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Jetstar Friday Frenzy: Flights from $34 (eg MEL(AVV) to SYD), PER to ADL $94, HBA to BNE $79 and More @ Jetstar


Dates vary depending on route, but a LOT of routes on sale.

All flights include 7kg carry on luggage.

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  • Rumour has it Hobart will go into lockdown tonight so I assume QLD will cut us off for a while ;(

    • surely not!

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        Some f-wit bogan flew down here a couple of days ago without a pass, he was thrown into quarantine but fled an hour later and went to Woolies and other places, the cops got him the next day, he tested positive…. It's been expected, it was only a matter of time….

        Edit: yep, 3 day lockdown to start with:

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          Sad - that 1 person determined to break rules ends up with a whole State in lockdown :-(

          In normal times that might be called terrorism…
          He would likely see it as asserting his human rights to "freedom"!! Stuff anyone else!

          Hope it's a short lockdown.
          Keep safe & healthy!

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            @the INFIDEL: Absolutely terrible, i went there from Melbourne this year and am determined to make the move! I'm sure they'll be right though. At least they aren't on their 6th

  • Covid2Covid, a one way, no return trip and a one way, why would you return.

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    Jetstar cancelled my flight Gold Coast to Perth today.
    Refund for flight & accommodation was given, but they kept stuffing that up.

    Planning months ahead for holiday that was cancelled shortly before departure is disappointing & complete waste of time.

    Won't be booking anytime soon with Jetstar.

    • is this because the WA border is closed tho?

      • No explanation given for my cancelled booking.

        WA not closed to QLD - I checked.
        Likely flight was cancelled. Few would be prepared to pay a "subsidised" $2520 to be quarantined in a hotel room for 2 weeks.

        Flown with Jetstar (domestic & international) so many times since they started.
        Late cancellation, no explanation, & multiple stuff ups (told I was on a different flight today, even though a refund had been arranged) make me cautious of flying with Jetstar again.

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