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Telstra Mobile Plan $69/Month for 12 Months, 80GB + $400 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card @ JB Hi-Fi (in-Store Only)


JB Hi-Fi are doing the $400 JB Hi-Fi voucher with mobile plans at the moment

Plan 1 - $69 / month for 12 months, 80GB, $400 JB Hi-Fi giftcard
Plan 2 - $99 / month for 24 months, 150GB, $1,200 JB Hi-Fi giftcard

Ends 17/10, in store only


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    • Net cost is much lower.

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    I just saw on the JB Website they're doing the $69 a month plan for 12 months with the S21 for $199. Total cost $1027.

    To me, that would be a better deal because the phone can be sold for circa $800 which would bring the cost of the plan for 12 months down to around $227, Brings the monthly cost of the plan down to under $19 a month

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      This is a great idea, I'm going to consider doing this

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    Can I join from Belong?

    • Answered a couple of comments above, no belong or boost.

  • My plan is expiring from last year.
    Can I cancel anytime in the last month and get prorata refund of some sort or need to wait until close to expiry date?

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    For anyone who’s plan is now ending from last years deal … there is Spintel which for $40 PM gets you unlimited calls and texts and 80 GB of data using Optus 5G. It’s not a contract so you can leave when ever you want. I know I’ll be porting out for this deal and will wait a month or two for the $500 gift card deal as last year.

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    Can’t wait for Telstra MNVOs to pick up 5G and esim functionality. Won’t need to bother with these deals then!

  • Can this be ported from Telstra prepaid?

  • Can anyone outline the process, if you're already with Telstra and looking to sign this deal ? I'd like to retain my number if possible. What are the time leways.

    Greatly appreciated in advanced

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      To play by the rules, you'll need to port out of your current Telstra plan, to any provider as long as it's not Telstra/Belong/Boost. Ideally, you'd wait 30 days using that service before walking into JB Hifi and signing up to this deal. There are stories that you can port out and try after one day, but it depends on the JB sales assistant whether they will go through with the sign up or tell you to wait 30 days.

      Since I'd like to wait for the $500/$59 deal, I port out to the 90 day Kogan SIM that costs $15 for all three months, which gives me time to wait for a good JB deal to pop up.

    • I'm already with Telstra, got this deal today, see my post below.

  • $1200 GC is very tempting = works out to be $49 / pm for 150GB plan… but for 24 months ouch

  • How do we get the $10 port-in credit? Do we just buy from JB Hifi store, and go home to activate via Telstra Livechat? As I heard you can only get the $10 Port-in credit via LiveChat.

    Many thanks in advance for any insights

    • Just go through livechat, tell them a rep sent you. I just got it applied.

      • I'm intruiged, could you explain "a rep sent you"?

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          Just told them when I signed up the rep told me to ask for a $10 port in discount. Could you please apply it. Worked first go.

  • I signed up to the $500/$59 at JB late October last year. Hopefully my gift card was loaded correctly.

  • Current Telstra customer. YMMV, but every year for the past 3 years, I’ve been able to buy a cheap prepaid sim from Optus, then immediately port that across to my existing Telstra account and get the gift card (plus $10 per month plan discount) deal in-store at JB.

    I’ve then gone onto Telstra live chat, killed off the new phone number, and transferred the new contract plan across to my existing number. That last step is a bit of a PITA, mostly due to language barriers with the Telstra personnel, but I’ve always gotten there in the end.

    Edit: Just to clarify, I’ve gotten these deals when a $10 per month plan discount was part of the advertised offer. The last time, for me, was around August/September 2020, as the $10 discount is now expired and no longer being applied to my bill.

    • Last got the $10 extra a month in Feb this year, again advertised through JB promo. I've Never been able to get them to successfully add it after sign up online or phone.

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    Telstra customer here, been off contract since April this year after signing up for a similar plan + gift card deal last year.

    Today I went into store, had a new service added to my account, scored the gift card, went home and got onto Telstra chat, advised them to close and disconnect my off-contract number and transfer it to the new service. The rep knew exactly what to do and had it sorted within 10 minutes. This is my first time using this method and from what I have read it can be a hassle for some people to get connected to a rep who understands the process, so I may have just been lucky to get it on my first try.

    Only downside to this is that I don't believe I qualify for the $10/month discount as I didn't port-in, however I haven't tried to ask for it yet.

    Hope this helps for those that are already Telstra customers and want this deal now, but haven't been ported out for long enough.

    • Update: Ported in the misso's number from Optus and successfully got them to apply the $10 port-in discount.

      • Were you able to keep your phone number doing it this way? Thanks.

        • Yes.

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    Interesting that 12 months ago the similar deal was $59/month for 80GB and a $500 gift card.

  • I just got a text from Telstra saying if I recontract at JB on my $69 plan that just expired from the deal last year, I’m eligible for a $10 discount each month. So does anyone think I can try and recontract again and get the $400 gift card as well as the $10 or will they not give me the gift card?

  • Can I use the JB voucher towards the purchase of the phone to go with it? I’m after a new iPhone…

  • Looks like they have a recontract option this time but it locks you into 24 months. Would need to do the new number and merge accounts option which is always a hastle.

  • This deal appears to have been extended till 24 Oct? Their website is still showing up with the same deal

  • Not expired, plan is still going till 24th Oct

  • hi i just signed 12 months contract with $500 gift card yesterday. they also giving $1200 gift card for $99 with 24 months contract….is not advertised as yet but `I did it in store at the Tower, Castle Hill

    Good luck

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