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New Wedding Gowns up to 85% off + $10 Delivery @ Pearls and Roses Bridal


I know most of the top rated deals on here are catered more towards tech-lovers/gamers etc but this may be helpful for the handful of brides looking to pinch the pennies while planning a wedding.

Pearls and Roses is a small bridal boutique in Geelong which has been around for over 30 years. Their dresses are beautiful - better in person than in the pictures. The owner is clearing out dresses and has marked a lot of them for only $600. Most of them were originally priced between $2000-4500.

The owner is a dressmaker with her own label, so is good at doing alterations (at about $70 an hr).

These are a few examples:



https://www.pearlsandroses.com.au/product/dress-128 Out of stock

https://www.pearlsandroses.com.au/product/dress-170 Out of stock (this one is only $60, reduced from $260)


https://www.pearlsandroses.com.au/product/dress-32 Out of stock

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  • +95

    Thanks OP. Bought 5. Now all I need is a wife.

    • +39

      5 wives

      • +18

        4 wives. Gotta keep it 100% halal.

        • +2

          They can be named Lauren, Lauren, Pearl and Rose.

        • +3

          Brother, the 5th one is as backup. He’s got insatiable appetite 😉

      • +1

        Cool I will buy it and save it for my future wife as I’m still single, prices in creases as inflation so maybe this in 20 years will worth a lot as well.

    • +6

      Brother, 5 wives is haram! You can only have 4 max

      • +2

        4 max

        Bad luck.

      • +4

        Technically 4 max in parallel. No number on the max……

  • +7

    Proud to see - hometown represent. Pretty rare.

    • +5

      I saw hand sanitizer marked down from $13 to $1 in Woolworths Ocean Grove the other day if it makes you feel any better…

      • +4

        It would make him feel better if it was posted as a deal I reckon

  • Is there any form of multi-buy discount?

    • +1

      Only if you are a sultan

  • +1

    Damn a couple of months too late

    • +12


      • +2

        Thanks :)

  • +4

    is it yellow, blue or neither?

  • +2

    why is the price so high, isn't it made in china? is it like JB Hifi where they raise the price up and then put it on "sale" but it comes out to still be more then regular price at other stores?

    • +4

      i bought one in china for $800. $600 here is excellent

    • +4

      How many people are having wedding in a given month? So you're paying the service for having a specialist to get something "fitted" on you, in an industry that would've hardly paid the bills if you don't overcharge it.

    • +15

      If you've ever went shopping for a wedding dress, $600 is incredibly cheap for a non-asos type.

    • +9

      The material is expensive and often there's a lot of it (have you seen the size of the trains on some of the dresses?).

      Then there's lace detailing or beading, most of which is handsewn.

      I'm certain there's wedding mark up too, but $600 for a good wedding dress is stupidly cheap.

  • +2

    OP have you ever bought from there before? Or anyone else here?

    • +6

      My mum has had a few dresses made there. 10/10 for sure and she’s a wizard on the sewing machine. Highly recommend

    • +2

      Yes, I bought my dress there. It's amazing. She has far nicer stock than any of the other dress shops in Geelong.

  • +9

    I wish I had a wife

    • +5

      Please hand back your ozbargain membership. Being single is much cheaper!

    • +1

      You wouldn't need a wedding dress then!

  • +3

    Buy now think later???

  • +8

    Didn't think I'd be buying a $60 wedding dress today — especially not for summer wear — thanks OP!

  • +6

    Ozbargain marriages? That's the ozbargain way

  • +28

    OzBargain way - buy discounted wedding dress first, find girl to fit into it later

    • +6

      Hun, I'm sorry, this relationship just wouldn't work out, you're a S and I bought a XL dress.

      It's me, not you.

      • +2

        censored? surely buy s and the girl is xl

      • Because it's a bargain you can buy various sizes just to make sure.

        Or buy XXL and then have it alerted to fit.

      • George Constanza?

  • +2

    I am sure i could find 4 wives easy with my high yield investment

  • definitely should hire a photographer to take the photo, they look dull and uninviting

    • Maybe you can volunteer to put it on.

  • +3

    Why don't people rent wedding dresses it's not like you can reuse it

    • +2

      All for this but I think it's because people come in all shapes and sizes, and finding something that fits well might not be easy off the shelf

      • +2

        People come in all shapes and sizes so dresses do too. You can actually rent wedding dresses, but obviously your choices will be very limited. The dressmaker will alter the dress to fit you as part of the service too.

    • if all goes according to plan*.

      • Don't think the bride would be too keen to wear the old wedding dress to her second wedding

    • +5

      It's a great idea if you're the exact size as the model they made the dress for. Almost every wedding dress needs alterations to fit well.

    • +2

      I told my wife to rent and she didn't want a bar of it, so she paid for her wedding dress herself hahaha wait, I paid for the rest of the wedding.. not that funny now..

    • +2

      Makes sense in theory, but not really that practical

      My wife bought a dress off the shelf, fit pretty well, but had to get some changes to it (can't do that to a rental)

      Then, after a day of full on sweat-grass-dirt-semen stains, the dress was pretty much (profanity). I'm doubtful it would have been able to be returned to a store for another use…

      • +1

        +1 for the semen stain

      • Sweat-grass-dirt-semen.. someone couldn't wait.

        Also, some people pay extra for 'extras' on a dress, if you get what I mean.

        • Yeah you can list that up on OnlyFans.

  • +5

    What a bargain! Now need to go find a man who’s willing to “put a ring on it” and have an OzBargain weddding…. Let’s just hope the covid kilos don’t continue into the next few years. 😜

    • +1

      Single Ozbargainers, male I presume by her "find a man" comment:

      Shoot your shot. C'mon let's see how creative Ozbargainers can get. No sliding into DMs, put it all on show here!

  • +7

    I'm sure there will be some brides absolutely thrilled with this deal! Hell, I don't even have a boyfriend and I want to buy one because it's such a good deal lol. Can't beat local hand-made!

  • +1

    Dang. Got married last month and paid full price. Should have held out for the deal

    • +6

      Marry another to get a low average

    • +1

      Get it for the anniversary photoshoot

  • itsatrap.jpg

  • +1

    This will be my fourth one in 5 years. Hope this one works!

  • Not a fan of the designs, at least the ones on sale.

    • There'll be more sales. Until then live in sin, like a Beta marriage, you wouldn't buy a car without a test drive.

  • Damn, recently engaged and the style I’m after isn’t on sale. Keep these deals coming!

    • +2

      I was in the other day and she said hasn't updated the website with a few sale prices. So there's no harm in calling or popping in to see if there's a price change.

      • Thank you! I’ll have to wait until lockdown ends we’re south east :(

  • Not bad. In all honesty when wife and I married we also searched for wedding dress deals. My wife found a perfect dress for $370. She looked amazing in it.
    I don't quite understand why people would spend so much for a dress they would wear once.
    My wife has spent more on a zimmermann dress than she did on her wedding dress and kudos to her for that. She wears her zimmies and gets her moneys worth at least

    • I don't quite understand why people would spend so much for a dress they would wear once.

      I dont understand why people would pay for a wedding at all, so even the cheap wedding dress seems pointless

      • +4

        It's nice to have people celebrate with you the union of two people who find each other's partner for life. Been married for 7 years now and I can't believe what an amazing woman I found. She's honestly the one who keeps me happy in life and changed it for the better.
        So spending money to celebrate the start of our journey was fine. We didn't spend lavishly on the wedding. It was something I wouldn't change for the world

  • Do they accept gift card or cashback?

  • I read something totally different to 'brides looking to pinch the Pennies while planning a wedding'… Sorry, I'll see myself out.

  • I was smart enough to marry a woman who doesn't wear dresses nor wanted a wedding in the first place.

  • need a gf first

  • thank you OP bought 5

    • blue beard
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