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Telstra Mobile Plan $69/Month for 12 Months, 80GB + $400 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card @ JB Hi-Fi (in-Store Only)


JB Hi-Fi are doing the $400 JB Hi-Fi voucher with mobile plans at the moment

Plan 1 - $69 / month for 12 months, 80GB, $400 JB Hi-Fi giftcard
Plan 2 - $99 / month for 24 months, 150GB, $1,200 JB Hi-Fi giftcard

Ends 17/10, in store only


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    Thanks this just prompted me to check my plan expiry - turns out expires in a few weeks. Thanks

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      hold out if you can, it's not unusual to see $500/$600 gift cards thrown in along with cheaper monthly charges for the 12 mth plan

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        Has it ever been $600 GC for the 12 month plan? I reckon $500 is the highest.

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          I got $600 on my $89 plan

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          It was $500 on the $59/12 month earlier this year. Seems to pop up each year between Christmas and March.


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          Highest has been 24 months with a $1000 voucher, the voucher was only for the P20 Pro, S10?, iPhone and one other I can't remember

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          I got 5G modem valued at $599 and 300GB data per month

        • i got $1200 on my $99 5G 120GB plan roughly 5 months ago.

          • @Rickrone: Your plan must be 24 months. This is 12 months.

          • @Rickrone: Is it for 12 months plan or 24 months?

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              @Anonymous101: 12 month plan

              • @Rickrone: Nicee. Hopefully they will have something similar once the current offer of $1200 discount expires tomorrow. Don’t really want to sign up for a 24 months plan.

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                  @Anonymous101: it would be nice, or maybe they realised the screwed up and won't bring it back, lol.

                  i would keep an eye out around june, maybe they might bring it back since it is the time they are trying to get rid of the phones to make room for the new release of phones that will happen a few months later.

          • @Rickrone: Really? Was it posted here before?

            • @hawkeye93: yes, that's where i got it from.

              i ended up getting the iPhone with upgraded memory so i had to put in like $79 i think. i was able to use it immediately. they did ask a bunch of questions though. it did take longer then usual, but they got it done. I think the guy that was helping me was new and i got there when they opened, so he was still partially asleep, lol.

      • The other one that's pretty common is the 12 month $99 and $700 voucher.

    • what are you planning to churn to? (i also am in same boat)

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        Just churn to like the cheap Amaysim/Kogan plans for a month and you can go back :)

        • What's the Amaysim/Optus 4G network like? I'm a long-time Telstra customer but thinking about switching it up

        • I've just ported to NBNMate, will wait for a bit and see if eligible for this. These days I don't know which carrier is classified as Telstra network or not. 🤷‍♂️

      • I usually do a mix of Kogan/Amaysim like the other commenter. I switched to that $15/month for 6 months iiNet deal which is expired now unfortunately.

        • there is catch connect and kogan availabe. i switch to Belong (2000 telstra points) and used random voucher code from Ozbargain. Received 4 months of belong for 2000 telstra point. after this i will go back to amaysim, catch , kogan whichever has deals.

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            @NPB: can anyone confirm if churning from belong back to telstra will work? I do have some telstra points to blow up…

            • @Jimothy Wongingtons: No, if you are coming from Belong and want to sign up to this JB Telstra deal, you won't get the bonus gift card. Belong is part of Telstra.

            • @Jimothy Wongingtons: I was on one boost mobile for a month (It was a sim bought on sale), i ported out from boost and connected to Belong. It took less than 5 mintues. you need to make sure your name and DOB matches their database.

          • @NPB: Hey mate what code

        • Which cheap one uses Telstra network do people recommend

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            @louuisc: Woolworths have a cheap prepaid and use Telstra wholesale, yet are valid for churning

            • @Spiderboy: Thanks. Any sim only plan? I'm sorta tired of churning back and forth with extra GC not sure what to buy.

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        Go on the 90 day Kogan deal for $15. Then if you need to wait longer than a month for the right JB deal to pop up, it doesn't cost you any more. https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-mobile-prepaid-voucher-co...

        • wow what the heck, this seems like a pretty great deal!

          20gb/ month is a bit low for me though, im averaging about 60gb a month pretty regularly…

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            @Jimothy Wongingtons: Yeah well if that's your usage it won't work at all! Better for low data users.

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          I just bought this with the intention of switching back to Telstra.

          I can't seem to find the relevant info, do you know how much it costs after the 90days or will the service just stop working.
          Also is there a minimum time period you have to remain with them if I were to jump back to Telstra in a month?

      • I'm on Aussie Broadband. The first 2 months are free.

    • Hi there, how do you check?

    • What was the Black Friday deal last year? This or wait 🤔

  • New users only?

    • new users only, T and C says nothing applies for recontracting

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      It's always for new services, never for existing Telstra customers, try the route of porting out and back in.

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    I got a similar deal for $69 per month (-$10 credit from Telstra) making it $59 per month + a $500 JB Hi Fi Giftcard, seems like the offering has gotten worse.

    • Yeah I got that one couple years ago too. Seems to only come up on the rare occasion now a days

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      Unless stated by JB, Telstra is actively refusing to provide credit for whatever reason. I tried 2 plans last month with JB but no luck in getting $10 credit.

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        Is this by asking Telstra chat? or asking at JB directly? From what I've read on OzB many people have been able to claim the $10 credit via Telstra chat (not even mentioning the JB part, but claiming the port-in discount).

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          Yep I did it via Telstra Chat

        • Asking both, but no luck. Tried calling up too. Did you guys apply the credit in the last 3 months or so or last year?

          • @ciyborg: Tbh, don’t give up. Keep asking until you get it. There will always be a nice guy allowing that credit.

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              @hawkeye93: Agreed, I spoke to about 20 different chat reps before one finally caved in and let me exit my JB plan without exit fee.

            • @hawkeye93: Thanks, will keep trying :)

        • I got the iPhone 13 deal last month for $69 a month for 12 months and $500 discount and got the $10 discount bringing it to $59 a month

          • @Clews: That's fantastic. Have tried few times for $10 port in credit but no luck.👍

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          I got the credit applied at jb on my deal last year. Didn't speak to Telstra.

    • Do you talk to telstra chat first and tell them to port in your number? or buy the $69 per month at JB first?

      • I got the credit applied at jb on my deal last year. Didn't speak to Telstra.

    • I feel like it's the opposite. The $69 plan plus voucher is the baseline deal that comes on. When when they want to turn up the heat to hit those sign up numbers Telstra slap on the $10 credit. It also feels like there's multiple port in deals a year so you're never too far away from porting in and out to take advantage of the next deal.

    • Yep, I got that same deal this time last year. About to expire in a few weeks.

      I work from home now and use wi-fi, so I went with that Catch mobile long expiry double data deal on here.

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    There was a really big run last year of ozbargainers going to last years JB Telstra deal, though Im fairly sure it was a $500 card last year.
    Those who did, will be having the contract expire very soon (within a month).

    Good time to confirm by logging in.

    edit last deal - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/567061

    • Big brain - nice!

      Will hold off then

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      I snagged the $500 $59/12 month. Got a few months yet :)


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      The last deal was at the end of June this year just after Sydney went into lockdown. I remember as JB was still open then.

      I got $500 gift card for $69/month, then hit up Telstra live chat and got $10 credit per month.


      • Is the $10 credit for all port in number? Do we just ask their live chat something like "I was offered $10 discount for porting in?" or what exactly are we asking?

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          I just ported into Telstra and I was told that you can apply a $10/month port in credit for me.

          if they refuse
          It seems like you’re not that helpful, I’ll try another operator later. Thanks.

          Tried that with my new plan a few months ago and they went to check with their manager and came back and applied the credit for me

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    I will wait for the 500 dollar one , thanks

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        waiting for boxing day or australia day deals :)

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      This is the way.

    • and $10 monthly credit

    • while you wait.. enjoy 500GB with optus (if you can get good coverage) https://smb.optus.com.au/opfiles/Shop/All/cis/Cis%20Document...

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      Why are we all so confident that the 500 deal will be back / when?

      Don't think I can hold out, I need to switch to Telstra by mid-November for rural coverage.

  • T and C's PDF on jb website link shows $300 card only, and only for new contracts.
    Re-contracts get NOTHINGGGGGG.

    • What’s stopping you from porting out to a low cost sim say Optus flex for $1/day and port out the next day as a “new port in”?

      • Nothing - but i remember some people had issues last time with number being stuck in limbo while porting, and taking a day or two to fix.
        Maybe I could do it on a friday afternoon so I had the weekend for them to fix it up if anything went wrong…

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          thats the worse time to do it.. you want to do it on a Monday mid morning in case anything goes wrong

          • @supasaiyan: Unfortunately monday 8am phone is ringing all during business hours until Friday 6pm…
            Thanks for the heads up though. Maybe will just wait to see whats around during xmas time.

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              @Jimothy Wongingtons: Porting works between
              Mon to Fri: 8am to 8pm AEST
              Saturday: 10am to 6pm

              If you do it on a Friday then it has Saturday to go through.

        • Earlier this year I got stuck in limbo for over a month. Telstra chat support is the worst thing I've ever dealt with (WPP). They'd take 20 minutes to reply to each message. 14 hours in chat in two days. Definitely smarter to go to a store to get activated.

          Then after all of that no one offered any compensation.

      • They usually have a 4 weeks cool down period.

      • Will this actually work? I thought you had to be away from Telstra for at least 30 days?

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      These day loyalty means nothing. They want to get more new customers so bonus would be available for port-in only.

  • Can anyone confirm of these are still the 'old' plans that are post-paid and require a credit check? Or if they've moved these to the new Telstra system as well and made them "upfront" plans?

    Already had 2x Telstra credit checks in the past 12 months and each time credit score drops.

    • If you say you already had 2x credit checks with Telstra, I assume you have another service with them. In that case, it's unlikely that this will trigger another one. Typically, for existing Telstra customers, they only do credit checks once every few years: I managed 5 years porting in and out without a single credit check (I did have my cable internet via them that whole time).

    • Can anyone confirm of these are still the 'old' plans that are post-paid and require a credit check? Or if they've moved these to the new Telstra system as well and made them "upfront" plans?

      Even the old plans were still upfront plans as you paid for the month in advance.

    • Definitely does the credit check, mine was flagged for some reason in error and had to get approval from Telstra Credit Management.

  • Damn, my one expires in December then need to churn a month to Voda, :(

  • +1

    when is Vic government gonna allow us to go to JB Hi Fi dammit

    • +1

      U can do it with their dedicated phone sales team, I believe they are based in perth

      • Correct, for mobile phone plans only. If you need a handset they won’t process this over the phone.

    • -1

      When you all get jabbed?

  • My current plan expires in 3days but I'm already on a Jb hi-fi plan. Looking to get the pixel 6 or 6pro when it's out soon. What do you guys think is my best option if I wanna get new phone and grab one of these deals but keep my number. (I only need around 35gb a month)

    • +1

      Wait a few months and pay half the price for the pixel. Then find the cheapest BYO plan at around 35gb a month. Otherwise some great deals on Samsungs.

    • 3 months free with AGL while you wait.

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