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Extra 5 Months Free for Inactive / New Subscribers @ Apple Music via Shazam & JB Hi-Fi


Greetings everyone, spotted this over at MyDealz and tried it out, there are multiple Shazam campaigns going on right now which can be stacked on top of each other :)

The original deal was posted by BA to get 5 months free for new users and 2 months free for inactive users.

Click the following links below and progress through the Apple Music prompts, it should add a further 2 months free to your subscription each time:

It'll checkout as a normal billing and with the final checkout it'll say that payment will start a further 2 months from your current billing date as part of the free trial.

Make sure to confirm that it has added a further 2 months to your current billing date before pressing confirm.

For reference, I just stacked all 3 promotions on top of each other as an inactive subscriber and my first billing date is April 2022 (6 months free).

As always, enjoy :)

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  • thanks OP now June 2022

  • Wow, this deal is nuts. I got 5 months as I was a previous subscriber. Thanks OP!

  • my yearly one expired last week, haven't renewed and this came today. THANKS OP!

  • "www.shazam.com would like to enroll a security key"

    Anyone else getting this message? Can't get past it

    • Might be that you’re using a different browser. I got around this by copying the links into safari

  • Thanks OP worked flawlessly. Free until March 2022 👍

  • Thank you OP! I stacked it all as a new user and have it free until June 2022. :-)

  • add good guys concierge services subscription redeem apple music up to 4 months offer as well. It gave another month. So all stacked up, it is till July 2021. Thanks OP

    • +1

      Link, please? It should start with redeem.apple

  • +1

    Thanks mate! I think mine stacked on top of 2 months from the other deal…now have 7 months free…lit!

  • Thank you OP,
    Got 5 months on my inactive account.

  • Nice! extended mine for 3 more months till Mar 2022

  • Do I need to cancel my subscription first or?

  • got 2 months free but now it says its only avail for new users.

  • Holy moly. Just stacked all three on top of the original BA 5 month trial. Total of 10 months free. First payment 11 Aug 2022. Cheers OP!

  • I think I didnt do it in the right order. Got 5 months instead of 7

    People - please do BA link first

  • If I have Apple One Premier, do I get anything at all for subscribing to these trials?

  • +1

    Has anyone cancelled their existing subscription and tried?

    • Yes, I cancelled and once my apple music subscription expired I was able to redeem the offers.

  • +2

    Am I the only one stuck at "One moment while we look up your offer details"?

  • nice one, saves me getting ads on spotify etc + seems like slightly better quality

  • Sweet. Lucky i didn't sign up for the free trial, good to go till Feb, boom.

  • I successfully got my free subscription to June 2022 and proceeded to butcher it by verifying my uni status. Doing this somehow changed my subscription status to only a 1 month trial, and I still got charged 5.99 on my card instantly. Crazy how so many things can go wrong.

    • Oh dear

  • +1

    Woohoo! I got 10 months free until 12 Aug 2022! 🥳

    • +1

      Please elaborate how you did it? Thanks

  • Has anyone who is a current paid subscriber got any of these offers?
    I tried and none seem to work. Happy to cancel my subscription and resubscribe if that's what it takes.

    • I had to wait until subscription expired, then I got the 5 months

  • I only got 3 months. It keeps giving me a page to use Face ID or Touch ID, which I don’t use.
    Anyhow, this is using iPhone.
    I tried on laptop and that’s how I got the 2 months and then 1 month through JB.
    How did others get 5 months? Or even more?

    This is what I get:

    Do you want to allow “www.shazam.com” to start using a security key to sign in?
    Insert and activate your security key.

    • I had the same issue, waiting 24 hours and the it didn’t show the error.

  • got 8 months free.. thanks!!

    • What order did u do it in?

      • Did the BA deal first then same order as listed in the post

  • I've stacked all three deals and now my free trial has been extended to Sep 2022. Thanks OP!

    • What order did you do it in?

  • I now got 5 months free Apple music. but what can I do with it? Can I save the songs I play?
    Any brief instructions or course?

    I am not familiar with things like netfix, prime video or apple music although I have an AppleTV, which I use it to play video stored in my NAS.

    Thank you.

  • Many thanks OP! Worked a treat

  • So I wanted to make a slideshow of photos with my iPhone and I was looking for background music and then saw the Options, Music, Music library and then playlists. Then pressed on Playlists and then says Open iTunes store. Once I opened that, there is a 3 month free trial there. Has anyone who got more than 5 months free Apple music tried this on top of all the stacked free months? I’m not sure if I should try it….

  • +1

    I cancelled my Apple Music subscription and it expired today. Can confirm the above three links work and now active until 16 March 2022.

  • Great deal thanks!!

  • Also cancelled, expired today, and 5 months free. Champion !!!!

  • What an absolute champion!! Free until Mar 22. Thanks so much.

  • Thank you so much, my sub ran out yesterday, just redeemed 5 months. It’s music to my ears

  • I received the 6-month free sub offer for my Nov 2020 purchase of AirPods Pro.
    Took that offer and managed to stack these (5 months) to my account. I have free Apple Music sub till Sep 2022.

    I am a new subscriber.

    I was not able to subsequently redeem this deal – rejected me at the last step where it said I have reached the limit of redemption for my account. But I'm pretty happy with the almost 1 year free sub.

  • My Apple Music was up for renewal tomorrow . I cancelled the subscription. Followed the three links in the OP right away and was able to add 5 months.

    Thanks doweyy!

  • +1

    On Android using Chrome browser with Apple Music app installed and a new account. Every time I click the "Redeem Now" button on the Shazam page, I am taken to the Account screen on the Apple Music app. But nothing happened after that and I also don't get extra months. What I've done wrong? Thanks.

    • +1

      Have you tried using incognito mode? Thats how I got pass the infinite spinning bug to get my free 5 months from my account that just expired today

      • Incognito mode on Android's Chrome?

      • I went further but stopped at "Cannot Redeem Code". This offer can't be redeemed with your current subscription.

      • +1

        Thanks Roze. Incognito did the trick though I have to create a new account. Coupon couldn't be applied to the account that I previously created.

  • Thanks for this hack. Worked superbly. I can go back to listening to sad single-life music again.

  • Seemed to refuse to open on Mac OS after asking permission to access Face ID/Touch ID.

    As a previous subscriber, I was only able to get 2 months free. Trying to activate the other offers results in an error saying it's only for new subscribers.

  • Expired early. Just great that mum’s existing subscription didn’t expire until February 1, which seems like the day these deals actually ended lol. Oh well.

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