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Usually $30 referral fee, increased to $45 for the next month.
$45 for referrer, $45 for referee

Free Smart Meter installed on sign up too

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$45 off for both referrer and referee.

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    FYI pricing is here:

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    Happy with them so far

    • I received mine by email

      • thanks, yeah saw the email after I posted, lol

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    Cost are lower for me with Reamped Energy. YMMV.

    • same!

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      Me too… Reamped is cheaper once you factor in the $15/mth Amber subscription fee. If I go consistently over 250kwh/mth every month, turns out cheaper than Reamped too.

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    Compared to Reamped in my area, the daily supply savings approx $12/mo goes straight to the $15/mo subscription fee. Anytime rates aren't really lower than reamped so you will be paying more overall, and assume that winter wholesale rates are going to suck.

    Plus if you have solar it's much worse off as the feed in tariff is 2c on average vs 6-10c for reamped.

    • it's very hard to compare them as their rate are so complex. that feed in tariff will be adjusted at the end of the financial year if it's below what they called default gov rate. but yeah, they're not as transparent compare to others

      • A rough way to compare is to get the $15/mth Amber subscription fee and divide it by 30 (days per month) = 50c/day - add this 50c/day to the daily supply rate

  • Subscription 15 plus solar feed 6.8 not a deal..

  • Yeah tried these guys for a while.
    Good idea in theory but…
    Was cheaper but then wholesale increased and they became no cheaper than a regular provider (even after all the stress of balancing out usage during the cheaper times - I can’t cook dinner at 4 or 7 every day).

    Life is much simplified after moving away…

  • Reamped looks cheaper for me

  • I switched away from Amber when the power station in QLD blew up. The wholesale price went through the roof for the next 4 weeks with prices surging at $17/kwh during peak morning and evening times. Even when I switched everything non essential off I still got hit for about $35 one day for power. There's no way that's sustainable. To be fair they did credit some money back at the end of the month as after that period bills were about 200-300% more than the DMO. I couldn't switch quick enough. Ended up switching to Reamped and my bill is so much lower now.