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$7 off $15+ Non-Cash Orders from "Delivered by Restaurant" Venues (Pick-up or Delivery) @ Menulog (4pm-7pm Local Time)


Credits to perhaps for sharing VIC code.

Majority should know the drill by now :)

Not valid with orders from GYG, Grill'd, Hungry Jack's, KFC, McDonald's, Subway. 1 redemption per customer per code.

Valid for orders placed between 4-7pm local time


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    The people want Putin!

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    You should link to the offers page where the code is displayed

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    SA/ACDT code added: Q6G4-2Y8E

    Can use it additionally in eastern states, if you wanted to make a 2nd order. As long as it's within 4pm-7pm SA time I assume.

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    Can also set pickup for tomorrow night at most places on the list.

    Good for Friday night pizza

    • I did this but they got confused and delivered it today when the receipt said Friday.

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    Code for AWST?

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    BHK9-7BA7 - WA

  • +1

    I believe it is BHK9-7BA7

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    Shout out to all the WA'ers, being able to use your codes until 10pm is a lifesafer for late VIC/NSW eaters

    • Are you sure you're just not having supper? :P

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    Please no more codes Menulog, I just can't resist ordering this cheap asf takeaway delivered free almost every night of the week :-(

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      lol we're stocking up on dishes like butter chicken

    • +1

      Ballet quest $20 reward for tonight then it is :-)

    • Whoever negged my earlier comment - I was being sarcastic

  • +6

    No code today. 4PM…..

    • +2

      Yeah and I was planning on getting some cheap Thai for dinner

    • +2


    • +3

      Hopefully returns this weekend! There's 50% cashback on pizza hut as alternative?

    • +2

      I had my baller thing paid out today so maybe just a day off for that?

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    Time to start the diet.

  • +5

    Well this feels strange…

  • +1

    Nothing today?

  • +3

    Where is today's code? Guess i'm not having dinner tonight

  • TIme to use up Doordash 13% discount gift cards.

    • where?

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