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Lee Kum Kee Chiu Chow Chilli Oil 205g $3.60 (Min Order: 2) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Good Cantonese-style chilli oil, for dipping, stir-frying or noodles, for a bit of kick + umami.

Usually $4.80 in Woolies/Coles/Amazon, can be $7-$8 in specialized grocery stores.

Currently on special for $3.60, minimum order quantity of 2, making it a total of $7.20.

Amazon is price matching Coles' special, but Coles sells this in limited number of stores.

Product of China.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Yum. one of my favourite chili sauces.

  • +1

    This is so good but god damn it stinks your house out.

    • Agreed. Also it stays with me for a couple hours.

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    Country of origin ‏ : ‎ Hong Kong

    If XJ found out, this company will be closed and the owners jailed forever.

    • I was about to say this is BS, but then I remember reading an article not long ago about the billionaire Jack Ma, who dared to criticise the Chinese banking and financial system, the legal repercussions Alibaba has to face is unbelievable.

      • +3

        Not sure why people are so surprised. China is NOT a full capitalist market.
        They needed to control Antgroup and non-standard form of banking because it was now dominating the market without the traditional barriers and compliance requirements of banks, thereby possibly increasing risk of instability. There's a good Economist article about this somewhere…

      • +5

        FYI Jack Ma did not simply criticise the financial system of China. He tried to influence and control it, particularly in the distribution of the official digital currency. That irritated the financial stability board of China.

        • Influence and control is very absurd to say the least.

          Furthermore, there is no justification to slowing ruin the biggest e-commerce, Alibaba, in China because Jack Ma had an opinion about CCP's financial system.

          • +3

            @huntingforbargainz: It is not really that simple. Jack Ma has expressed his points several times though. The shadow banking activities conducted by Alibaba was tolerated by the Chinese gov to a certain extent with strong local gov supports, until it attempted to go far further. It is not really news for people who work in relevant fields. Anti-monopoly actions were brought up to be the new focus in China's economic development plan like two years ago. Jack Ma failed to handle that well.

    • Would he? Isn't HK part of China now anyway :)

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        That's my point… Country of origin should say China.

    • +1

      Lee Kum Kee's HQ is in Hong Kong, but Chilli Oil is made across the border (and there is still a border) in Guangdong province.

    • Chat getting spicy

    • Wow you know a lot 🤣 are u AUKUS?

  • Oos

  • +1

    Different link

  • Any idea whats expiry date on these ?

    • It never expires. It's chilli oil!

      • It can go rancid.

  • This shit is so good with dumplings or on ramen

  • Good stuff.

  • The secret ingredient is in the name

    • +1

      Kum? Name checks out..

  • oh man, missed it

    • easy to make it yourself

  • This is really good mixed through rice for a quick meal!

    • Add a fried egg or two in it for a better meal!

  • Is this Chilli Oil with or without chinese spices?
    I am looking for Chilli oil without five star or other spices that I am not familiar with.
    Like the ones in Chinese restaurants with only chili & onion & garlic etc

    • make it yourself … dried chili flakes, sesame oil … add whatever else you want (fried shallots, garlic, ginger, anchovi) …

      dry-fry the dry stuff a little (not to burn, just to get it smelly, add the oil, let the oil get warm (but not boil) and have it hot for 5 minutes to infuse … turn off the heat, wait for it to cool down, put it on food!!

      • ah.. tried with pouring hot oil to dried stuff and it was like really oil taste and wasn't good.
        Wouldn't it burn if you cook them together?
        The final result you made, how was it compared from chinese restaurants one? (the one on the table)

  • How spicy is this stuff? Or is it just oil with no kick?

    • +1

      Not overly spicy but I buy it for the crunchy chunks not the oil so much.

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    This is my fav chilli sauce, better than LaoGanMa

    • Currently going through Laoganma and it is adequate. What's different about this one?

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    Coles the same price.

  • Love this stuff.

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    Who buys this in only 205g sizes? What is that, chilli oil for ANTS?!

    • +2

      Can you suggest a good alternative that comes in a larger size? I go through this stuff too quickly.

      • I just go to the local asian grocers and find the isle for it. My jar is at a guess 750grams, it might even be more, giant thing, it's about $10 or $15.

        It's so goddamn good, the crisp one.

        Wait till you get some Xian Famous foods in you and this stuff.

  • Technically not actually Cantonese - it's "Chiu Chow" style, or more accurately Teo Chew style

    • lol I was thinking: "So is this Cantonese or Teo Chew style?"

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    Tried this, and I still prefer Laoganma Crispy Chilli Oil instead….

    • +1

      msg is the secret

      • +2

        Uncle Roger approved this.

  • For those wondering which is better, this or LGM. The answer is you need both, they taste different and I find that they are both good on different things :)
    e.g I prefer LGM in my vinegar with dumplings, but prefer LKK on my noodles

  • +1


  • Good tongue twister. Say Lee Kum Kee Chiu Chow Chilli 5 times fast.

  • Any tips of using this chillie sauce as other food recipe? Eg. XO sauce is used for making fried rice.

    • XO could be used for making heaps of dishes…

  • I tried to use this in a recipe to make Oporto Chilli Sauce. It worked ok but flavour was still missing something. Might just buy the Oporto bottle sauce next time lol

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