This was posted 3 months 18 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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One Free Digital Gift Card for Jack Daniel's Seltzer 330ml (Blood Orange or Zesty Lemon) @ FoodWorks


1500 gifts avail. Redeemable at FoodWorks stores only. Gift card redeemable for 1x JD Seltzer (blood orange or zesty lemon 330ml can) rrp$8. Gift card must be downloaded via the link sent to your mobile number within 60 minutes of being received. Claimants must download the tcn app to access the gift card. Gift card must be redeemed via contactless payment technology at the counter to receive the gift.

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    Requires you receive the code via text.

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    This is what it happens if you do it-

    Check your text messages and follow the link to download the app “The Card Network”.
    Open the The Card Network app and save the Jack Daniel’s Seltzer card to your mobile wallet
    Be quick! The link in the text message is valid for 60 minutes

    • Estimated card amount exceeds credit available…. WTF they are not checking my account if this is their reason for refusal?

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    Thanks, got the freebie

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    Took two minutes thanks OP.

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    btw it just scores you a card worth $4.40 bucks. Don't need to use it at Foodworks or on this particular product. I did it twice and used both cards on Amazon. (Although I do kinda want to try the drink, might go a third time.)

    • how to use on amazon after adding to apple pay?

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        You can tap the card on TCN for the card details and you just use it like a pre-paid card.

    • I just use this $4.40 on Amazon purchase a $5 item , it can go through, how about you ?

      • Hey while using the card at the checkout, what name did you put? when filling card details

        • I cannot go through for the $5 because it over $4.4
          . After cancel that order , I made another order is $4.4 for a soap , it can go through , it work

        • All good.

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        I tried it amazon said the card detail cannot be verified

        • Yeah same. It said couldn’t verify your card details, I wonder if it’s the name or something else

        • just used on ebay purchase. item needs to be <4.4.
          add new card, add in gift card #, cvc etc. put your name and should go through.

  • Thanks OP!

    Use with this deal to score an even cheaper drink if you want to drink the Jack Daniels Seltzer out:

  • Cards have an expire of 11/21 so you can't save these cards for those freebie deals that require cc details sadly.

  • No text message, fail of a deal.

  • $4.40 means you can’t use it on Gift Cards on Prezzee or other platforms as min card value is $5 🙂

    • +1

      You can use the "Other" amount on Amazon giftcards.

      • Where is the "Other" amount option on Preezee? I am blind lol

        • +1

          There is none its fixed amounts from $5.

        • +1

          On Amazon website itself.

  • What did you guys use for activation code? I got the text but then the link says enter the activation code you recieved via text?

  • Couldnt get verification code after downloading app 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • I already had the app from covid incentives at my local shipping centre a while back (spend $40 get free $20) but it opens the app and wants an activation code? I'm confused

    • Activation code is the customer reference in your text.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, good time to have a personal and work phone number.

  • reckon you can just use it for anything :)

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    Perfect for a small gift from eBay. Thanks OP!

  • How does this work? How do you use it after adding it to googlepay?

    • Can you use it to pay instore via googlepay contactless? Never used this before and so confused 😬

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    Can't seem to add the prepaid card to amazon. Anyone experiencing the same issues?

    • Add a new payment as Credit card

      • Yeah I tried, keeps rejecting it for some reason. Odd

        • Try on PC or mobile

    • just purchase Amazon gift card $4.40 with it :)

  • Nice, free $4.40 credit card

  • +4

    Crazy but it worked. I just typed in my number but changed the first 0 to a 6 and it still sent the text to me. Second time round, here we go!

    • -1

      And changed it to a 1 and worked again! Third time round.

      • Big Brain move.

      • -1

        Worked 10 times with every number :)

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    Trying to add to Amazon - your card details could not be verified

    • Seems like EML has placed a block on cash withdrawals.

      • Shame - so we have to use it in a physical store? I wonder if part payment in Coles or woolies would work

        • It would as long as the transaction value is $4.40

        • +1

          you still can purchase eGift Amazon for yourself (enter your email as recipient) :) better use them now or they might revoke them by tomorrow when you try to use in store lol

          • @webtherapist: Nah doesn't work - have tried a few different cards and it seems to have been blocked. Shows on the prepaid card as an attempt but not verified by amazon

            • @digitalane: They should come through, just getting stuck for 5mins

              • @shap08: No they've been blocked - every attempt says 'Cash Withdrawal not allowed on this card' in the TCN app - EML are blocking amazon

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    Does this work in QLD as foodworks doesnt have alcohol?

  • My AMZ CC's are full where do I spend it next ?

    Silly me another AMZ a/c hehe :)

  • Wonder if the promoter do something tomorrow was it seems transactions are pre-authorisation. But it seems like they have to jump through 2 hoops to get it done. TCN and then requesting EML payments to see the transactions.

    • EML is just the provider for the prepaid credit card

  • +1

    Thanks for 3, but I’m in QLD and we can’t buy alcohol in a convenient manner so this is my protest

  • -1

    Even paying nothing this is not a bargain. Tastes like something that has been stored inside a fake leg. Do not recommend.

    • Sounds like Coca Cola Coffee

      • I didn't mind the Coca-Cola with coffee. Must like fake leg taste.

  • +1

    I placed 2 orders with 2 different numbers and now some number 02 72281102 is trying to call me.

    • same

    • thats an amazon number…

      • oh its the fraud team…

    • +5

      Did you buy Amazon Gfitcards? Probably auto flag for money laundering as its giftcard to giftcard.

  • Seems like deal has Expired?

  • I think ya'll might've ozbargain'd this out. comes up with "Oops! Estimated card amount exceeds credit limit!"

  • +1

    Sold out? Got Error:
    Estimated card amount exceeds credit limit. Please contact TCN admin

    • Probably means all 1500 have been taken

  • OOPS!
    Estimated card amount exceeds credit limit. Please contact TCN admin

  • +1

    Pay some bills .
    This Mob are great hehe .

  • Got this before it expired but so many terms on this holy shit
    Hope it will work on Coles purchase now I've added it to google pay but doesn't seem to work anywhere online I've tried

  • They all expired, fun while it lasted

    • +1

      They expired? Used it on an ebay purchase a few minutes ago

      • I've cleared all mine now .

    • None of mine have expired

      • I lost 3 some appear to have a 1 hr expiry after you reach max in a # .

  • well that was fun, unfortunately I didn't get to use most of the cards though because they all say expired now.

    • +1

      Where did it say expired? My one is still showing the balance as $4.40. Only issue is that the amazon gift card purchase is still showing as processing..

      • When you try add it to apple pay/google pay or see the card number it says expired.

        • What happens to the cards that are already added to people's Apple/Google Pay. Wonder if they will still work or not

          • @Sir Mittens: I'm guessing they won't, won't know until someone tried. I didn't get a change to add any to apple wallet

        • That's weird. My one does not show that message. I have just successfully added the card to Apple wallet..maybe you didn't claim the card within 60 mins of receiving the text messages?

          • @roeh: I did claim them in time, thats what it says in the app. Also it's not a time based thing, they didn't expire in the order I got them.

      • I wonder if they expired the ones people claimed more than once? I only claimed once

  • Anyone know how to check the credit remaining on a prepaid card added to Google Pay.

    It $15 from an old deal like this, and I can't remember how much I have left to use. Spent $1 at Woolies, but no balance details on the receipt and nothing in Google Pay?

    • TCN app details it for you.

      • Any non app options? Actually no idea what the card number is (Googlepay only shows the last 4 digits).

        • The full card number with expiry date and 3 digit CVV is in the card network app.

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