A good store to get a personalised leather Bracelet with some engraving

Hi Guys, need your help to find a good store to buy a personalized leather bracelet for my wife's birthday, she got me one sometime back from Hard To Find but i cant see any women's bracelets there, any help would be appreciated.


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    contact them, they do custom work. i've purchased a couple wallets and a belt from them, i had them customise one of the wallets, and they have been great. just make sure that you mention you are in Aus, when i ordered the custom wallet and belt he didn't realise i was in Aus (as they had paused international shipping at the time) but i assumed he knew because i had specifically asked him about the free shipping (i was surprised as generally it's not offered for international purchases) and had ordered from there previously, since he had already made the wallet and belt he gave me the option to pay extra for shipping (free shipping is only for the USA) to Aus and assume the risk if anything went missing or give me a refund, i chose to get it shipped anyway and pay extra (normal price for shipping something to Aus from the USA) and it got here in about 2 weeks, which was quite quick, especially considering that he said there had been shipping issues.

    the guy i dealt with is Michael, he is a really nice guy.

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    Victorian mob here

    You haven't mentioned just what the customization needed is, whether its a custom silver plaque with name etc. contact this mob and ask

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    Try etsy

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    Really impressed with the stuff I've ordered, they also offer free monogramming on bracelets.