This was posted 6 months 29 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Lockwood T-Lock Digital Smart Deadbolt Lock $105.95 Delivered @ Liquidate-it


Clearing stock for EOFY

Sold hundreds, those unfamiliar please check previous posts.

Moving some stock away from other marketplaces to our own, will have more stock listed in the coming days/weeks.

These are similar/identical to the Yale Assure Smart Lock which retail for over $300 & should be a straight swap for a door with a deadbolt already installed.

At this price its cheaper than a locksmith callout on a drunken night out!

Please note these are new however old stock, sealed and requires a ZigBee hub to operate with internet. (We successfully run this on a $24 eBay ZigBee hub)

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  • Got 2 recently, bought another 2 now.

    • +1

      Very happy with the units i assume? Any downside? Thanks

      • Hm, I just realised these ones are the zigbee, my previous 2 are the wifi. Working very well!

        Fingers crossed these connect to smartthings as easy as the wifi ones

    • Pls help! I can’t connect it to my Amazon Dot (zigbee built in)

  • Can we use key to open it if electronics failed? Thanks

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      Keep a spare 9V battery around (outside of the house).

      • Just wondering if electronics totally failed. 9V battery won't help. Thanks

        • +3

          Same argument for a normal lock if the barrel mechanism gets jammed or someone snaps the key off in the lock, etc.

        • If someone fries your lock with an EM gun, yes you would be locked out.

          • @DoctorCalculon: Is this common to happen? Do people have access to EM guns these days? Just curious.

            • @chkz84: Seems that Zerostat guns have become a retro commodity on eBay!

            • @chkz84: a bit of superglue is cheaper and easier.

        • One could argue that there’s less likelihood of failure in an electronic lock due to the lock being designed to always operate in a consistent way with known tolerances. Mechanical locks can be subject to different torsional stresses, dirt ingress via the key hole, etc. It’s made by Assa Abloy/Lockwood so I’d assume it would be designed pretty well

  • Does this have zigbee built in or do you need to buy an additional module ?

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      Youll need to purchase separately however if you just wanna punch in a code you wont need the Zigbee

      • Can you confirm the part number to add zigbee functionality to this lock? Would love to integrate with Home Assistant.

        • I am using a generic zigbee gateway that was tasmotised. Then it's using a native ZHA integration

          • @SergeyAU: Can you explain a bit more about those 2 terms (tasmotised and ZHA (Zigbee Home Assistant?) integration?

            • @Jackson: go onto home-assistant webiste and discover for yourselft. It is not the type of solution you can explain how to make it work in a few words

            • @Jackson: Tasmota is like a custom firmware that changes the way the device communicates and what it can communicate with.

        • +3

          Double check that they include the zigbee modules. I’m pretty sure they do, but confirm. As for integrating with Home Assistant take a look here -

      • I’d double check. I have two of these from other sellers and they shipped with the zigbee module pre installed. Value proposition drops a fair bit if the modules not in the unit you’re shipping.

        • modules are installed

          • @SergeyAU: Assumed so. Think the op has mixed up modules and hubs a bit here.

    • It ships with the zigbee module. What the seller means is that you need a zigbee hub/gateway to connect to the module.

  • +5

    Of ALL the hundreds of units we have sold so far had ZERO issues with the locks.
    We had a couple(2) of instances of people complaining about it being faulty but upon testing them it was 100% user fault they worked flawlessly.

    We have used this for about 1 year on original batteries zero issues thus far

    • Without the additional zigbee hub, it will act as a normal digital keypad lock? Thanks. Any link to the zigbee hub? Thanks

      • Yes you can use it without a Zigbee hub and just punch in codes to unlock

        • Do you have the zigbee hub product details and do we need one zigbee hub for each padlock? Thanks

          • @Bargain-er: Any ZigBee enabled hub should work. I use SmartThings, but there are plenty on the market.

            I was thinking about getting one, but don't think it would stand up to the weather exposed door that I would fit it to.


  • This is good with a backup key thou

  • it has Zigbee on the box.
    Can you clarify if these include the Zigbee module like the ones you sold previously?

    • They are Zigbee compatible, they do not need a Zigbee hub to operate, and the Zigbee hub is not included.

  • If I have a Xiaomi zigbee hub already, does this require an additional module? Or just the hub?

  • Also looking for a Zigbee hub. Can anyone help identify an appropriate one please?
    Assuming then you can open with your phone? What other ways does this allow you to open?
    Thank you.

  • I’m using a Amazon dot (zigbee inbuilt).. I’ve tried and tried but can’t seem to get it to recognise it. Anyone know how? What app to use?

    • +1

      Echo dot's don't have zigbee, are you sure you're using a dot?

      Devices which have ZigBee
      The 3rd Generation Echo Plus
      Echo Show 10
      Full-size 4th generation Echo devices (but not the Echo Dot 4th gen)
      Echo Studio
      2nd Generation Echo Plus
      2nd Generation full-size Echo Show

      • Sorry, yes I have the Amazon echo 4th gen which has zigbee. I’m using it for other devices, just can’t get it working with this lock

  • Installed mine recently - very happy with it but the batteries that came with died within a month.
    Not sure if that's normal.
    Have replaced with energiser and will see how long they last now!
    Also can confirm does not work with Philips hue hub unfortunately

    • Which zigbee hub product did you get? Would you recommend this product with this price? Thanks

      • Product is great for the price but I can’t seem to link it to my zigbee hub (echo 4th gen)

    • it's not great if batteries only last 1 month… how long have those new energiser installed to your lock?

      • +1

        may just be because the batteries are old - have just installed energizer last week. will update when they need replacing

      • We have one in our door we got earlier in the year. At 2-3 months without replacing batteries yet. Unsure how accurate it is but the units reporting 97% battery; so it seems to be holding up. If I get 6 to 12 months I’ll be happy.

        As the poster suggested, they probably just got some dead batteries in the box. The other things that can impact battery life a lot for smart locks is weak wireless connections and more so, doors that aren’t aligned right which causes the deadbolt to run against the strike and requires the lock to use extra energy to lock the door. A well aligned deadbolts important for efficient operation.

    • Mine is at 97% after a month.

      Also doesn’t work with the Sengled HomeKit Hub E39-G8C or the Aqara hub.

      I was trying to integrate the lock with Apple HomeKit :(. Now I use it with a random Tuya zigbee hub.

      • Can you with mobile. App without any zigbee hub? Unfortunately google nest doesn't support zigbee. Thanks.

      • I use a Conbee 2 on a raspberry Pi running home assistant which allows the lock to appear in Home Assistant.

  • how do you unlock it from outside of house when battery ran out?

    • 9v battery

      • so, there are 2 terminals at bottom face of this lock to connect with a 9V battery for emergency power supply from outside?

        • Yes

    • 9v battery, those rectangular ones with the terminals on one end.

  • Hi Mate, So i understand that its needs a hub which is fine but what i want to know is that does this lock has a zigbee module in it or do we need to purchase that separately.

    For others- Just google zigbee hub but only get it if u do intend to use other smart devices on zigbee or zwave - i am using VERA.

  • This one doesn't switch numbers around to prevent guessing via touched areas does it?

    • No . But you can assign multiple pin codes.. use them at random so that touch areas are spread across multiple pins

    • no it doesn't. Some previous suggestions are give different people different codes so all numbers have prints on them, or use the zigbee integration to open with your phone

  • -1

    A quick search shows that quite a few ebay seller has the same lock around A$119 onwards including shipping.

    So, this is not that much cheaper from a regular price

    • +6

      Mate, thats us FYI…

      • +2

        oh! hahaha ok thanks for clarifying

  • +1

    wish I needed more =) loving mine

  • +1

    ordered 1 set :)

  • Can someone please clarify that if I'm inside do I just turn the knob to open the door? And if outside when I pull the door shut what do I press on the keypad to lock the door?

    • Turn the knob inside. To close from outside, cover the keypad with your hand after you pull the door shut.

      • Cool thanks

  • Is this recommended for main door outside (in certain extent can stand weather and a bit of rain)?

    • +2

      Its designed for use with front doors, so the keypad should be fine. I don't know if it'd fare well if both sides of the lock were exposed to weather, and in turn I wouldn't use it on say a gate.

  • has anyone gotten this to work with the Yale app? I'm interested if there is more home automation options if added to the app like some that are noted on the box such as logging and one-time access

    • +1

      you can only add it if you have the hub

  • There is no orientation for this product yea? Can be used for doors which swing to the right or left? Thanks

    • +1

      It can be used in either orientation.

  • Just wondering. I want to install a smart lock on main door but I also have a security door. Do people just get rid of their security door and only have one door?

    • +3

      I wouldn’t remove the security door, I just wouldn’t lock it unless I was going away for an extended period or something. In summer it might be nice to have the option of leaving your door open but the place secured too to get some air through.

      You could also for example, lock the security door over night if you wanted.

      • -1

        Thanks for your reply. A good solution which I might try. However I wonder if someone really wanted to get into a house then there are huge glass windows at every house, that are easy to break than a wooden front door. So how does a security door add any security.

  • +1

    Mine just arrived. For anyone wondering how to get it set up in Smartthings, place your palm over the screen to set the master code. It will talk you through the setup. Once that is done go to the main menu by placing your palm across the plate again and choose option 7 to join the wireless network. Now go to add the lock in the Smartthings app and hey presto it works

  • Can anyone comment if this hub would work?

    If so, apart from the lock, would i need anything else? Asking for me and a friend.

  • Can these be used for bedroom doors? The locks we have on our bedroom doors can be opened by using a coin. There is a notch on the handle to just turn and unlock the door from outside. Would this be a good fit to use indoors?

    • They are deadbolts, so will not simply replace a normal internal door lock.

  • "Your order from Your Site Title is confirmed." :-)

  • How do people configure these securely in Home Assistant? I have ZHA already.

    I'm thinking of using porch motion sensor as trigger, and if my phone has just arrived home, unlock the door.

    Some sort of short-range detection - bluetooth or NFC - would be more secure, but need new hardware.

  • No luck using Zigbee to add to Xiaomi smart home hub atm.

    The unit does come with Zigbee module installed.

  • I have to return the lock 2 times because master pin was resetting for every few minutes. i was on call with Lockwood support team and he tried to troubleshoot but no luck. He confirmed unit was faulty. Have to return second time for the same reason. I haven't seen anyone other the seller has configured this to work with Google home assistance. May be i got the faulty one out of 100's they sold (claimed). As someone mentioned earlier, with Zigbee module to configure its a blue tooth lock.

    • Hi Manchanahari,

      Thanks for your comment & just to clarify we refunded you & tested your lock(s) they didn't seem to have any issues… In fact one of the "defective locks" was donated to a friend of the staff that is using it without issues.
      Furthermore of all the units we have sold thus far, we have had 4 units returned back (including your 2 units) and NONE seemed to be defective, seemed more just user issues to be honest.

      Regarding "May be i got the faulty one out of 100's they sold (claimed)"
      Refer to eBay Sellit1212 which alone has 350+ units sold on eBay, not to mention other accounts and our site which would be a total of 100's from my count.

      Im pretty sure if the buyers here had issues they would be giving us the hardest time 😂 but honestly 2 locks faulty (both sealed) you are likely the most unluckiest buyer we have had.

      • but honestly 2 locks faulty (both sealed)

        Hold on! You just mentioned the 4 units returned weren't faulty - users didn't configure them properly.

  • Thats why i said i might got 2 faulty ones. and also, sharing my experience with everyone. Can you also educate buyers on which Zigbee device to be used and sharing a video on how you configured will help everyone. Definitely 100's of more people will buy. its just a suggestion.

    • I purchased one of these a month or so ago from this vendor. Installed it and could not be happier. Have it running in Homeassistant and have set up a number of scenarios through HA for automatically locking/unlocking the door. I do not use a hub but have a using a C2531 usb module incorporated into ZigbeeMqtt to communicate with the lock. If you follow this url there is some discussion on setups using ZigbeeMqtt.

      Thinking of grabbing another at this price for the back door.

      • Do you have something like this?

        Keen to go all in with HA but the Conbee II is quite expensive.

        How's the range with the CC2531? Any compatibility issues?

        • I am running HA on a RPI4. You need to purchase a CC2531 that has the firmware loaded already. I had to load it myself that increased my overall cost to around $20 with the hardware coming from China. For $35 I would do your ebay one. As far as coverage is concerned, I haven't had an issue. Front door to where the CC2531is located is approx 15mtrs with 1 brick wall in between. There are later usb modules which are more powerfull, more expensive but I have not had to go down that path. Another advantage of ZigbeeMqtt using the CC2531 is I have connected Ikea and Xiaomi products which all work fine.

          • @DORMANI: Awesome thanks! Will look into this

      • That's what my point is. Its not that simple to buy a Zigbeehub and configure with few clicks. you need to jump multiple hops to make it happen and until that time its a Bluetooth lock. i am happy that you were able to configure and use it.

  • I’d avoid this seller. They ignore and then close eBay return requests without any explanation.

    • -1

      i will be for sure after going through the pain and raising a dispute with ebay team to get my refund back.

  • Hi OP, could you recommend a smart lock which is fire compliant for Strata units? I have been told that deadbolts are not compliant. Any guidance for a smart lock is appreciated. Thank you

    • I have been told that deadbolts are not compliant.

      That depends on your definition of "deadbolt". These ones are OK. They open from inside just by turning the knob.
      The dangerous ones (in a fire) need a key to open from either side.

  • Got mine today, easy to install. There were no instructions for the Zigbee module, but none needed.
    Just use #7 on the menu for "join a network", and run discovery on Home Assistant.
    I use ZHA, and a flashed Sonoff Zigbee bridge. No config needed.

    • @mianic does that mean it has a Zigbee module I just need to integrate with Zigbee hub?

      • It plainly says so. Not all hubs support locks, of course.

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