This was posted 3 months 16 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Alienware 25" Gaming Monitor AW2521H $779.41 (Was $1299.01) Delivered @ Dell


Hi all, first-time poster, if you guys want to get a 360hz gaming monitor Dell is offering 40% off the ALIENWARE 25 GAMING MONITOR – AW2521H. Supposed saving is $519.60. Includes GST and delivery.

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    $698 on the dell eBay store for me with targeted offer

    • post it as a deal.

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        Consider it yours if you want to. I CBF.

    • $599 if you wait for a 20% eBay code.

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    That RRP… lol

    • That was a quick edit 😀

  • but can it run Crysis ?

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      It is 360Hz not 240Hz.

      Though I really do wonder what practical difference there can possibly be.

      And you can get a 280Hz monitor for $499

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        Oh it is too. That's certainly where the cost is, then. Guess it's attractive to people who are competitively good at CSGO and similar games.

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    Good deal if you're strictly really into competitive gaming (CS:GO, Valorant) and have the money to spend :)

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    This has regularly been $600 during the 20% DELL eBay sales.

  • Always been tempted to get one of these, currently use a 1080p 240hz monitor. Probably best to upgrade my CPU first (waiting on the AMD V-Cache CPUs), 3900X/2080TI combo usually hovers around 200fps in Fortnite competitive.

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    Most online reviewers have concluded that 60 to 120hz is a massive noticeable jump in performance. However 120 and over has diminishing returns. Most people don’t notice much of a difference over 144hz. I had Asus TUF 280hz for playing FPS games like CSGO and OW and while 280hz FHD was buttery smooth, I didn’t feel I had any competitive advantage compared to my 1440p 144hz LG. And I’m on 1gbps fibre connection with very top tier 2019 gaming specs. I stick to my LG now for all games, I think QHD with 144hz is the sweet spot right now.

    So yeah, this probably is not “bang for your buck” purchase for most gamers.

  • If anyone is interested there are 3 of these being sold "As New" on the Dell Outlet at $499

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      This is 240hz, while the one in the OP is 360hz.

      • My mistake, please ignore my post.

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