this year from GG.

  • Does anyone know if the hisense A7G 55 a good buy at around $890? Thanks

    • 65C1 has dropped below 3K 3 times or more already. Or are you only looking at G1?

        • +2

          USA gets all the best deals

    • They're already pretty low. I bought my OLED (not LG) 2 years at this exact same price.

        • $2.5k for a 55" TV is not asking too much

            • @ratinthehat: That's all electronics. Stop whinging dude. Are you only noticing this now?

              Imagine how much the freight cost is for these heavy ass TVs not to mention Australia has more tax and an exchange rate that is different to the USA. A lot of the sales in AUstralia help fund the local operations of these companies too.
              Seriously, nothing is new.

                • @ratinthehat:

                  You're the one whinging, about wanting to pay a higher price

                  you mean the actual price?

                  get a job.

            • +7

              @ratinthehat: Australians typically earn a higher wage than US.

              We also don't have to take out a loan everytime we go to the doctor.
              Plus you kids can go to school and not need to pass through a metal detector.

                • +3

                  @ratinthehat: No, we pay more as our standard of living is typically higher, due in part to paying a little more tax (income, gst, import taxes etc).

                  This is passed on to our better healthcare, education system and other benefits.

                  Australia also only has about 10% of the population of the US but just as much land mass so freight costs are higher per unit.

                  As mentioned, in many areas Australians earn more, our minimum wage is about 3x higher for example.

                  Finally, if you want to pay less you can always negotiate with staff, I got a 65" LG for about $2700 two years ago by negotiating.

                    • @ratinthehat: Glad you just ignored everything I said lol.

                        • +1

                          @ratinthehat: And I pointed out why it costs more.

                          Less buying power, higher freight cost, less population, higher taxes, higher income, higher standard of living.

                            • +1

                              @ratinthehat: Enjoy your fantasy world.

                            • @ratinthehat:

                              Products should be priced in accordance to what they're actually worth


                              How exactly do you define this? Is this just your own personal opinion or is this $ amount based on scientific fact that is able to be validated by multiple expert parties? Coz otherwise you're talking equal S#!t and should get over yourself.

                              The mere fact that you're even considering buying a LG OLED TV means you aren't exactly financially struggling and literally have nothing to complain about.

                              Here's a quick guide to how much things are worth: If it's too expensive and you can't afford it, shut up and leave it. If you want it so much, then shut up and pay up.

                              • @Smol Cat: He makes a fair point. I work in the pricing section of a company that is the third largest in the world for what we sell, and by far the largest in Australia for this industry… And we absolutely price to make the customer pay as much as they can without losing volume to our competitors. There's actually not much vision over how much something should be, as long as its the cheapest offering. That offering could have been ridiculously high to start with and a lot of the time, the customer pays a lot more than what the product actually costs. It doesn't seem fair from my perspective but its probably on average, a good thing for the Australian economy (at least in the short term)… But it still doesn't seem right

              • @putshan: minimum wage is higher but university graduates are probably getting less here then they would in the US for the same job

  • +1

    Thumbnail is really grilling for a Vegan!

  • +1

    I want 77 inch 4 grand

      • A much larger (scale) and more competitive market. TVs have always been more expensive here a long with many other goods. If you're waiting for parity, well, good luck.

          • @ratinthehat: Doesn't mean they should be either? Our economy has been hobbling/shutdown much longer than US, so everyone in the chain are not necessarily going to skimp on margins…. let alone with the massive supply chain delays and issues or the political situation with China having a constant axe to grind our way.

              • @ratinthehat: Look around mate. We aren't parity to US, least of all now. I'm not saying we don't get over charged, but to expect parity especially right now… ?. lol

                  • +1

                    @ratinthehat: We pay more simply because we make more (in general, not talking about if you cannot work or are on centrelink, then god help you).

                    If we paid the same price as the Americans, then it would not be balanced. It would be unfair as that would automatically make our standards of living higher than theirs. What you're requesting in this thread is not reasonable.

                  • @ratinthehat: Nothing political about supply chains. The US is a much larger market which allows costs like localisation, warranties, and freight to be amortised across many more unit sales. Don't like it, don't live in an island nation with low population and high purchasing power.

                    The C1 77 is also U$3000, on sale, which is closer to A$4100. And you haven't accounted for sales tax which isn't bundled like GST. This ignorant argument is trotted out every time an iPhone is launched.

  • +5

    So many items are hidden. Currently looking for a cheap DJI mini 2, eufy 4cam kit, and weber bbq. All usually stocked at TGG, now not a single one listed.

    • I was looking at Webers as well and I can still see them all

    • I'm looking at weber too there is a few things on there mate not sure what your on about

  • -2

    The good guys are actual useless. About 3 months ago i got an absolute steal 2.5kw hisense split system from them for $420 click and collect with afterpay and their own discount applied and ever since then they remove their split system listings whenever theres a sale or offer running.

    • +15

      So it's your fault then

  • Dam got the C1, this price for G1 really good..

  • +1

    55" A1 for $1780.75 is a good price with the BX deals drying up

  • +2

    waiting for some geek ozbargainer to provide the short concise comparison of G1 VS C1….. (so I can pull the trigger)

    • I want to know the difference too

    • +1

      30% brighter

      • +1

        Nope, EVO Panels are 20% brighter, you won't see much of any difference in highlights, but in full screen brightness it would be noticeable.
        EVO panels (G1) use less power as well

        • Wait are you saying the G1 is actually better than the C1? I thought C1 was the best LG one to get??

          • @Smol Cat: No, C has never been the top model.
            B & C we re the same except for the bezel for a couple of years, C has been better than B for the last two years I think. G has always been above C, but there were no real differences last year, just that G is designed for wall mount. This year G has a better panel

            • -1

              @snuke: Ah ok thank you for that, I always thought the C1 was the best as that's all people seem to talk about here.

              What is the 'best' LG OLED range then? Just so I can keep an eye out.

              • @Smol Cat: C1 is always talked about as it makes the best sense financially most of the time.
                It usually cost a good amount less than the G1, and the G1s advantage is not that big, so C1 makes senes.

                I was prepared to pay more for several reasons and got the G1 in June for $50 more than this deal. Very happy with it.

    • newer OLED panel. do it

      • also the G1 has 4.2 channels with 60 watts and the C1 has 2.2 channel speakers with 40 watts

        • I'm a noob, does that mean the G1 is better for sound or not?

          • +3

            @Kim88: yeah out of the box will sound better, but most will probably use soundbars or external speaker system which means it's not a big deal for most

    • -1

      Differences is only brightness level

    • I think the G1 has a slightly brighter screen and comes with a wall mount (stand sold separately)

    • So G1 is better can C1?

      • +1

        No one besides Vincent Teoh will notice the difference.

        • +1

          unless you have eyes, because the TVs physically look different
          or unless you have ears, because they have different speakers and out of the box they sound different

          • +1

            @theory: unless you have teeth, then its all the better to eat you with!

      • Of course, watch the reviews. I’m rocking the G1.

    • +2

      The G1 is a brighter panel and the tv itself is designed to sit flush against a wall (ie it looks "squared off")

      The C1 can be wall mounted but also looks good on its stand

      If it were up to me - id go G1 every day of the week

      • I found with the G1, the wall mount wasn't going to work with my setup. The cable routing on the back of the tv is setup for the cables to go towards the bottom of the screen, and my wall cavity opening is at the top.

  • +4

    Seems like prices have been put up even after 15% discount u dont get much of difference

    • +1

      yep, i can see that the vaccum bags have been jacked.

      Miele ones - 79 yesterday, now 119, so even with 15% off, its actually higher.

      what a joke.

      • Shitty old trick of discount.. the only discount i see is for tcl c825 65 but dont know how is the tv..

  • +2

    I'm actually looking for a cheap sandwich press, is there one :)

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