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Sony X8000H 85" 4K Ultra HD Android LED TV 2020 $2488 C&C/ in-Store Only @ JB Hi-Fi


Sony X8000H 85" 4k Ultra HD Android LED TV 2020 Was $3995 when released Sale price $2488

When I called and bought one they said there was plenty in their warehouse.

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    This one is a VA panel, isn’t it.

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        On that web site it says that apparently the 85 inch model of the X8000h series is VA, the smaller models IPS.

        • thanks for the info

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          Wonder if that applies to the Australian models too.

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            @haz: I was told the 85inch has the VA Panels , thats one of the reasons i bought it last year, hope i wasnt wrong.

        • Correct 85 inch model has VAYeah pa el. I have been using.it for about a couple.of years and love the tv.

  • Wow great price and even better price @ $2,363.60 if you can get 5% off discounted gift cards.

  • Wow. Great price though an older TV. This or the X9000h for $1000 more?? Decisions, decisions….

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      I would go the 9 series if you can afford it, it's such a better tv panel and colour wise before you step up to an OLED

      • Thanks. I think so too. I think…

        • Nice definitely worth it if you hold onto it for 5-8 years 👍

  • Is VA better ? What is the TV lacking?
    I was actually looking for a 85 inch Samsung but this price is tempting..

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      VA has much better blacks, but IPS has better viewing angles. That's the gist of it.

      If it's a 3 seater directly in front of a TV for a small household, the VA would be better as everyone will be sitting in front of it. Anything bigger than a 3 seater where the other seats are angled further away from the TV to the sides, then an IPS screen would be better.

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        Ah so VA doesn’t stand for viewing angles? Lol

        • Oh nah, they're bad for viewing angles. Colours get really washed when you go to the sides of a VA Panel. Unless it's also QLED, because QLED uses other methods to enhance colours on bad angles, but Sony TV's are not QLED.

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          Close, VA stands for “Vertical Alignment” ;)

    • This is an androod tv, you can install any app from the google play store including VLC player, Plex and Kodi etc…
      Comes with in built chromcast too if anyone wondering

  • 100hz on hdmi ? or 50/60?

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      100hz full details below

      • HDMI™ signal :4096x2160p(24,50,60Hz), 3840x2160p(24,25,30,50,60Hz), 1080p(30,50,60Hz), 1080/24p, 1080i(50,60Hz), 720p(30,50,60Hz), 720/24p, 576p, 480p

        • That's input signal it can accept, the panel is 50hz.

  • I'll ask the question on some of our minds.

    What is the difference between this and the higher model.

    And is this ok for pc gaming in the lounge.

    • i connect a mac pro 2013 on the smaller one I currently have for video editing and its 4k res and it keeps up quite nice.

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        Does it have 4:4:4 for good text legibility.

        I know it's not OLED so it passes the screen burn in risk danger I am trying to avoid.

        Oh I just saw it is only 4k 60hz which is still nice but I am aiming for 4k 120hz for future proof as I probably won't be changing for some time.

        Thanks for the deal post the price is very tempting.

        • 4:4:4 is a must - honestly I wouldn't consider a TV without it, if I buy another TV, 100% going HDMI 2.1

          • @hamwhisperer: Yeah without 4:4:4 reading text is difficult.

            It is like watching in 240p vs 1080p is my best analogy at the moment.

        • LG has implemented new features to minimise OLED pixel burning problem since 2018. It is not as bad as before. I have 2017 LG OLED TV which has suffered the pixel burn issue. I got LG to replace the panel. They replaced it with upgraded panel. I can see the difference. For example It reduces brightness around 20% when pixels get hot.

          I have been told to use the pixel refresher feature in the menu at least once a week. It is good to reduce the chance of pixel burn. That’s what LG support people said.

          My next TV will definitely be another OLED again if I can afford it at that time.

          • @wrx5: I really love oled but the way i use my pc and tv i cant go for it.

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          Wait your worried about 4k gaming at 100-120fps you would need a 3090 to do so with those settings and PC gaming on a tv really… I'm sure you will buy a tv in the next 5 years if you make up your mind..

          • @solidussnake: Well i can wait for 4000 series or sacrifice some settings to get stable 100 fps.

            My mind is set i just need to find the tv's that can do it.

            • @AlienC: So why bother and comment on a low end runout 2020 model that you have no intention on buying ?? Baffling…

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                My mind is set i just need to find the tv's that can do it.

                So I don't know the features of this model so I ask questions.

                I did have an intention in buying until I found out some information.

                If you are new to the internet people ask questions through comments to find out answers to questions they want to know more about.

                In a perfect world we would have a good system for this like gsmarena compare tool but for TV's.

                Rtings comes close but it still misses a few things and some TV's in their database and it can get very confusing with all the misinformation and personally trying to sell a TV is a lot harder than trying to sell a phone imho.

                Take a break have a kit kat.

                Stop thinking everyone on here is just on here to argue some of us actually just want to find out more about some products or help others in their search for some stuff.

                Relax man.

                I didn't even know this was a low end run out I have very little knowledge when it comes to good 4k TV's atm for pc gaming.

                I have more knowledge on the high end mobile gaming phone space atm.

                Recently got a red magic 6s pro 256gb 16gb ram just waiting on the case reviews look nice.

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    From the JB website.

    Screen type LED TVs
    TV series Sony LED (2020)
    Sony TV model LED 4K (2020)
    Screen Resolution 4K Ultra HD
    Screen Size (Inches) 85
    Resolution (Pixels) 3840 x 2160
    Refresh Rate (Hz) 100
    HDR (High Dynamic Range) Yes
    Contrast ratio 16:09
    Backlighting type Direct-lit
    4K Ultra HD disc compatible Yes
    4K streaming compatible Yes
    Upscaling 4K Ultra HD
    Picture Modes Vivid / Standard / Cinema / Game / Graphics / Photo / Custom / Dolby Vision Bright / Dolby Vision Dark
    Dolby Digital Dolby Atmos
    Sound Modes Standard, Dialog, Cinema, Music, Sports, Dolby Audio
    Virtual Surround Dolby ATMOS
    TV Tuner(s) HD Tuner
    Digital Tuner(s) DVB-T2
    Smart TV Yes
    Smart OS Android TV
    Streaming Apps Netflix
    Other apps Stan, Youtube, Amazon Prime Video, Optus Sport, Kayo, Foxtel
    Web Browser Yes
    Connected home features Yes
    Voice Control Yes
    EPG (program guide) Yes
    e-Manual Yes
    Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 5 (802.11 ac)
    Bluetooth v4.2
    DLNA Yes
    Smart home ecosystem Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit, Google Home
    Apple AirPlay 2 Yes
    HDMI inputs 4
    USB Ports 2
    Ethernet / LAN ports 1
    RCA Inputs 1
    Digital audio output Optical (Toslink)
    Headphone output (3.5mm) Yes
    Remote Control(s) 1
    Wall Mountable Yes
    VESA Wall Mount Type 400mm x 400mm
    Energy star rating 4.5
    Estimated yearly electricity use (kWh) 862
    Product Height with Stand (mm) 1174
    Product Width with Stand (mm) 1899
    Product Depth with Stand (mm) 442
    Product Weight with Stand (kg) 45.6
    Product Height without Stand (mm) 1089
    Product Width without Stand (mm) 1899
    Product Depth without Stand (mm) 71
    Product Weight without Stand (kg) 44.1
    Packaged Height (mm) 1235
    Packaged Width (mm) 2038
    Packaged Depth (mm) 260
    Packaged Weight (kg) 59
    Manufacturer's warranty 1 Year

    • +3

      59kg - only 3kg more than the 32” widescreen CRT I had a few years back…

      • +1

        my 36 inch Sony CRT is 91kg. Not sure what you have.

        • +1

          Was a Toshiba, 1080i :P

          91kg is impressive - you’d get 100” for that weight nowadays.

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          Yeah my Sony KVHR36 is about that, heavy bastard but still so good.

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            @Pandaroo: hehe thats exactly what i am talking about. thats what i have.

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    I’d say great price for a 85 inch brand tv, spec wise looks alright…

  • The nearest store that has stock is Bathurst, 600km away… can't cross the border either!

    • i ordered over the phone they send you a text to complete the order dispatches from their warehouse deliver cost me $60 sydney metro

      • Which number did you call? I tried to call their 13 number but they redirected me to the nearest store which have no stock

        • Yeah I called the 13 number and got online sales not a store. Spoke to a guy named miles who got me a deal on top of the advertised price I hope this helps

        • I called yesterday and got put through to Melbourne online sales (for something else). I can't remember if I had to enter a postcode or not but if you do, enter a Canberra one. All stores here are click and collect and no one is answering the phones.

          • @cykezero: You bought this TV and were able to get it delivered to Canberra?

            • @Ten: Nah not this TV. Was just helping the other person try to get through to online sales.

  • great price

  • This or the series 9??

    I Just ordered a series 9 but not sure if I should save $1k…

    • +1

      Aside from chip, quality, and feature upgrades (which you might not notice as much). The 9 series has better longevity, if you plan to keep the TV for a long time. The 9 series has HDMI 2.1 and supports 4K up to 120Hz, which is already a standard for the new generation of consoles, but could become a standard for sports too in the future (although sports are usually slow to adapt).

      • Do we have any information on if it has 4:4:4 or not?

        The 9 I'm talking about.

  • This TV is not good. I own 65" version and is very poor with sports and fast action content.

    • It is LCD after all, what did you expect. A 10 year old Plasma 1080P screen will be better at motion than any LCD. The resolution drops very fast on fast motion with any LCD screen due to smear.

      • Yep, both my f8500 (rip thanks to my son throwing a hotwheel at it) and st60 head and tails above in motion and picture quality. I miss my f8500 as the brightness was un plasma like

        • I've still got a 60" Samsung Plasma and love it. Picture is so nice. It's not 4k, but suits my needs perfectly

        • what do you have now?

          I'm still using my Panasonic 65" Plasma.. would only replace it with 83" OLED for the viewing angle.

          • @JimB: I recall visiting a friend with a plasma tv and making a mental note it was like a panel heater when standing close to it.

            Just the electrity saving for retiring it must be material if it's on a lot. Unless you could value using it as a small space heater

            • @CoronavirusVaccine: Maybe the first few generations, but later ones were more efficient.

              The P65VT50A energy consumption is 222w however that is with a full white screen. In the real world we don't watch white screens, so say on a normal scene, power consumption may be half that and on a dark scene could be a quarter or less than that.

              Unlike LCD/LED which is using the same power consumption dark or like scene. Hence why plasma and OLED have much better blacks because the pixel is off when displaying blacks.

              • @JimB: Thank you JimB for this. I didn't know plasma has come such a long way! I am not familiar with the watt consumption with current LCD/LED tech but gut feel is 222w would have been on par with LCD/LED.

                • @CoronavirusVaccine: At it's peak (circa 2013-4) Plasma was fantastic in terms of picture quality, viewing angles, blacks, and smoothness (motion).

                  What worked against Plasma was size limitations, costs and screen reflection (glass). They stopped making Plasma's around the same time OLEDs were being introduced.

                  In terms of picture quality, OLEDs and not LCD/LED replaced Plasma TV. Unfortunately pricing for OLEDs are still very high and the screen is still reflective.

                  LCD/LEDs are much more efficient- say 90w for a 65" LED so say you're saving 100w per hour. At 5 hours a day, that's only a 0.5kw saving or $0.12c per day.

                  I still own a 65" Plasma because I watch my TV at an angle sometimes which rules out LCD/LED.

                  Will jump to OLED when the 77/83" OLEDs become more affordable or when my Plasma dies, whichever comes first.

                  • @JimB: I see, I didn't know plasma has all these other advantages.

                    Seems like OLED price is not coming down fast enough. Some of the reviewers suggests perhaps Mini LED has a chance to continue to improve in quality and price and eventually eliminate OLED. Only time will tell but as usual these changes take decades to play it out.

      • I have a 14 year old Panasonic Plasma, first of the full HD’s, I find the source is what matters. Terrestrial TV is smeared, anything streamed or PlayStation (As a Blu-Ray HDMI source) is amazing with great black’s

        • I watch Terrestrial TV on my plasma and it's ok.

          You should watch Terrestrial TV on a LCD/LED, most, if not all are terrible and worse than a Plasma.

    • Did you turn on the MotionFlow?

      • Yes I tried that too but no meaningful difference. I guess its 50hz panel so has its limitation.

  • +1

    Do your research on this or view in person, I bought a bargain 75" Sony from a previous OzB Jb-Hifi post, it was a complete downgrade from my prior Sony 75" model despite being 4k. Still regretting it.

    • What panel types for the 2?

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    Not that I need one but when I eventually do switch over to a mammoth display, boy do I hate this trend of stands right at the very end of the TV - it really messes up my TV cabinet situation.

    • This one's not quite as bad as some other which are literally at the outer edges of the screen.

  • Thanks OP

  • +6

    My wife thinks it’s too big !!

  • It says I can get it delivered for $59.

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    I've had a Samsung RU7100 for almost 2 years. Digital tv is great, video/pc gaming is great, dvd and most streaming content is great. It royally sucks at playing bluray and 4K content though (too much judder with 24hz content…. motion smoothing solves it a bit, but then the motion moves TOO fast for the audio which creates more issues for me lol). I'm researching tv's once again and hopefully will upgrade between christmas this year and christmas next year. Have heard good things about the Sonys!

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    Called a local store who had a display model and can't negotiate on price as they said it was on sale across the country because there are only display models available, that doesn't sound right?

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    None available in Victoria Bathurst is close one. but they wont ship it to Victoria due to lockdown. Only click & collect!

  • In the market for one and my comparison is https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/samsung-au8000-85-crystal...

    From what i can see the Samsung scores slightly better?

    Yes the price at JBHIFI is currently higher, however if you have access to Samsung EPP, it's regularly around 2.4k.

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