This was posted 7 months 17 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Raspberry Pi 4 8GB RAM Board + SanDisk 32GB Micro SD Card US$109.5 (~A$149.86) Delivered @ Labists


Raspberry Pi 4 B Model B Starter Kit 8GB RAM and 32GB Sandisk SD Card AU$149.86
Code: LABRP832

I have emailed Labists and they say they have new stock and delivery time frames on this new deal will be a lot better.

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    Why would u trust someone who failed u so many times and so miserably before….

    Edit: for people don't know. Check the comments from last two labists deals. They say whatever they want, but they are the one advices stock on website then keeps making excuses about u should wait for 2 more weeks and actually have the guts to try to upsell u. Probably 2 out of 10 their orders shipped from last two deals and the shipping take 2 months when they "have stock" from an AU based warehouse.

    • I got mine in a reasonable time last time this deal was up, but is seems I got lucky.

      I will recommend that people avoid these though, the fans that come with them are truly terrible. The fans failed on both of my kits within 2 weeks

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    Avoid at any cost - will charge you and then keep sending you excuses. This is not real shop.

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    Yeah had to cancel when they didn't have stock

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      Yeah not sure how this is even a deal. Dodgy company, overpriced products.

    • Wow geez, thank you for the comment. Definitely will avoid

    • @bazingaa :

      To be fair, it is out of stock/back ordered in both those places, beside the shipping cost in core-electronics. This kit also contains other accessories which could be another $40 on top of the cost of the board.

      Having said that, the delivery time of these guys really suck (see my other comment below)

      • mine turned up in 10 days. I guess they've improved?

    • Core electronics seems good, may just order all the parts from there.
      loading software on an SD yourself is easy enough

  • yea, the delivery wasn't great with these guys. I had to wait almost 2 months to get my 4GB kit from the previous deal. But having said that I got the kit for $100 which is a pretty good deal. If you are patient enough and don't need the board immediately go for it.

    The boards are shipped from Sydney, so most likely a shorter delivery time (if they actually have stock). From comments on the other post, the refunds seem to have been painless and quick.

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    Not with the hassle. Stick with element 14 or for core. Better prices anyway.

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    fund raising?

  • I actually need to get a RPi4 and the bundnle works out the best when you factor in a 5v charger, Micro SD card Preloaded With NOOBS, case, fan, heat syncs??

    Most ppl recommend a switch (I've got a spare long usb C cable could plug into power board, be better on a smart plug at least). Probably not good leaving it on all the time for no reason - building an audio streamer to replace Chromecast audio.

    Has anyone tried the Amazon kit from OzTechDiscount? ~$160 seems ok but delivery time is a 1-1.5 weeks.


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      Pi 4 4GB $92.4+ Power Supply (Official) $16.45 + Micro HDMI cable $7.65 + shipment $ 6.6 = $123.1

      SanDisk 32GB $9 + Flirc Raspberry Pi 4 Case $21.5 = $30.5

      Total: $153.6

      Then you get better case and official power supply. If you have a old phone charger which has 5v and 3A or more, then you do not need to buy power supply.

      • Thanks mate, was just pricing it up on their site. 8GB fairly cheap but think even a RPi4 is an overkill (but better than the 3 for non-shared USB/whatever it was :P). Is an 8GB model better if i wanted to use as an games emulator and or own video file streaming?

        I've got a 5v adapter and long cable that powered the Google TV so i think that will work well in the slave socket on power board (The DAC turns on 2x monitors and then the RPi4 as well).

        That case looks nice, i'd order the 3 heatsync set for $2 as well - assume don't really need a fan (wouldn't fit in that case)?
        I've even got a micro HDMI adapter cable.

        May add a 7" touch screen later


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          The $160 one in OzTechDiscount is 4GB model, the 8GB is $210. I do not play game with pi, so it is better to check with google :)

          The case is passive cooling, and you can't put a fan in it. Better to check this video.

          • @gllcmj: Just checked it out. The case looks neat (ordered the silver & SD card, but hard to decide)
            Was still going to get the 2-3 heatsink pack in case then, obv one makes contact with the case.

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      It's not a deal when you factor in the quality of the products, this is junk and the pricing is not good either, so why even consider?

      • All good, took gllcmj's advice and ordered the stuff from Amazon/Core-Electronics

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    They should be banned from OzB!

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    I ordered mine at the end of August.
    I am still waiting to receive it after it was posted two weeks ago.

  • Dodgy company who will happily take the order and provide excuses when contacted (they never initiated contact during a >1 month delay for an "in stock" item that I only found out was out of stock after contacting them). However they will refund the order promptly when requested.

  • I built mine, parts turned up quickly from the places above.

    Getting some feedback/noise coming through my active monitors, the cheap USB cable seems to be the culprit from the rpi4 to my DAC, noise goes away when I unplug it.

    Hard to find many better printer cables other than spending $100 on those audioquest ones, don't know if it will fix the issue or if there is no grounding on these computers etc?

    The other option would be to get an audio hat like the allo digione and and use optical coax, get a different case, more cost either way..

  • I ordered through this deal on Tuesday Night 12 Oct and have just received the Raspberry Pi 8GB RAM this afternoon 18 Oct. I ordered before I read the comments here about the slow postage so maybe I was lucky or they have fixed up their game.

  • Hi guys, just sorting out some old hard drives i've got - need to format one to put my music on to plug into the RPi4.

    I've got a Samsung 2.5" 5400 HDD in an external enclosure that would be handy (input V=5V, idle = 0.66v, seek= 1.6v).
    Would this be fine with the PD charger I'm using for the RPi (it's a USB C PD google charger (5v / 3A)?
    I know SSD's use less power and probably preferable.
    Still undecided if i should leave whichever one powered all the time (using Volumio for a music streamer). It has a power down/reboot as part of the web interface, but would need to manually power on the RPi after that. Thinking may as well leave on 24/7.

    Otherwise i've got a spare 1.5TB 3.5" but the old caddy is stuffed. Could be better plugging that in and getting a new caddy - could use a a master/slave power board and have it turn off along with the powered speakers etc. currently got those on smart plugs.


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    I ordered mine in previous deal. No communication for 2 weeks. When asked I was told that it is not in stock and have to wait for 1 month. No news after 1 month and had to cancel the order. They were at least quick to refund through PayPal. The should put how many in stock available.

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