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[LatitudePay] PS5 Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Sony DualSense Controller Cosmic Red $107 @ Harvey Norman


Listed as $178 but reduces to $157 in cart for some reason. With latitude pay deal comes out at $107. Absolute bargain imo, only downside being Harvey Norman.

Black and white dualsense option also available, tested adding black bundle to cart and it still reduced to $157 in cart.

Link to latitude pay deal

Edit: now back to $178 in cart and with latitude pay comes out at $128. Still a pretty good deal.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


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    Picked up. Cheers!

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    Thanks OP, ordered :)

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    arghhh, I just bought this exact bundle for $178 3 days ago. Great deal, good find.

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    Nice! Thanks!

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    Thanks, better than normal :)

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    Thanks what a deal

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    All the people on moral high horses about giving money to Gerry Harvey will go queit with this cracking deal…

    • But he is loosing money on this deal, or well someone is loosing money. So thats a win to us.

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      incorrect, HODL. It's hardly normal to give this POS your cash but not everyone can vote with their wallets.

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      Would honestly rather pay the extra $70 than give him a cent

    • Didn't think it was necessary to highlight the fact that he is a human pile of garbage on every single HN post.
      It's been done to enough times, I thought everyone would know by now.
      Pretty sure that's why everyone has "gone quiet".

      I'm sure he has leeched enough out of us via our tax dollars funding his Job Keeper payments; No need to fund him anymore with our personal $$$ too.

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    Ha ha. I legit wanted that controller as a spare and that game too, then this showed up. Very good timing. Thank you.

  • what a deal! hope hardly normal will honor it

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    Thanks, been waiting for Ratchet & Clank to drop in price and need an extra controller for It Takes Two. This works out perfectly.

  • Can also add black controller to the red controller bundle for $185 total after discount

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    Nice! Ordered :)

  • can u get another discount code?

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    This is an amazing deal. Good find. Shame it's not a different game as I already own it.

  • Amazing deal!!!

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    Can anyone confirm that selecting and paying through Latitude pay means they go through credit check etc just like taking up a CC or a loan?

    Would it show up on my credit score when I apply for mortgage? I'm trying to avoid all sorts of deals where my record goes on my credit score as a "borrower"

    • Yes.

    • I would avoid, yes.

    • Yes and they rejected my signup because I have too many cc applications lol so got one under wife's name

  • Really wish I'd held out for more colour controller options to be released, I got 2 x white controllers :(

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      If you got it through EB, say you want a replacement because it's faulty and ask for a black one since it's same price, could work

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    damn discount only $28 now instead of 49

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      Yeah looks like they've fixed whatever double discount was applying

  • wow, nice deal, however you look at it, its like BOGOF. free game, paid for controller, or free controller paid for the game.

    The game is good to. (well at least one once) I enjoyed it, very much so. But would not do another run.

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    Yeah price is up to $178 now.

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    I think its done

  • Looks likes it's over. Good luck to those who ordered before the fix.

    • Damn hope mine doesn't get cancelled for posting! Still a pretty good deal @$128 though

  • I was playing Ratchet, but somehow I enjoy Sackboy more!

  • Goddamn I missed this!

  • Ahh got it and didn't realise price had gone up to $178 in the cart. All good, still a good deal for $128.

    EDIT: The invoice from Harvey Norman said $178, but I went to pay off the total balance in LatitudePay and it was $107. So still managed to get it for $107 despite what Harvey Norman said.

  • Thanks OP - got it before the price went up. Just got an email from HN saying that both Ratchet and the red Dualsense are on backorder. Did others get the same?

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      Not yet, I actually knew about this last night but couldn't use Latitudepay because it was down, even had a draft OzB deal saved for it to publish. I ordered around 6am Perth time this morning

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    Ordered at 9am and they sent an email saying it was ready to pick up at 9.30am. woooo

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      Dang - I got my confirmation email at 9:18, but then later got email saying both items were on backorder. They must've sold a tonne of bundles in those 18 minutes

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        Bro my order went through $107 latitude pay at 9:29 am today and I received the confirmation text at 10:38 am saying they are ready to pick up. I think it's got to do with how much stock there is at your local Harvey Norman click and collect

        • Looks like you're right :(

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      same! woohoo

  • Take Advantage of the Weber Q Accessories while you can on good guys!

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    Its back to $128