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FÖRDUBBLA 2-Piece Knife Set, Grey $3 @ IKEA (in Store Only)


I have no experience with Ikea knives but some people have said they are reasonable.

The website seems to indicate there is stock at various places around Australia.

At $3 it might be worth a try. I have no idea what the original price was.

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  • Had IKEA knives, they are actually really good as long as you keep sharpening them.

    • any sharpening/honing tips? or just any normal sharpening stone or knife sharpener device?

      • I am using this one, mate!


        2 step sharpening and adjustable angle for EU or Asian knives

        I am not a pro, so, I just use EU angle everytime assuming that IKEA's one is EU standard

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          Have you tried it with a bread knife?

      • Tried a few sharpening device but nothing beats proper whetstones. With regular sharpening even cheapest ikea knives can cut as good as japanese VG10 knives that cost 20x more. I actually have both and I found myself using the cheap knife more often and never worry about chipping the edges like harder steel would. Plus, shapening knives r therapeutic too.


    • How often did you sharpen them?

      • Every night before going to bed

  • I wonder how busy the Tempe store is… I really want to go, but not if it's chaos

  • Lol everytime I hear IKEA now I think of this video

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    Ikea have/had some reasonable knives, but I don't think this is one of them…I would expect these to be pretty terrible.

    I believe the current Briljera range use (chinese) Damascus VG10, although unfortunately has a bolster. Previously they had a Slitbar in Damascus VG10 as well - I think that one was actually meant to be pretty good (I tried to buy one, but was unable to find one unfortunately!).

    They have also had a bunch of knives in "molybdenum/vanadium" steel (the non-damascus Slitbar, Gynnsam, etc). I believe the 365+ range also uses such steel (branded X50CrMoV15). These are probably reasonable (not entirely terrible).

    Steel is one thing though…quality and how it has been treated is another matter.

    The ones I have mentioned would probably be ok - if someone said Ikea knives are ok, it's probably one of those that they are referring to. The ones in the deal…probably not so much. But I guess, $3.

    • That was my point. At $3 you buy them and see if they are OK. They would, probably, be OK for picnic knives. Something you won’t regret if you leave them behind accidentally. However, Ikea does have a 365 return policy, if you could be bothered.

      • Yep, sure - I was just giving context to the "some people have said [Ikea knives] are reasonable" comment, trying to be helpful! :)

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          Actually, I was really impressed by your input. It was really helpful :) Thanks.

          Again the problem with written communications is you can’t get the verbal cues and feedback.

          You don’t have a recommendation for a good Japanese knife that isn’t too expensive?

          • @try2bhelpful: All good mate! :)

            I haven't gotten around to buying a nice Japanese knife myself (have been indecisive, and in the meantime was given one from Chef's Armoury). But the basic entry level recommendation of Tojiro DP3 is probably a good one for most!

            I'm also interested in these Yaxell knives that KnifeEnthusiastBoi recommends (he would be the best to ask for recommendations - I'm pretty n00b!). :)

            Also, love them or hate them, you can do a lot worse (and better) than the Global G2 when it's on sale for cheap! You can definitely find better / better value knives than a Global - but they are a nice middle ground between euro and japanese knives, and really it's quite a reasonable knife that you can pick up reasonably cheaply on sale (IF the handle suits your grip, that is!).

            • @caprimulgus: I've got a couple of sets of Wustof knives; they are my workhorses. The chefs knives get a fair work out. I also use the split apart scissors quite a bit; easier to clean.

              I was interested in the Japanese ones because I want to find out if the grooves will work with ensuring the vegies I'm chopping don't stick.

              I should've bought the Yaxell knife that KnifeEnthusiastBoi recommended but lockdown got in the way.

              • @try2bhelpful: I like the Wustof split apart scissors, too.

                • @luvyrselfish: I like the Tailors Thai red curry and my scissors get very messy cutting open the sachets. Being able to split the scissors makes it, much easier to clean and dry them.

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    Assembly is a bitch

  • It's a better buy to get the FÖRTRIPLA for $4.

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    We have the $10 Vorda and also a $49 Briljera cooks knife and they work just fine for us,We aren’t knife snobs all that’s needed is for it to be sharp and cut food easily.

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      Yeah, Vorda is another X50CrMoV15 knife I forgot to mention above. At $10, it's a…steel! :)

      I have a Gynnsam as my beater knife, which seems to be the precursor to the Vorda, in terms of materials and place in the line-up (but different blade geometry).

  • I might have them in yellow. Got a set when they were on sale. Used many years, never sharpened, still reasonable. The small one for fruit might be too small for some, which was not used very often. But the bigger one's been used very frequently. Right length and size for most of the cutting.

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