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Elon Musk: Inventing The Future (Paperback) $13.99 + Delivery or In-Store @ QBD & QBD via Catch


I own this book myself i have Heard good things about it but am yet to read it this seems to be an all time low but im not entirely sure its still $19 on Amazon.

$13.99 on QBD via Catch as well https://www.catch.com.au/product/elon-musk-inventing-the-fut...

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      whats the link for

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        I think s/he trying to say rather than reading about other people’s successes, read books that can create your own success!

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        They're trying to say: a book about Elon Skunk is worth no more than $0

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    Everytime i see word elon…..makes me guiltily for not buying tesla shares few years back.😒

    • Jobs too?

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    • why is he a fraud ? Tesla's seem like nice cars

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        Another person here was kind enough to post the history of Musk, worth the watch if you have the time.
        Part 1:

        Part: 2:

        • I would much rather prefer Musk > Bezos > Gates

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            I would much rather prefer Musk > Bezos > Gates

            You'd prefer a bigmouthed manchild who calls people 'pedoguy' when his vanity "rescue the trapped Thai kids" project proved to be futile and the real rescue pros didn't bother with his ideas.

            Other billionaires just mind their own business, Elon Skunk sprays shit everywhere when he feels threatened. Check out his tweets against Bezos/Amazon about both companies' space program.

            Elon isn't interested in 'saving humanity' as-is, he is interested in that to stroke his own ego.
            Then there's that stupid name he chose for his son just because he's wants to be soooo special and different than the rest of the billionaires.

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              @payton: I didn’t say Musk was perfect. The ordering was my just what my preferential are towards the three men.

              And yes you’re right, Musk does have his recklessness behaviour. Perhaps some coming from his Asperger's.

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                Musk does have his recklessness behaviour.

                Yet some are letting the buggy self-drive sw drive their cars. Look, ma, no hands! Good thing is if they head-on collide with my Land Cruiser, they ded, not me

      • Read the articles about him and his companies on Zero Hedge, they don't like him much.

        Tesla just got sued for $137 bazillion the other day as well for apparently some US black employees being racist to a black African elevator operator.

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          Zero Hedge? Please, they're climate deniers.

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        There's a bit of a belief that he's a real 'self-made man', but Tesla was a financial success due to millions of taxpayer dollar seed money, and his family is also incredibly wealthy

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          It weird, there must be some sort of marketing team behind all these self-made people as they seem to mostly come around the same formula that goes something along the lines of this -

          Self-made billionaire starts off poor, living on $1 a day. Childhood centers around being bullied, and/or in an abusive family. Goes on to find VC to fund their first software company, gets lucky, sells and then likely veers off on to their personal trajectory to their first hundred mil.

          Although I'm aware of stupid shit he's done, i'm still a musk fan, he has turned people's attention for the better whether it's space, education, science or whatever it may be. There's worse people than Musk.

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            There's worse people than Musk

            that's obvious yes, but that doesn't mean he ain't a total plonk

  • Got this on Audible awhile back, not bad but not great either. Definitely sways the facts towards Musk's favour …

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    Elon is NWO puppet! Yes they are shaping the future. Means your freedoms are in risk.

    • Reckon your freedom is not at risk the minute you log on?

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    As with any book check if you can read for free. It’s the OzBargain way.


  • The comments here seem to be going to be more interesting than the book… popcorn

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