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Gaggia Anima Focus Automatic Coffee Machine $949.99 Delivered (Save $50) @ Costco Online (Membership Required)


Review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFDk3k_iXcY

The Gaggia Anima Focus features a classic pannarello steam wand and a glossy black Italian designer finish. On the inside you can find a 100% ceramic grinder, patented removable brewing group and a high quality 15 bar bump for perfect coffee results every time. The classic pannarello steam wand makes it easy to steam barista quality micro foam.

Programmable Dispensing System
Each drink can be fully customized and you can store your preferred settings per coffee beverages for future brews, such as strength, temperature and length.

Removable Patented Brewing Group
It is the heart of the machine. It replicates the actions of a barista in an automatic mechanism. An ideal dose of coffee is tamped into a neatly compressed puck and it allows hot water to run through the puck at a suitable pressure for a great coffee.

100% Ceramic Grinder
Anima is equipped with a robust 100% ceramic grinder that turns beans into a fine powder and extracts maximum flavours, without ever tasting burnt. It has 5 different settings of grind that grant you the finest grind for a full-bodied espresso or a coarser grind for a lighter tasting coffee.

You can select and memorise the amount of coffee required for your perfect Espresso: 5 options available, from 6,5 to 11,5 grams, to adjust the coffee strength to your taste.

15 Bar Pump
Pumps the water through the ground coffee at high pressure to ensure better-tasting crema topped espressos.

Ground Coffee Option
This allows you to brew a different blend of coffee without changing the beans but using the ground coffee selected.

Programmable Pre-Infusion
Few seconds of pause between the first shower of hot water and the brewing process moisturises the coffee grounds, extracting the full bouquet of aromas, giving your Espresso a unique body and taste.

Gaggia Adapting System
The innovative technology of the Gaggia Adapting System adjusts the grinding process, making sure the selected quantity of ground coffee is used for your espresso, whatever blend you choose. Just like a professional barista.

This product features:
Beverage variety (total) 5
Simultaneous brewing of 2 cups
Ceramic grinder long lasting performance and consistent grinding quality
Adjustable grinder granularity 5
Optiaroma 5 selections
Adjustable length of coffee
Adjustable length of milk
Adjustable temperature 3
Pump pressure 15 bar
Capacity water container 1.8 litre
Capacity bean container 250 gram
Capacity waste container 15 servings
Full automatic rinsing
Full automatic de-scaling
Fully removable brewing group
Milk system cleaning process Manual
Dishwasher Proof
Adjustable spout 110-150 mm
Front Stainless steel
Top Stainless steel
Side ABS plastic
Metal drip tray
Chromed spout
Energy consumption operating 230V-50Hz-1850W
Accessories: Measuring spoon, cleaning brush, hardness tester, brew group grease

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  • +4

    @$4 a coffee a day

    It will take 237 days before this pays off

    • +3

      Drink 3 coffees a day and this’ll pay off quickly 🤣

    • +1

      i've been WFH since start of COVID so a yr doesnt seem too long these days…

      And overtime i've been using my nespresso machine daily and easily churned through 2 pods a day (just on my own). I was waiting for the machine to breakdown so i can get a all-in-one like this one. can pay off within 1 year for sure!

    • +1

      You've only taken into account the cost of the machine here, there's also the cost of beans, power etc.
      Having said that a purchase like this is not only purely around economic sense; you need to factor in the convenience of good coffee at home, and if you entertain guests often this would be great asset and talking point. Also, coffee nerds would relish being able to tune and fiddle with the machines parameter to suit the beans.

    • +2

      The machine itself is depreciating plant equipment. It’s the consumables you should be focusing on like beans and milk. Then you can also have a conversation about labour, convenience and Maslows hierarchy self actualisation.

    • 1 cup a day is for beginners, need to also include Cost of decent Coffee.Beans, not supermarket crap if you are comparing with Caffes.
      Convenience is a big factor when working from home, I have a different brand\machine but so worth it.

  • +2

    I've got this machine in my office, probably 4 cups a day - been working flawlessly for around 12 months, thumbs up on this model from me. Only feature missing which I liked on my previous machine was a cup warmer which this model lacks (first world problem).

    • this machine (version) is also a bit dated - First world problem too

    • I’m not a coffee snob so I just steam inside the cup for a few seconds and wick away any droplets, and in the process pray I don’t slide and smash the cup.
      The description for this is lustrous but seems ozbargain community have majorly recommended the breville dual boiler at this price point, plus a separate grinder.

    • "cup warmer" is normally a piece of metal shielding the thermoblock underneath.

      Anyone compared this to a Delonghi machine?

      I just replaced the said thermoblock in mine after 5400 coffees. Works like new again. But the Delonghi can't handle a nice fine ground 10g+ puck (especially if using oily beans).

      Delonghi machine is good, but not as good as say a Breville. Guessing an excellent full auto machine is a pipe dream.

      • Some machines have an electronically controllable separate heat plate (operates independently of the boiler) - if I bought another machine I’d probably be on the lookout for this, makes a significant difference to coffee temp without the added step of steaming the cup.

        • Hmm, I went the other way. Wanted a machine with the least amount of extra stuff (to go wrong and use more power). I went with a Delonghi Perfecta (thermoblock).

          With a single thermoblock it only uses 1200 watts. A dual boiler etc chews 2500w. If it had a seperate heater plate, guess more again.

          I actually use it in my car when we go away (must have decent coffee), so 2500w is too much for the inverter, 1200w is not a problem.

          After just over 5000 coffees the thermoblock died. But an easy $40 repair to replace just one thermoblock.

          For what it's worth, I chose the medium heat option and the coffee is still super hot. The "hot" setting must be lava!
          This does have an aluminium plate above the thermoblock. I use it to keep the milk jug warm while pouring the shots.

  • +2

    [ X ] Want

    [ .] Can realistically afford

  • +1

    How does this compare to a Jura E8?

  • ohhh this is tempting ! I currently have a Delonghi beans to cup machine which has worked flawlessly for over 5 years .. average of 4-5 cups a day. It has saved us a fortune in take away coffees.

    Before the Delonghi I owned 2 seperate Breville machines, both of which had issues after 13 months and 2 years respectively. I will not buy another Breville but thats a personal preference based on my experience.

    How do I justify to my wife that I need this one …….

    • Do you think your Delonghi makes a coffee as good as a Breville? I have a Delonghi Perfecta and considered going to a Breville?

      Just looked at the linked video. These look very similar to a Delonghi. Energy usage suggests it's a single thermoblock machine. So can't do milk and coffee at the same time (which is fine with me). Some Delonghis have dual boilers if that's your thing. The brew unit looks basically the same. So can't see much to gain over a Delonghi.

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