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ANZ Rewards Black Credit Card: Earn 180,000 Reward Points ($2,000 Min Spend in 3 Months, $0 Annual Fee 1st Year)


180,000 bonus Reward
When you spend $2,000 on eligible purchases in the first 3 months from approval.

$0 annual fee in the first year
With your new ANZ Rewards Black card.

Redeem ANZ Reward Points
Redeem ANZ Reward Points for Velocity Frequent Flyer Points, Air New Zealand Airpoints Dollars, Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles or Asia Miles.

Features and trade-offs
Earn 2 Reward Points per $1 spent on eligible purchases up to $5,000 per statement period
A higher Reward Points earn rate compared to other ANZ Rewards cards
Uncapped ANZ Reward Points
7 complimentary insurances including International Travel Insurance
Up to 55 days interest free on purchases
A higher interest rate on purchases compared to the ANZ Low Rate card
A higher annual fee compared to the ANZ First card and the highest annual fee of all the ANZ Rewards cards
Overseas transaction fees apply
Plus, you'll enjoy all this
Take advantage of complimentary shopping and travel insurance.
Enjoy peace of mind with ANZ Fraud Money Back Guarantee.
Pay easily using your digital wallet and contactless tap and pay.
Sign up to get personalised deals on music, sport, fashion, food, film and more with Visa Offers + Perks.

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closed Comments

    • No fee for first year. Just cancel card prior to your application date the year after to be safe.

  • “We’re writing to confirm that we’re unable to offer you an ANZ Rewards Black card at this time, based on the information you provided.

    You should receive a letter explaining this decision in more detail in the coming days. If it still hasn’t arrived after 7 business days, please email us at [email protected] and quote your application reference number in the subject line.

    Thanks for considering ANZ.

    ANZ Credit Cards Team”


    • I got the same email, then a follow up call about 48 hours later requesting more docs.
      Self employed, so had to forward on a million documents. No response back yet, based on reading everyones comments I'm expecting a rejection!

    • Certainly not the same process as previously. No pre-approval this time. No instantaneous email acknowledgement of my application. Just awaiting my payslips to be approved now, but who knows. Used to be easy.

      • -2

        Got called by call centre. Sounded nothing except like a scam centre. Told them to email me instead. Got email. "Please upload required documents". Not sure what else they want. ANZ is going downhill quickly.

        • Agree with the call centre scam vibes. I was half a second from hanging up at the start of our conversation. Felt uncomfortable for the first minute of the call, then they started rambling on about very specific things I put in the application. The whole process was dodgy as fck

  • +2

    Applied for a CC with the $500 gc promo back in March, completed the spend within 3 months but never received a gc email. After months of chasing I've just been told I didn't make the eligible purchases. Checked my rewards statement and all of the purchases earned points. I've just filed a formal complaint. Beware guys, just a heads up.

    • Applied for the same card, was approved, spent the money, repaid the spend and then they cancelled the card before I could reap my $500 rewards. No reason provided citing they are not obliged to provide a reason.

    • +1

      That's what afca.org.au are for. If you've already made an internal complaint and they won't resolve it, contact AFCA. For every day that ANZ don't deal with it, they'll have to pay AFCA, so there is an incentive for them there.

    • Update: a week after my complaint today I received my gc with no other comms.

  • Anyone successful in getting reward points paying off vehicle rego and land rates?

  • I have held ANZ rewards platinum in last 12 months, Will I be eligible for the offer?

    • No, you need to wait the full 12mths from previous closure.

  • +1

    applied sunday night, just got an generic email saying they are reviewing my application. But nothing since then, and I used to be an ANZ customer…

  • For those of you who have been successful, what's the usual time frame from application to receiving the card?

    • +1

      I got mine in 4 business days.

      • Thanks for replying! That's pretty awesome.

        I haven't had any contact from them just yet so I'm likely one of the unlucky ones. I've got some large expenses/purchases coming up ASAP so was hoping to pop them on this card for the rewards but it's just bad application timing on my part it seems.

        Take care!

        • +1

          They never got back to me and a card appeared out of the blue a few days later, so might still be coming.

          • @dbglt: Oh wow, that provides me some hope. Thanks mate!

    • FYI the process so far has been nothing but delays for me (I think this may be a strategy of theirs)
      ANZ is being pretty difficult. It seems like their back-end business processes are lacking a lot of efficiency as I've submitted payslips twice + bank statements and they're asking for them again.

    • Day 1: Application in the afternoon and upload the bank statement;
      Day 2: Receive call from their cc team around midday to clarify some points on the bank statements, then been asked to upload last the 3 months payslips.
      After uploading these payslips, receive the application approve within the same day late in the afternoon.

      So I would say it's not fully automated , but still pretty smooth process.

  • Received my card in the mail yesterday. Along with a letter saying my application was unsuccessful… ANZ's back office has some serious issues!

    • Same experience. They cancelled my card without explanation and then sent letter saying sorry to let you go and that I'd be welcome back.

    • +5

      That is written clear as day within the terms of the offer..

      180,000 bonus Reward Points: When you spend $2,000 on eligible purchases in the first 3 months from approval.

      This offer applies only once per eligible customer. Your application must be approved and you must activate the card and make $2,000 worth of eligible purchases within 3 months of approval.

      Not sure how you can think it's their fault if you didn't read the terms prior to applying or completing the offer.

  • Anyone had this card approved without having to submit payslips? When I applied back in July, my confirmation email asked for payslips right away. However with my husband’s confirmation email, it just say we are reviewing your application and may ask for further documentation, and nothing since. He is on a higher income than me though.

  • I received a letter of offer and a welcome box but no card. Does the card come in a separate letter?

    • You should get the card separately.

    • The letter actually say that the card will arrive separately…

  • +1

    Has anyone received their bonus points yet and how long did it take after you spent $2K?

    • It's been 5 week since I spent the money and nothing came through. ANZ call centre said it's not credited until 3 months after the spend (for promo points that is)

  • Applied yesterday and just got approved.

    Seemed like a little bit of double handling with an e-mail asking for payslips and a phone call this morning asking the same thing. But once I submitted payslips it was approved in hours.

  • Missus had her card approved and has hit the $2k spend, fingers crossed points don't take too long to come through.

  • I'll applied for my card and received last month. Met minimum spend, and when I called up to check on my bonus points.
    First thing they said that I was on the $5k minimum spend. Now I'm being passed around between the credit card team and the rewards team.

    Worth calling up to double check if you have already met the minimum spend just like me :(

    • First thing they said that I was on the $5k minimum spend.

      lol which ANZ card has 5k spend

  • Hey guys, do you know if you are required to have a job to get it? It does not state anywhere in the eligibility other than payslip. I am on Centrelink, worked at one of the biggest corporates but left for academic studies.

    • technically I think you require income, not a job. So if you had a lot of investments etc producing funds, that would probably be okay.
      if you have no job and no income except centrelink you might not meet their threshold.

  • How long does it take for the points to be credited after spending the required $2K? The ANZ terms say within 3 months but I'm hoping someone has practical experience with this and can comment from their experience.

  • FYI, I just got my bonus points today. I was prepared to wait 3 months but glad I got it early.

    Here are my stats. Not sure if my continuous spend affected it or not. I also pay off the full balance at least once a week.

    2021-10-18 - First spend
    2021-10-26 - Hit the $2K spend
    2021-11-11 - 7,972 Current Points balance
    2021-11-12 - Bonus Points Earned

  • I've about $8000 spend coming up for flight tickets. Will this be the card that offers the best rewards for that? Thank you all.

  • Quick question:-

    I held an ANZ Premium Frequent Flyer (Qantas) (closed March 2021)
    Does this make me ineligible?
    As far as I'm aware they are on different programs.

    Should I apply?

      • Thanks mate, looks like I should be eligible as the previous one I had was QFF, where as this one is ANZ rewards.

        Might give it a crack. My credit scores has creeped up again after some rest time.

        Time to get churning.

  • Approved today, no pesky phone calls, painless really. I just uploaded my 3 recent pay slips and a letter of employment which confirms my annual salary and the company car component, which doesn’t show on my payslips.

  • QQ I tried to understand the T&C but could not tell if you are ineligible if you have a Rewards debit card?

    Offer not available where you currently hold an ANZ Rewards, ANZ Rewards Platinum, ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures or ANZ Rewards Black credit card, or have closed, or qualified for bonus Reward Points or a credit back on, any of those ANZ Rewards credit cards within the previous 12 months.

    • There doesn't appear to be any such thing as an ANZ Rewards debit card.

  • Wow ANZ has great service, applied on Thursday night and next morning got this. "Nice one,

    An ANZ Rewards Black card is coming your way.

    Your card(s) are in the mail

    You can expect to receive your card(s) and welcome kit within the next five business days. Your new PIN(s) won’t be far behind.

    FYI, there was no payslip and any documents required.

  • -1

    How much is 180000 points worth?

  • I started a new job in the last month. How likely is it that I will be rejected in a credit card application?

  • I applied for this at about 9am. It is now 3:40pm and I got the sms I am approved and card will arrive in 3-5 business days. Seems easy will use the points for Amazon gift cards once I get them and cancel the card. Thanks op/ozb for the new annual hack. Very useful :)

    • 10/12 Update - Card has arrived in the mail, pretty fast turn around 3 days.

  • Transferring to Krisflyer was instant from ANZ, for people who are interested

  • Any issues applying for this and the ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum at the same time? Are they likely to approve 2 cards simultaneously?

  • looks like this has changed to 80k points and no fee first year now

  • Hi OzB, long time reader here but this is my first comment, hoping if anyone can clarify:
    If I applied for the card when the bonus points was 180K but only was approved for the card when the bonus points changed to 80K, how many bonus points should I expect? 180K vs 80K?
    Thank you

    • Only certain way to know is to call up ANZ and ask.

    • Did you manage to find out?

      • +2

        I ended up calling ANZ to confirm and they told me that I would get the bonus points when I applied regardless when the application is approved. So in my case, I would get the 180K bonus points.

        • That's great news, thanks for the update :)

  • I did this deal and still haven’t had the points reflected

    • Same here.

      22/12/2021 - Approved, received the card almost two weeks later.

      16/01/2022 - Fulfilled the >$2k spend requirement by prepaying rates and other fees.

      11/02/2022 - Received statement, confirmed points received amounting to twice the dollars spent (total 4,035 rewards points). I confirmed the same amount had appeared in the ANZ Rewards portal, so the bonus points have definitely not been awarded yet.

      I called up ANZ and was told that I would receive the points on the next CC statement. Apparently this is because "the minimum requirement will be checked in the third statement cycle"… This did not make much sense to me since the statement will be generated BEFORE the third cycle actually begins… I have a feeling that the guy didn't really know what he was talking about and that the points may appear some time in the next couple of days. At least so I hope… I'd like to cancel this card before applying for the Champagne Mile NAB card that just came up.


      • I emailed them and they said the 3 month mark.

        Wait it out is my thoughts

        • Hmm… Guess I'll have to try and see if NAB will let me open another $15k visa card…

        • +1

          Just a quick update:

          Checked ANZ Rewards this morning and all the points went in as I had hoped. Total 184,035.

          Happy days, now to order the GCs and cancel the CC…

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