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Free $50 Worth of Bitcoin (BTC) for Signup & Verify @ Swyftx


$50 sign up bonus is back till 7.30pm 13/10/21 with SWYFTX
New users only

sign up here:


register here for free:

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  • How do you know it has worked ???

    • Check your Dashboard

      • By default BTC coin will be added into account? or can we buy any coin?

    • +2

      My credit from the last account is still pending, even after uploading all the required docs. And I'm talking about 4 months ago.

      • -1

        Contact support, they'll sort it.

  • How much do you need to deposit? What are turnover requirements ECT? & How long before I can cash out my $50 of Bitcoin?
    What are the fees?
    Has anyone used these guys, are they good?

    • +1

      You don't need to deposit anything, just verify your ID.
      You can convert BTC to AUD at 0.6% fee and withdraw it for free.

  • +9

    Getting this paid last time it was advertised was an enormous pain in the bum. Beware Ozbargainers.

    • Tx I think I'll give it a miss in that case. If they want screenshots of documents ect and aren't paying out bonuses quickly it's just not worth $50 if it even turns out to be that much which you never know with the volatility of Bitcoin and associated fees ect

      • +1

        Got mine instantly, just had to put in my drivers license number to verify my ID.

        • +1

          Good to hear. Sounds like they've improved the process!

  • Why do I need to join the finnies ?

  • Applied, verified and got the $50 straight away. Cheers

    • +3

      Lost 10c already 😂

      • got the $50 last week now it is $50.54

        • I converted mine immediately to Shibu and now at $65… Long hold… ;)

  • +2

    Not worth the effort, withdrawal fee is $40

    • +4

      I see. So convert btc to a sh*tcoin of preference, wait a few years, come back and check. If this website (swyftx) still exists by then, you might have gains that can be withdrawn.

      • +6

        The withdrawal fee is free when you convert it to AUD and withdraw to your bank account or if you use a cheaper blockchain, e.g. litecoin.

        BTC network fees can be expensive and the fees vary depending on how busy BTC network is.

    • +6

      Or just put the money back to the bank. $0 fee

      Get the $50 Bitcoin bonus, trade bitcoin for AUD on their market, withdraw to your bank for free. $50 profit

  • Any reason to register as a virtual attendee. Also any other offers similar to this worth doing?

    • Free stuff? Lol I have no idea!

      • +1

        Okay, actually clicking the link it says first 300 with no counter. So that's a no from me.

    • It's the Finnies only offer for the Finnies attendees.

      • +1

        I registered without signing up for the virtual event and got the $50

  • +2

    It's the Finnies only offer for the Finnies attendees.
    The withdrawal fee is free when you convert it to AUD and withdraw to your bank account or if you use a cheaper blockchain, e.g. litecoin.

    BTC network fees can be expensive and the fees vary depending on how busy BTC network is.

    • Do you know what is the min amount for AUD withdrawal?

      • +2

        It's $1 according to Reddit. I'd be surprised if it's more than $10. They are not like crypto.com…
        There is a reason why they are not promoting this offer to the public - because it's too good.

  • got it last week

  • My friends just got it without having to register for The Finnies. Sign up before 7.30pm AEST and you will get it automatically if u go through their Finnies page link.

  • Signed up last time but outside the cut-off time for the bonus, so I’ve managed to miss out on both. Bugger

    • I'd still contact them because they had a page up and running in the past that said to contact them after The Finnies to claim $50 - as long as you've attended The Finnies. U can still sign up for The Finnies now.

  • How old do you have to be?

    • usually 18+

    • +1

      Ask your dad to buy if you're under 18Y.

  • Do I need to register this: https://www.thefinnies.org.au/individual-virtual-attendees/ to get $50?

    Or registration only at Swytfx?


    • swyftx should be enough. 15 min remaining.

      • I reigstered. But it said "Under Review, Contact Support"

  • How much fee if convert to BNB or USDT and transfer to binance or gate.io

    I want to buy some shit coins

    • 0.6%

      • I mean transfer from sywftx to gate.io wallet
        Would be something like 0.0001BNB if anyone can confirn

  • I signed up but it says..

    Withdrawals are currently disabled, to re-enable withdrawal of funds please contact support.

    Anyone got same issue?

    • I'd contact them - they probably just tell u that it's dangerous to withdraw crypto because of scams.
      If you want to withdraw to bank account - u might need to link it first.

      • They said I already had an account. They disabled the old account and the AUD has already landed in my bank, thanks!

  • +2

    They also give you $10AUD if you do a review of their website.

    • How/where do you do this?

      • Log into the app and that should trigger a message from support to do an app review for a $10AUD (fiat) bonus.

        • Thanks - unfortunately no popup/message from support for me

          • +2

            @CC123: This is the email I got. You could try and leave review and then send them a chat message notifying.

            Want a free $10? ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

            All you have to do is leave a review on our Product Review page! Your review helps us to grow, delivering you more features and a better experience!

            We'll even send a $10 account bonus your way just to say thanks. Make sure to message us to claim your reward. 💗

    • +2

      not sure what you're talking about, unless you failed verification. As others have said here, I signed up and immediately got the $ in my account.

  • +2

    Signed up and verified and btc right there.
    Have to say, very slick process!

  • signed up and verified, where do i see $50 sign up bonus?

    • +1

      check your BTC balance. if it's not that, contact their support.

      • thank you.

  • +1

    Woohoo. Up 36 cents already.

  • Is anyone getting withdrawal issues?

    • yes, withdraw is currently disabled, contact support

  • +1

    Got in - just in time clearly.

    $50 BTC is there.

    Thanks OP!

  • interesting…they must be giving away the XRP airdrop that they didn't pass onto its customers…

    • Which airdrop was that? I don’t think anyone has got their spark tokens we were promised 10 months ago from any exchange.

      • Coinspot has paid all airdrops, as far as im aware swyftx has not paid a single drop and they have announced that the spark will not be paid

        • Good to know. Btc markets also haven’t paid.

  • +1

    Successfully did this and already got deposit into back account. Thanks.

  • Started at 6:23 QLD time and got the $50 - not bad for 7 or 8 minutes work!

  • +1

    Nice. Got verified at 7.29pm. $50 in the dashboard right away.

  • Still working

    • Still working as of 5mins ago

  • R u guys able to withdraw to the bank account by any chance ?
    $50 btc is up on the dashboard, but unable to withdraw..

    • Yep easy as after selling the btc

  • +1

    It was $50, now only $49.78~~:)

    • Just leave it in 1 year following Bitcoin trends it will be $1,000,000,000

  • +3

    offer is valid until 7:30 AEST, there’s still about 40 mins left (as of this comment)

    • yep, just signed up and got mine instantly after verification

    • -4

      7:48 AEST At time of this comment .
      Are you smoking something ?

      • I am in AEST timezone, I know what the time is lol. thanks for negging the facts ;-)

        12 mins left as of this comment

        • -2

          K I'm smoking something : Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) Queensland Brisbane
          Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) New South Wales (except Broken Hill), Victoria, Tasmania, Australian Capital Territory Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Canberra

  • My verification didn't go through. It's showing as under review, contact support. Thete seems to be no one on live chat.

    • Same.

      • Account confirmed today and got $50 worth of BTC.

  • Registered my account, verified my ID and details etc but no moneyz yet…

    • yes, same here

      • -3

        I think deal has expired as it's almost an hour past 1930 AEST

        • +1


  • Just did this then and got mine instantly after verification, thanks OP.

  • +3

    Got mine and swapped to Shiba, send shiba to the moon lol. Thank you.

    • +8

      except for all of us that managed to get the $50 BTC already..

      • +2

        Hit and miss.

        • +1

          Idk, most seems to be getting the $50. Myself included.

      • I got paid instantly. I think it’s got to be a verification thing.

        This must be costing them a lot!

  • Just made it. Completed at 830

  • +1

    Easiest $50 earned, thanks!

    • I lost 62c before I got around to converting :P

  • +1

    Logged in at 7:30 and got it. Too be honest it’s way behind Binance, FTX or crypto.com but I think the way they paid out the $50 to my bank account so quickly makes me want to use them for AU related trades.

    Thanks OP! Paid for my pub dinner!

    • +1

      Woah woah woah. We in Vic don't need to hear about these mythical "pub dinners"

  • Has this actually finished?

    • Im keen to know too, promo says equity15 whuch means $15 i suppose.

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