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[LatitudePay] Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse (Graphite) + Kodak AAA Batteries $100.99 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Harvey Norman


A good price for the Logitech MX Master 3 in graphite.

Cheapest item I can find is a $9 16GB SanDisk Ultra Micro SDHC Memory Card. If anyone can find a cheaper item reply in the comments thanks.

Thanks to Jonathankira for finding the $2.99 Kodak Extra Heavy Duty AAA Batteries - 10Pk

To redeem $50 OFF, select LatitudePay at checkout and discount will be deducted at LatitudePay Payment schedule. Single use only. Offer available on LatitudePay smaller buys only. Available Online Only. Offer available to new and existing customers. Minimum spend $150. Offer ends 11:59pm AEST 16/10/2021

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    $2.99 kodak battery

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      • Save eneloops for concierge credit from TGG

  • Very tempting, my aging Performance MX is getting a bit ratty.

    • My Performance MX is starting to double click after 7 years. I will upgrade to the MX Master 3 or 4 if it turns up soon.

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        Tempted to get the MX 3 but it launched in 2019 so surely a newer model will be out soon.

        • Unfortunately the newer model will be released is "Mx Master 3 for business" which supports Logitech's new Bolt dongle

          • @CharityCase: Do you know if there are any major differences (other than the dongle)?

            The new Bolt dongle can pair up to 6 input devices which would be nice if you used a laptop and had compatible devices at work and home

            • @bopter12: The only difference is the Bolt USB dongle. Bolt = lower latency, better range and according to Logitech fixes the vulnerabilities found in the older Unifying receiver.

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                @Twix: Wow, I would've thought they'd release an MX 4 along with the new Bolt ecosystem. I know its targeted at business users but surely it'd be hard to convince someone to buy essentially exactly the same mouse!
                I Guess that means it'll be another year or so before an actual 'new' MX Master mouse…

                • @bopter12: Yep I haven't found any info on when the MX 4 is coming.

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      Performance MX is the GOAT.

      Source: Have owned every Logitech business mouse since the MX700 in 2002 and the MX900 from the original DiNovo set in 2003/4.

      Using 2x Performance MX's on my laptop and desktop rn and have a new boxed one ready to go when one of these dies.

  • It did not work for me. Latitude still charges me $14.8 for Logitech MX mouse 10 weeks. FUll price is $148 :(

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      I could be wrong, but it sounds like you're not meeting the minimum spend of $150 to get the $50 off

      • It meets the $150. $148 + $2.99. I'm not sure why it's not working for dcsy.

  • I bought the MX 270 triathlon a few months ago, and have been waiting for the MX Master 3. Any advice on whether it's worth the upgrade?

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      Answering my own question…

      The Unifying select button is on the bottom of the mouse, meaning it's a two handed operation to switch between computers. I'm already frustrated that I have to do multiple button pushes to cycle between connections, and the button is under my thumb. When I bought the mouse, I thought, 'yeah whatever' about the Unifying feature. But I use it dozens of times a day at the moment, even with my phone. So that for me looks like a strong negative. Do you know what I'd really like? For the mouse to follow the keyboard when you switch.

      In a positive, the slope of the top surface looks more ergonomic and comfortable.

    • Correction, it's the M720 mouse

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      The MX Master 3 has Logitech Flow so you can drag your mouse to the side of the screen and it'll automatically jump to the other device.
      I have side-by-side monitors connected to 2 different PC's and I essentially use it as 1 machine. I've got the MX Keys too which automatically switches device when it detects that the mouse has moved over

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    I'm an existing owner/user.
    I upgraded recently (6-8 weeks ago) and purchased it from Officeworks.

    I love it and it's an awesome upgrade from the $20'ish mouse that I used to use.
    It's amazing and I recommend it!

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    Just in case, if anyone interesting: running it on linux, no issues. Happy with it's performance.

  • I personally find this mouse really bulky and uncomfortable. I have no problem with my G502 or G Pro. If you are able to feel the mouse, I'd suggest people to do so.

    • Yeah. G502 is also great mouse. Significant advantage of MX Master3 (especially if you use it with laptop) that it can run on Bluetooth, means you do not need any dongle.

  • What's so good about this mouse? I am still on an HP wired mouse from 20 years ago.

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      Well, you know, all of that is just personal opinion and preference. It can not be applied for all people :)
      As per my view:
      1. quality. Mouse is solid. And I love to have good quality of things which I constantly interact with.
      2. it has support of multiple devices, but more importantly it does support Bluetooth, meaning you do not need any dongle to use it (and of course, you can use dongle if you wish)
      3. ergonomics. As you know vertical mice have better ergonomic, but it's hard to get use to. MX Master 3 offers compromise between regular and vertical mouse.
      4. horizontal scroll. I thought that doesn't make sense to have scroll there, but found it's very useful. And when I use my G502 I always wish there is similar scroll exists (yes, I know there is horizontal scroll as well pulling mouse wheel left or right, but in my personal taste that's not so convenient)

      • Thanks for the insight.

      • But Microsoft ergonomic mouse does all of the above for about 65$ plus you can customise and record macros for buttons

  • best mouse for ergonomics and productivity

  • Bought the Mx master first gen and every single one after that. It's the best purchase I made for productivity. Firmly recommended.

  • The scroll wheel is pretty addictive…you just wanna keep spinning it.

  • i believe it's cheaper if you buy at tgg as you can use HOUSE10 code.

    • TGG only have the MX Master 3 for Mac. This MX Master 3 is different.

      • oh. just saw that. how's the mac version compatibility with windows OS?

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          On Windows the MX Master 3 for Mac will only work over blueototh.

          The MX Master 3 for Mac comes with a USB-C to USB-C charging cable, bluetooth only and is space grey in colour.

          The MX Master 3 model from Harvey Norman comes with a USB-C to USB-A charging cable, Logitech Unifying USB wireless dongle and graphite in colour. Other stores sell the black colour.

    • hey guys, fyi, I can confirm this mac version can be paired with logitech usb dongle and works well with windows OS.

      I picked up my mac version this morning. I'm now using it on my windows work laptop.

      One thing to mention is that I haven't tried Logitech Options, using all those gestures, coz I dont have admimn account to install that software.

      • So whats the difference between Mac and Windows version?

        • function wise, i dont feel any difference.
          but for mac version, you won't have usb dongle.