expired LG Smart TV Upgrade Box ST600 - $88 SAVE $50 @ Dick Smith


LG Smart TV Upgrade Box ST600 - $88 SAVE $50 @ Dick Smith

The LG's Smart TV Upgrader is a tiny box that turns any HD TV with HDMI connection into a Smart TV. You can enjoy wonderful LG Smart features such as Premium contents, LG Apps, and Web Browsing on your own TV. It's the easiest way to make your TV smarter.

Dick Smith Electronics (DSE)

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    Hmm unsure whether to get this or Apple TV to watch NHL Gamecenter Live on my TV. Time to investigate.

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    Just be aware, this unit won't pay MKV files. I can't find anything about FLV.


      If it can't play MKV then I can't see the point for this price…


      I believe it plays MKV files.. their tv does


        Out of the 5 reviews I read, 3 didn't mention file types and 2 said it doesn't play them.
        The only thing I can find saying it does is a review from TechRadar saying it had trouble playing one of the MKV files they had, assuming they had others and they worked fine.
        You might be right but everything I'm finding is leaning towards not playing them. It's a hard call.


    I have a LG Smart TV, Basically it is a TV with this box inbuilt.

    As a review on the TV side of the software the interface is crap and the choices are slim.

    We use an AppleTV2 instead which basically has the same features but has simple direct access to iTunes and allows you to control and stream direct to the device from a iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.


    Does anyone have a Xtreamer Prodigy Black (with PVR & Wifi)and is it any good?

    Which is the best TV Box to play downloaded movies (must be able to play 3D movies)?


    ……I used this box - my 1 cent piece - kogan smart box is better value!


    So this basically allows you to get all the LG Apps…such as AFL, NRL highlights/replays, iview, Bigpond TV channels, etc?

    As for all this talk about ATV…boxee box is king

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    already had a LG smart tv.. dont need this :D

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    Grab a copy of Plex and you'll love this box. Plex server is available for mac and windoze

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