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53% off: Tuya Wi-Fi Smart Lock Doorbell with Fingerprint & RFID US$93 Delivered (~A$126) @ Zemismart


Zemismart Tuya WiFi Home Security Smart Lock with Doorbell Electronic Lock Fingerprint APP Password RFID Unlock

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    Does anyone have any experience with this brand? Are they worth it?

    I'm looking at getting some kind of front door lock that uses fingerprints for the kids, to make it easier for them. This might work I think.

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    yeah, like to know as well, waiting for the damn samsung locks to go back on sale.

    • Same here. Been waiting since June :(

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    Rather than retro-fitting onto your existing door lock, these are a complete replacement.

    The "single latch" variant seems okay for an internal door or perhaps an apartment in a secure building, but for most front doors you'll want one of the "mortise" variants for sale on that page. The mortise locks have the regular latch and a sort of rectangular dead bolt.

    It looks pretty good to be honest. My main concern is battery life, but at that price… well, I'm tempted. Reviews, reviews, where are the reviews?

    • There’s no photo of the mortise variants, only a diagram of the dimensions.

      There’s a section below for user manual but there’s no link to the file.

    • Mortise locks are a C**t to put in compared to traditional variants

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        100% lol. And if you get it wrong, you can basically 'brick' your lock into the frame. Great security, not recommended for a novice install

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    Can this integrate with smartthings?

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      it cant,dear

    • For Smartthings, get this Zigbee model deadlock replacement:



      • I bought 4 of these and installed 3 so far. Not that easy to install for a noob if you don't already have a deadbolt. I made a bit of a mess of my installs but didn't want to shell out for a locksmith so happy overall. Unfortunately I have no idea which hub supported history logging of PIN codes because smartthings doesn't.

        • Not that easy to install for a noob if you don't already have a deadbolt.

          I hope you had a kit like this:

          Unfortunately I have no idea which hub supported history logging

          I just use HA with a generic Zigbee bridge. It logs when opened/closed. If I want to know who came in, I need to check the security camera logs :-)

          • @manic: I was contemplating buying a deadbolt installation kit but lockdown in Vic, etc.

            Mostly stuffed up on the frame side not planning properly where it would enter the frame. Plus maybe my frame wasn't the best fit. Too thin so the bolt goes right through to the other side.. Anyway it's done and I have a screen door as well.

  • Cannot tell what lock type.

    Does this model have deadbolt plus latch? What size hole is needed in door?
    I don't think this will fit most Australian doors.

    • There's five types on offer, one without a deadbolt (single latch), and four with "mortise locks" which are a type of deadbolt you'll often see on commercial building doors.

      You can choose between the five lock packs beneath the price and above the quantity on the product page.

      • edit: oh i see now the choice of model.

        Single latch version does not look secure. Can the handle be forced?

        Will many Australian doors fir the mortised version? Not an easy retro-fit.

  • OP @sky-zemismart

    If looks like these things need access to the Tuya Cloud.

    When my internet goes down (or Tuya Cloud fails), will I still be able to open the door via Bluetooth, fingerprint, and pin code?

    • Looks like there is a manual override function with a physical key.

      • That requires you to be carrying the backup key with you when you need it.

        You could also use an outdoors key safe, but that isn't good security either.

    • yes,you can fingerprint,pin code,and physical key

  • Hey guys, been looking for an affordable smart lock- single latch. The one posted here doesn't seem to fit my door. Is there an Australian standard for these locks, in terms of measurements? Mine seems to be something like this size (60mm)Thanks.

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    I purchased bulbs from Zemismart, when it’s faulty, they ask me to send it back to China which will be cost. Not worth for buying from this, guys. Warranty is suck

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    What is the measurement of the lock faceplate(W * H * D)? Is it metal or plastic body?

    • Like to know dimensions of this and the other longer skinny model as well. Looking to fit to a narrow panel. Cannot find dimensions anywhere on website.

      Update: Found same with dimensions on Aliexpress. Longer shinny version is 68mm x 300mm. 21mm thick with handle another 48mm.

      • Quite many sellers have the skinny ones available but not this shorter model, my door needs short one like this.

        • Search on image shows many sellers for shorter model.
          Dimensions 75mm x 178mm from expo.tuya.com

          • @rifter: Thanks for that, very helpful info.

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