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[LatitudePay] Seagate One Touch 4TB Portable Hard Drive $106.95 Delivered / Add $1 Item for $100 C&C @ Harvey Norman


Seagate One Touch 4TB Portable Hard Drive (All 4 colours available at the moment)

Seagate Rescue Data recovery service included to help minimise the risk of losing your files
Offers customised automatic backup and folder mirroring
Works with Windows and Mac platforms without the need for reformatting
Textured metal finish ties in well with modern lifestyle elements

$149, either add anything you can find or $7.95 delivery to push it over $150 for the LatitudePay deal.

5TB also available for $179 - 50 = $129

Check out with LatitudePay to get $50 off

To redeem $50 OFF, select LatitudePay at checkout and discount will be deducted at LatitudePay Payment Schedule.Single use per retailer. Offer available on LatitudePay smaller buys only. Offer available to new and existing customers. Minimum spend $150. Offer ends 11:59pm 16/10/2021 AEDT.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


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    Any chance of registering lattitudepay without it affecting your borrowing capacity?

    • Some lenders will look at it and think you might have a cashflow problem. Some lenders will look at it and consider the limit of your Latitude Pay a liability (and yes, reduce your borrowing cap), and others will see it, ask how much is owing on it, and if $0.00 , discount it…

      • +1

        Have not really come across the latter. What are those landers and where is the proof of that? (Where can I read).
        Practical experience: normally if you have a credit card, you may have 0 credit on it, but they will prognose the worst possible scenario. I do not think you can say to the lander - but have a look it is 0 now. All you could do is to close the credit card to improve the borrowing capacity.

        • Yep the amount of the credit in use doesn’t matter, it’s the limit that they look at.

          Makes perfect sense, since you could easily walk out of the consult at the bank with your $0 credit card balance, and slap it down on the counter at Hermes.

        • Yeah Credit Cards will all take the limit - BNPL can be considered a living expense (like petrol, water, power etc). I can't promote any one lender, but recommend searching for a broker that aggregates through LNS…

  • Can you buy 2 and get them free with your Amex travel credit? Not sure how AMEX Lattitude would process it.

  • All these Latitude Pay deals are kind of annoying me

    $129 for a 5TB is a good price, but I can't buy 10 of them at that price

    4TB have gone for as cheap as $75 so this is not a good deal

    • +1

      If you can post a link to a 4 TB drive at $75, please do. If not, please direct us to the nearest Time Machine.

      Otherwise, in the here and now, this sounds like a pretty good deal….if it weren’t for Latitude Pay.

      • https://www.pcbyte.com.au/p/seagate-backup-plus-4tb-usb-3-0-...

        This is a better deal as soon as you want to buy more that 1

        My point is that this isn't a deal for a 4TB hard drive, it's a LatitudePay deal for tons of stuff from several retailers. Are we just going to list every single product over $150 as a deal?

        • Are PC byte pay off the stores that offer $50 back from latitude?

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    duh. would so grab it if it wasnt for 5hitty Latitude

    • -1

      Is there a way to filter out these sort of deals? Have absolutely no interest in anything related to this latitude after pay nonsense.

      • +1

        im 100% with you.

        its just click bait and these days is way too frequent

      • You could check out the new blocked section in your account settings. You can now block by store or tag, but most people dont tag LattitudePay so it might not be too helpful.

        • I’ll take a look, thanks!

  • I'd rather be able to filter out comments telling me what posters are or aren't interested in.

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      Glad you updated everyone with what interests you 👍