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Hozelock Auto Reel 30m Hose Yellow/Grey - $199 (Was $247.32) Delivered @ Amazon AU


As per description on Amazon:
- Robust mechanism quickly stores the hose away for you with much less effort
- Hose is layered back into the Auto Reel for smooth operation every time
- Wall mounted with 180-degrees pivot allowing you to reach every area of your garden
- Includes 30 metres of premium hose and soft-touch connectors

Note: 40m also available for $216.59 Delivered.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • any one know hows this compared to Hoselink?

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    Have had one of these for 2yrs now and it sits in QLD sun almost all day and gets smashed in the afternoon. Zero issues super happy with it

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    The 40m one is only from Amazon UK with a shipping fee of $216.59 (regardless of Prime membership)

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    Anybody know of a tear down guide, or has actually done it themselves, to address issues with the hose not recoiling completely?

    I have one of these and it has been flawless but over the past few months it now never recoils fully. The reason looks to be that the hose starts in a certain area close to the side and when it has recoiled several times, the area where it started hasn't sat correctly and gets jammed with about 3-4m of hose left.

    I have pulled the hose all the way out several times and tried slow and fast recoil of the hose with the same issue.

    I would love to see if I could strip it down as I am sure its not too difficult to remedy and its been a loyal servant otherwise.


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      spray inside with some silicone or wd40?

      • Thanks, nothing to lose with giving this a go.

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          Use silicone over WD40, better for Rubber.

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      I have tried to fix mine after it started doing the same thing. Sadly couldn't fix it, the spring inside was broken and I couldn't source a replacement at the time. I ended up taking the hose out of it and still use the hose to this day. Great quality hose.
      Ended up disposing the outer casing.
      This was a couple years ago.

      • Thanks. The hose is still going strong which is why I was keen to see if it could be resolved. The spring itself is working as it can recoil 15m of the hose, its just towards the end it stops because the hose gets caught up with itself.

        I will definitely rescue the hose if I can't address the recoil issue.

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      I noticed if I clear out all water from hose then it recoils properly. If water is still inside then gets jammed.

      • I've found this on every one of these types. I've had hoselink previously and currently have 1 of these and 1x Gardena at the back all 3 are like that

    • Hoselink warned a friend not to try a repair due to high energy in the spring. I have one and wouldn’t risk opening it, way too much potential energy in it.

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    Anyone remember the $59 hozelock Masters deal. Bought 4 still going strong today albeit one got semi melted by the scorching Aussie sun.


    • Yes!
      I bought 2
      the 20m and the 30m
      the 30m is pretty much cactus - leaks water internally and barely recoils

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        Ah, gone are the good old days. $199 now, crazy!

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          Masters brought some solid competition to the home improvement/DIY segment. Some crazy deals from both big players during that time.

          Unfortunate they aren't around anymore :(

  • Would anyone be able to comment on the Jamec-Pen retractable hoses?

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      they're more expensive by a fair margin!

      I have a Jamec-Pem tyre inflator and it's built very well. If the hoses are the same, then expect good quality.

      • Yeah it does cost more but my thinking is that it would be better to paying a little extra for something that will last a while than having to replace it in short time.

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    I bought one of these a few months ago from Costco and had a Hozelock from yonders ago that i bought from bunnings which is still going strong.

    Ran into two issues with the new one:
    1) On the new unit you have to fit the inlet connection hose to the reel yourself and its a pretty crap design this time round and lo-an-behold, it leaked. I inspected it and found the O-ring to be drier than expected and there was no real 'resistance' when you have to assemble it to the hose reel. Took it back to Costo and got another and the 2nd one also leaked, though was at a lesser rate of a drop per min. The O-ring on slightly better than the previous unit so I left and and fixed it by slotting another O-ring on that I got from an Aldi )-ring kit special buys. problem solved and no more leaks.

    2) the cover plate that covers the inlet is also crap. super flimsy and comes off very easily , even when 'locked in place' (i.e if the inlet hose moves and pushes at the cover plate, it'll pop-off.. My fix for this was to drill a hole in the cover plate flange and hose reel flange and insert a locking pin made of a thick zip tie.

    The OG one I purchased from bunnings is still going. mounted on a north facing wall without protection so copps the full force of the elements. Retracts faster than the reason why i was born.

  • My experience with Hoselock has been so-so..

    Bought 30m Hozelock Ultimate Anti-Kink Knitted Garden Hose in December 2016. It gets very little use but started getting kinks and break marks all along the hose within 3 years.

    Finally contacted HoseLock with photos and they made me cut the old hose into 10m sections and send photos of same. They then send a replacement hose. And yes it is sitting in the QLD sun all day but I really expected better from such an expensive brand. I have much cheaper Bunnings hoses that have lasted longer.

    At least the warranty system works.

  • Tip: If you have problems recoiling the hose, turn off the tap and let the water pressure out first before recoil. Most of the recoiling issues are caused by high water pressure in the hose.

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