The Hobbit Trilogy 4K + Blu-Ray (Extended and Theatrical) $51.98 Delivered @ Amazon AU


For those of you who enjoyed The Hobbit and thought, this short story doesn't go on long enough.
Also includes theatrical versions.

Lowest historical Amazon price. 35% off the average price according to 3Camels.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • There is an extended edition? I thought the theatrical edition was already extended ++
    I think if they produced a single 3.5 hour Hobbit from these three movies it would sell like hotcakes.

    • +2

      Apparently there is a fan edit out there which condenses the trilogy into one movie.

    • +1

      Running time
      474 minutes (Theatrical edition)
      532 minutes (Extended edition)

      Ain't nobody has time…

      • Almost 9 hours? WHOA!

        • I guess you can easily use around 45 mins as breaks when the closing credits roll.

          But yeah, you can read the book inside out in that time.

    • It would be called
      “The Hobbit, or, there and back again, as it should have been.”

      But yes, there is a internet edit with most of the non canon stuff removed. About four hours.

  • +3

    37.45 was all time low. That was from prime day deal which 3camels doesn't record. Still a good price.

    • Good to know, thank you.

  • can I play these on PS5?

  • +3

    It comes in pints????

  • +2

    I could get to Mount Doom and back in the same time.

  • For what it's worth, in the extended version the battle scenes of the 3rd movie are truly epic and hilarious in the 3rd movie. Worth it for that alone IMO.

  • Still, can't be longer than the ending/s of return of the king. Can it?

  • Almost $20 a movie still seems expensive.

    • 51.98 = almost 60…..?

      • It's a trilogy. So divide by 3…

      • I just rounded up because I just did the maths in my head.

        But for those who can't handle generality, "$17.326666666666667 a movie still seems expensive". Does that make you feel better?

        • +2

          Thanks for giving us the extended generality version…and not the edited shorter version of $17.33

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