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[LatitudePay] Ultimate Ears Boom 3 + Sandisk Ultra 16GB USB Drive $100 (Was $199) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ The Good Guys


The Ultimate Ears Boom 3 is currently on sale for $167.00 at The Good Guys, and using the HOUSE10 coupon the price will be reduced to $141.95. If you then add a Sandisk 16GB Ultra USB Drive (https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/sandisk-16gb-ultra-usb-drive-...) to your cart, the total will be increased to exactly $150. Checking out with LatitudePay will then reduce the total to $100.

I believe this is an all time low for the Ultimate Ears Boom 3.

Original Coupon Deal
$50 off $150 spend with Latitude Pay

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The Good Guys


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    You want the ultimate ears mega boom.

    Much better sound

    • +3


      I was about to ask how these compare with: https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/ultimate-ears-megaboom-3---ni...

      You beat me to it.

      Just looking at the spec sheets, I think MEGABOOM is the way to go.

      • The same coupon works so paying $204.15 for the MEGABOOM3 vs RRP of $299 is a good deal too.

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      Sound and battery are better on the Megaboom, but depends on your budget. I personally don't think it's enough to justify the price jump though.

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        I personally don't think it's enough to justify the price jump though.

        Hmmz… 2x the cost of this deal.

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        I think you need to hear the difference in person

        • +7

          I've heard both. Both have roughly the same volume, but Megaboom quality is better for sure. Still though, not double the price better. Boom 3 is still perfectly fine, especially if you're just outside sinking tinnies with your mates.

      • +1

        So get the Wonderboom 2 then. Significantly better sound profile, especially low-frequency bass, than the Boom 3.
        I have both the Wonderboom and the Megaboom. Both go down to about 60Hz in the real world. The Boom dies out at about 80-90Hz.
        Look up RTings for data-based reviews.

    • +1

      I hated the Mega Boom 3. There's a remote on/off "feature" that cannot be disabled from the app. As a result, the battery drains over time regardless. I'm not a common user of the portable speaker but when I did want to use it more often than not the battery was drained already within 1-2 weeks.

    • +7

      That depends what suits your needs.
      The Mega is also ~75% larger & ~50% heavier.

      I've been using Booms for years for their portability and I consider the Mega to be far too cumbersome to carry around everywhere.

      • The boom is 538 grams. Not really portable to me.

        I would get a smaller speaker for portability.

        • +1

          Not pocketable perhaps, but definitely portable. That's kind of the whole idea. If you're not going to take it anywhere why bother with a battery powered unit. You'd get better sound, unlimited playtime and longer product life from a wired solution.

        • Fits in a water bottle pocket in your backpack or on holder on your bike seems pretty portable to me.

          Bluetooth speakers I have heard smaller than this make considerable sound quality compromises to achieve it.

    • +1

      Mega blast is even better. Best portable speaker I've ever had. Amazing sound quality and loudness levels.

      • Im waiting for the Hyper Blast tbh, they also had plans for the Sonic Boom Blast which are lower than enthusiast grade

    • +1

      Thought this was a joke, these naming conventions are getting wild

      • +4

        Waiting for sonic boom 🤣

  • how does this compare to jbl flip 5, given both are roughly the same price?

    • +1

      Sounds like Boom has better features, design, build and battery life, while Flip has better sound quality. Depends what you're after.

      • Thanks for the link, appreciate it.

        My son wants a portable speaker so I'll let him do some reading and make a decision.

        • +1

          @hindo - Check out the Charge 5 too. Slightly more $$$ than the Boom and Flip, but meant to be a much better speaker - louder, better sound, few other bells 'n whistles (eg. water/dust proof, acts power back-up/charger for phone). Per my comment below, it worked out at $127 after the discounts :)

    • Flip sounds better and fits in big pockets while boom doesn't. Otherwise not a huge difference in my experience (I have had both, much prefer the flip).

  • +8

    Micro-USB charging for those like me that refuse to buy anything with it.

    • yeah same for the megaboom 3 - didn't bother me too much as I purchased the charging dock for ease of use.

    • battery lasts 10 hours

  • Any recommend for non-battery BT speaker? Just for home PC
    Currently using Google Home hub which restart everyday annoyed.

  • bose mini soundlink is my favourite

  • +1

    how do we get the $50 off with latitude pay? cant see it?

    • +3

      Did you add the 16GB USB mentioned in the description to your cart? The total needs to be $150 or above to get $50 off with LatitudePay

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    Argh, been hoping for a bargain on the Boom 3, but don't have Latitude Pay. Can't justify the credit checks to sign up for the diff BNPL services that run promos.

  • +7

    I used the same method but went with the JBL Charge 5 instead. Worked out at ~$127 (incl. postage) from TGG after 15% discount and $50 off via Latitude Pay (plus 4% Shopback).

    The Charge 5 got an epic review from What Hi-Fi (https://www.whathifi.com/au/reviews/jbl-charge-5), and seems to be positioned between the UE Boom and Megaboom ranges. I thought it presented the best value for money - seems comparible to the Megaboom, but a decent amount cheaper.

    • After reading your comment I checked and did the math, and then realised that you must have added the $7 usb drive

      even although you did not need to do that as speaker is $170 after 15% off. Then I saw your mention of 4% Shopback

      and realised that I totally forgot cashback lol.

      • +1

        I struggled with the maths myself haha! The $127 includes what I paid for postage though.

        199, take away 15%
        169, take away $50
        119, plus $8 postage
        = 127
        Add the 4% cashback and it ends up ~$120

        • Nice one. Included the cashback deduction and postage instead of usb.

          I should never assume, but kind of close to the figure haha

          After reading your summary I now wish I got the Charge 5 also instead of the boom 3. Wonder if I could cancel order

          or exhange when picking up as c & c on the day.

          Might be a bit of a hassle with the Lattitude Pay thingy

    • "bdo207" Just called store to see if I can swap and for about $20 the difference I can, just have to wait till stock arrives

      and still no cashback of course. Will be happier with the bigger sound as have smaller ones already.

      • Nice one!!

    • -2

      Most importantly, the Charge 5 has USB-C connection … Far superior to this UE pos.

      • +2

        Bit unfair to neg this deal just because you prefer the JBL. The Boom 3 for this price is still a great deal, and for people who

        already have other/older booms, this will connect, even more easily/compatible than in the way the JBL does.

  • +1

    I was thinking of going all out and getting the Sony XG500, pretty good deal at $374.15 with LP. Looks like a beast and a nice design. Thoughts?


    • +1

      I've been eyeing this speaker for a month. I think you just convinced me to get a latitude account.

    • +1

      I was about to bite on the JBL Charge 5 after reading comments from bdo207.

      Then I had a look at the Sony SRS XG500. I have changed mind very quickly after that. LOL!

      However, the following review from Ron does concern me a little:

      Good sound quality but Bluetooth seems to drop out every 10 - 15mins for about half a second.

      At 499 x 0.85 - 50 = $374.15 I would expect nothing less than superb BT connectivity.

      So, will it live up to the hype?

      Also, is this speaker comparable to Hyperboom?

      • +1

        If the BT does drop out as described it would certainly be a warranty claim so wouldn’t worry too much.

      • +1

        I bit the bullet and just picked up my XG500.

        My brother has a Hyperboom so we played the same song with both speakers side by side (one after the other)

        The Sony definitely has better clarity. Hyperboom slightly deeper bass. Handle is much better on the Sony. Hyperboom weighs more.

        I didn’t play around the the EQ at all, but I preferred the Sony.

  • Thanks. Purchased the Megaboom for $204.15

  • Got the Megaboom 3 last year for $150 and pretty happy with it.

    • +1

      Got the Megaboom 3 last year for $150

      Your OzBargain force is superb, Jedi master.
      How did you manage that? :-)

      • +2

        BigW closing down sale in Melbourne. Everything was at 50% discount.
        My credit card company was very happy that day 😅

  • Thanks…got one for an xmas present!

  • when is [latitudepay] in the title going to be banned. people get in trouble for spam and sock-puppeting but it's like every second 'bargain' you have to be part of this credit provider. it's non-stop advertising for them. it always refers back to an original coupon offer. everyone must be in on the scandal

    • +1

      Dude it's $50 off, chill. If you can't handle a bargain maybe stay off OzBargain you sook

    • +1

      eloque, I get your point, but I probably wouldn't have jumped on this deal without lord spice spelling it out for me.

      • why couldn't he have mentioned latitude as an afterthought rather than in the heading? why not have a page that lists all the things that work with that one latitude offer? or come up with any better solution than this

  • +1

    Thanks OP.