Samsung Odyssey G9 49" DQHD 240Hz QLED Monitor $1,999 Delivered @ Samsung Store


Samsung Store isrunning a sale on Samsung Odyssey G9 monotor with free delivery.

Mwave, Scorptec, Centre Com and PLE are running the deal as well till 28 Oct, but no free delivery, free c&c only.

Centre Com


  • HDR1000 darkens darks and brightens whites for more dimensional contrast. HDR10+ optimizes brightness and contrast so game scenes look exactly how the developer intended
  • DQHD resolution brings you a display as wide as two QHD monitors sitting side by side, with incredibly detailed, pin-sharp images.
  • 240Hz RapidCurve eliminates lag for exhilarating gameplay with ultra-smooth action.
  • G-Sync compatiblity keeps the GPU and panel synced up to eliminate choppiness, screen-lag, and image tears. Fast-action and complex game scenes are stable and stutter-free with AMD FreeSync Premium Pro for your competitive edge.
  • The Infinity Core Lighting Design adds style and radiates a captivating glow in 5 different modes

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    also Samsung store/centrecom/scorptec with free delivery

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      Thanks! content updated.

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    well Bing Lee is selling for $1749

    So rule of thumb that I learned this morning is: If Mwave has discount on something then there will be a cheaper price elsewhere :)

    • OOS at bing lee though

    • Did anyone post that deal from bing lee?

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    Last years model though I think? This year is the G9 Neo.

    • NEO? isn't that Next Engine Option for Airbus :)

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      there are 3 models for 49"

      NEXXY -> new model as @jeppetto367 said
      SEXXY -> previous model (which is listed in this post)
      MEXXY -> old model

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        To confuse things further there are two SEXXY models, LC49RG90SSEXXY (older/120Hz) and LC49G95TSSEXXY (newer/240Hz)

        MEXXY isn't 5120x1440

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          But they are all EXXY


  • How could they miss adding usb-c connection port.

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      usb-c does not have enough bandwidth to make full use of this monitor

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    Operation Temperature
    10 ~ 40 ℃

    Not designed for Australian summer then :)

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      They reasonably assume if you can afford to buy and run this monitor you likely live in a house of some kind with air conditioning of some description.

      • No, wrx5 sits in a 40c room while gaming

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        That's a discrimination from many different points :)

        I have 16kw aircon installed at my house and I guarantee you my TV's temp is higher than 40 ℃ when it is running in airconned environment.

        Unless you are thinking of attaching the aircon directly to the SEXXY thing :)

        • It's describing the surrounding environment for which they will accept a warranty claim if there are signs of heat stress, not the spot temperatures on the device.

          It's passively cooled, and you'd find similar recommendations on things like routers and phones.

        • Operation temperature (usually operating temperature) refers to the environmental temperature, not the temperature of internal components or the unit itself.

    • Wow, looking forward to when I push my CPU and GPU at 5120x1440 @ 240 Hz in summer. My room will be 1000 ºC, and the fire fighters will be outside.

  • Further discount available on the edu and partner samsung store. $50-100 off (need to add to cart).

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    Would highly discourage buying from the Samsung Store and go through brick and mortar.

    The quality control on these screens is abhorrent, and the return to Samsung would take ages, be a hassle and overall not worth the delivery cost. They'll also try to repair the monitor instead of replace. If you get a good one though they're fantastic

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      Yeah I've heard the same thing. The only other place listed seems to be Harvey Norman
      *for the new model that is

      • Another vote for avoiding the samsung store, price might be good but if you have a problem they are a nightmare to deal with.

  • COOL! Bing Lee sold out

  • I am hoping Bing Lee restocks soon or another retailer matching the price (at least). Is $1,999 (RRP) price point worth considering at the product's current lifecycle? Doesn't seem to far away from the older CRG9.