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Hisense 75Q8 75" 4K Ultra HD ULED TV $1488 + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi (Limited Stock)


Hisense 75Q8 for $1488 plus delivery at JB Hifi. Really good price for a really good TV. No HDMI 2.1.

Key Features

75" 4K Ultra HD ULED Panel (3840 x 2160)


Dolby Vision HDR

Quantum Dot Technology

Dolby Atmos

200 smooth motion rate

Works with Alexa (built-in)

Works with Google Assistant

HD Tuner


Freeview Plus

PVR Recording

Built-in Wi-Fi

4 x HDMI Inputs

2 x USB Ports

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  • +3

    Wait… Isn't this a crazy price? I swear these were over 2k for the 65inch alone

    • +3

      Yeah the 75 got 60+ votes at $2280 in late July, so seems like a great price!

      • Maybe because more people now realise Australia is getting the gimped version compared to US, thus fewer upvotes these time.

        • +1

          This Q8 is last years series. There was no direct comparison or model to US. What your referring to is THIS years series U8G.

    • This is the 2020 version (but not sure if that makes a difference)

    • +3

      Price ends in 88 so it’s final clearance. There’s likely a handful left in the country since it’s so old.

      Closest one to Melbourne is Traralgon.

  • +3

    Wow great price. Awesome TV, just spend extra ~$100 for Google TV, the ViDAA is bleh.

    • +1

      Vidaa is trash and a bit of blooming on the TV otherwise great.

  • Waiting on 75" 8k

  • +1

    No stock in Melbourne

  • Noticed that they've got the 85S8 on clearance as well for $1988 + delivery - https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/hisense-85s8-series-8-85-... - looks like there's stock in Brisbane and Melbourne at least.

    • +1

      The one you've linked is S series tv, 85S8. This one in op's deal is Q8, 75Q8. Quantum dot technology.

  • just purchased one, thanks

  • Just purchased, thanks so much! Been wanting this TV for a long time but couldn't find it anywhere.

  • +3

    Its a crazy price, but, to be honest, In Australia we pay at least 30% higher price for almost all kinds of TV than in China, for this brand, higher spec this TV with 130% srgb coverage is also sell at 1600 Aud for normal price.

  • A bit of off topic…..

    Is the "HISENSE Hisense 55Q8 55" 4K Ultra HD ULED Smart TV [2020]" @ $888.00 a good TV at good price? Don't know much about TV now but I need to replace my 10 years old LG TV.


    • Not really. You should be getting 65Q8 under 1K… if there are any left in Oz.

      • I live in a small apartment and I only need a 50-55 inch tv though.

        65 is too big for me.

        • OK, if you need it, buy it. This is the last of the run outs by the looks of it. If your viewing distance is about 2m though, 65" is fine you adjust in a few days. This was me at my old apartment.

        • 65 is not too big. I have 65 in my room 3x3 and it's perfect

      • Never been under 1k?

        • Yeah its been around $900 or less many times especially with eBay promos. I hazard a guess not really posted here as value wise 55's aren't that flash unless its an OLED on sale.

  • +1

    So tempted to buy this, was angling for a good deal for ages on it and almost bought it several times. But since talked myself into going all out for an OLED now waiting for next equal to/best deal on one. Good luck to those that buy this, cracker price.

  • So tempted….how is this one compare with the duel cell 65sx one listed yesterday? they are both seems to be 2020 stocks.

  • We got this last year… Soooooooo great!

  • +1

    9:30 am and only "Add to wish List" option available for me, does this mean sold out?

  • Is it sold out, it's not giving me an option to buy it?

  • Ah just saw this post.

  • How does this compare to this one, the hisense 75S8 . What makes this more special? Thanks

    • I dont own one, but from the specs sheet:
      - double the motion rate 200 vs 100
      - Quantum dot Tech( Qled)
      The TV from this deal was price at over 2.2k only afew months ago and still price at 2.3 k from Harvey

    • Full array local dimming, quantum dot, 100Hz panel (200MHz smooth motion), Dolby Vision and Atmos.

      • Yeah it is a very good price for $1488 but :(

        Any idea the space needed for the stand?

  • Just called Harvey Norman chirnside park, since they had stock of 75q8 for a price match.

    He asked me what JB hifi had the 75q8 on sale for, I told him $1488.

    He replied, 'sorry mate, our price guarantee is only for reasonable prices below listed price and that price is ridiculous"

    • Wow - that's a new definition of price guarantee.

      We'll match the price unless we feel its too good?

      • We'll match the price unless we feel its too good?

        Guarantee hardly normal not you

  • Had the 55” amazing tv. Colors and brightness were fantastic. Upgraded to a c1 oled but was still good

  • Damn can't believe I missed this. Had an alert setup and everything!

  • Managed to get HN to price match. No convincing required.

    • @spent2much How did you do this? They gave me the same response as zorodluffy

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