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[LatitudePay, Pre Order] Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda System (AU Stock) $54 + Delivery (Free with First) @ Kogan


$25 off $75 Spend: Kogan @ LatitudePay

Free delivery. No membership required.

Official Australian stock

Ships on 12th Nov.
Sold by Kogan.com

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  • yeah I am not canceling my amazon order I got it for 60 delievered and if amazon decides to discount the price will go down as well.

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      Just wondering - According to the 3C's, the lowest ever on Amazon is the current price of $69… when did you get it for $60? Or are you suggesting you used your own coupon to reduce it?

      • amazon gave me a free 10 dollar gift card for filling out one of there surveys kept it and then used it on this thats why it was 60 bucks.

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          [Unobtainable Deal]

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            @King Steuart: he never mentioned it was a deal, only that he wasnt cancelling his order from Amazon in which he got it for $60

          • @King Steuart: Not if you filled out their surveys

    • Hmm might have to do the same.

      Only thing that's holding me back is kogan's past experience shipping and destroying the box.

      • I think that's just the luck of the draw on who handles your package and how it gets delivered. Had a old collector's edition games ordered at amazon with gap inserts that came out in a big box. the box destroyed and inserts broken.

  • It's Latitude day.

  • Beauty ordered :)

  • Bugger, should of waited. Ordered through JB hi-fi.

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      Can't you just cancel it? It's still in pre order.

      I cancelled a big W pre order a few days ago.

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      should have?

      • Go to Hardly Normal 3 for $154 Click Collect .
        I've already done it .

        • thanks. have an order of 2 for $136. need to cancel that.

          • @PissLUR: you only end up saving an extra $1~ per game & watch…

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              @profounddominator: you're right. i have been thinking for a while about what you were saying.

              i forgot that there is a $30 off discount for that purchase.

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    At least other shops will ship on time, 6 days later I'm still waiting for Kogan to send Metroid Dread. Still says awaiting processing in warehouse and their support said just wait 3-5 business days more… Useless. No way this will ship on the 12th from Kogan.

    • +3

      Same here, how dare they call themselves official partner when they are unable to secure stock. When some third part NON official selling in stock.

    • Too true, going on Kogan's reputation.

  • Are these Game and watches made in china?

    • yes, according to the former version.

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    PSA: these are not limited like the earlier Mario colour one.

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      That last version they manufactured it till they broke the dam !

      Limited hehe :)

    • +2

      The Mario ones were limited? They were everywhere. Still available from the UK for the stock price.

      Eventually they'll stop making them like everything else.

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      Limited, lol.

      Yes they're limited to the number of units they can sell.

      Anyone thinking these are going to skyrocket in value anytime soon like the originals from the 1980s is delusional.

      • Lol, clearly you are not a Nintendo fan, they will sell =]

        • +2

          give it 20 years? I can wait

      • What about in 250 years?

      • This unit will be released on November 12, 2021. The game has a very similar concept to the Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros., but it instead has 3 games and unlike the Mario one, it is not limited time. The mario one was discontinued on March 31st 2021 FYI.

  • Did anyone buy this? When latitude sends you an invoice does it have the full amount on there? $79.00, and today's payment of $5.40, no where does it mention the $25 discount.

    Nevermind, on the website it shows the discounted remaining figure.

  • Can someone explain how I can do the Latitude payment? Doesn't seem to come up at checkout?

    • What else do you have in cart? Kogan first trial?

      • Just this…. already done Kogan first trial before…

    • It's the blue logo in other payments

      • thanks, didn't realise the proper logo!

        • No problems I had the same drama

  • Free delivery. No membership required.

    Requires Kogan First now.