Hey Guys Im Intrested in Buying a Midrange 1440p 144hz or above Gaming Monitor and I Am a Bit Stuck on What to Purchase

Im a bit stuck whether i should get the

Gigabyte M27Q 27.0" 2560x1440 170 Hz Monitor https://www.gigabyte.com/au/Monitor/M27Q#kf $517 It's more on the budget side but decent overall

TUF Gaming VG27AQ, https://www.asus.com/Displays-Desktops/Monitors/TUF-Gaming/T... $499

MSI Optix MAG27CQ 27.0" 2560x1440 144 Hz Monitor
https://www.jw.com.au/msi-optix-mag27cq-27-wqhd-curved-1ms-1.... It says it's discontinued im not to sure why?

if you have any suggestions let me know i know it's not a big list but i hope you can help me find any other monitor within the catergory.
I will say tho the msi optic monitor i just mentioned before is quite good but it's not in stock sadly.


  • I've got the Gigabyte, its good, but not $517 good. I bought for $499 right when it launched. I think it's been to the high $300's low $400's. But great picture quality ec

    • This. I paid $340 for one in July via a decent ebay sale. It's nice but the BGR issues with text were a little disappointing (nice for gaming though).

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    s2721dgf - Wait for sale as it comes down to $499. Sale should be at least once a month!

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    I use a Dell S2721DGF. Relatively easy to get onsale with cashbacks…

    I would consider upgrading to a Acer XB273UGX, but at 2-3x the cost its diminishing returns.

  • What about the TUF Gaming VG27AQ
    Are you familiar with that one that seems like a good deal for its price

    • Check my comment below.

  • If you don't mind (3440x1440) then this deal is for you:

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    Dell S3222DGM.

    32" (might be too big but you didn't specify a size? 165hz 1ms response time. Very gentle curve.

    $423.20 when on sale - keep an eye on dealbot on here for Dell sales

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      My partner and I both have a 3220dgf on our desks that we use for office work and gaming. Bought for about 500 from memory. Very adequate monitor for both purposes without being phenomenal and costing $1500. People don't seem to realise, but 32" is a great size for a desktop monitor. I bought it over a 34" widescreen due to the added physical height.

      Freesync is game changing, especially on lower end hardware. HDR is icing on the cake.

      If I was to replace this monitor for more extensive gaming, I'd definitely seek out better HDR performance. It makes such a huge difference to the visual fidelity of a game.

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    Dell S2721DGF currently available at $480 but is regularly around $400 during eBay 20% off sales.
    Have the monitor and it's great. Definitely great value for a 1440p high refresh rate monitor

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    Dell S2721DGF deal was just posted, $479.39:

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    M32q. That's a better panel than the m27q with same features. If you don't need yhe kvm in the Gigabyte then get the dgf from Dell when it's on sale.

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      That looks like a banger. https://www.rtings.com/monitor/reviews/gigabyte/m32q

      The connectivity of the Dell isn't half bad either. I have my mouse and kb connected to it, then a separate usb 2.0 hub with a switch (was about $20 - Ugreen) for some other peripherals and switch between two PC's with relative ease. But yeah, a dedicated KVM would be easier. My only other gripe with the DGF connectivity is that it only has 1 Display Port which means only HDMI connectivity to the laptop.

  • when do you think are the 20% of sales for this monitor since someone said its 30% more im not in a rush, ill wait for a better deal.

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    I have the vg27aq. It's amazing in every way. It has the proper HDR, not the lower colour hdr like some other monitors. Worth looking into before purchasing. Good luck.

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    thanks i appreciate that

    • From memory the hdr 'nits' are important. ☺️

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        At the price point of the monitors mentioned it is going to be HDR 400, which common opinon seems to be it's not worth paying extra for as it isn't really HDR.

        You need to pay a lot more for better HDR.

  • I bought the M27Q on sale for $330 and been disappointed due to the issue detailed here caused by its BGR layout - have spent hours fiddling with it
    Probably not an issue if you are not using it for work as well as gaming


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    34" ultrawide as an option?

    Kogan or Xaomi are both good and about $500-$600 depending on available discounts

    • Xaomi user and I love it. But I’m not a pixel peeper

  • The MSI you listed is a VA panel, they give deeper blacks but are prone to smearing with fast moving images.

    IPS panels don't go as black, but don't smear.

    The Dell s2721dgf is well reviewed, I'm waiting on delivery of one so I cannot say how good it is myself.

  • does that mean i should stick to ips monitors??

    • It really depends on what you want.

      Some people appreciate the greater contrast of VA and find they don't notice the smearing and are happy with them, curved panels tend to be VA.

  • i would defintley prefer no smearing since im gonna play fps shooter games and story driven games

  • i had the vg27aq. immediately swapped it with s2721dgf within 5 days as ghosting was very visible when running any games under 90hz refresh rate. yes i know you generally want games to run as close to the monitor's native refresh rate - you probably won't have this issue if you're running a 3080 and above. I run a 3070 so a lot of modern games won't play at 144hz @ ultra graphics.

  • what if you were to lower you're refresh rate on you're monitor

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  • I bought the m27q a few months ago for around $350 delivered, and also got a headset and game via redemption. I have found it to be an excellent monitor. The IPS panel shows the colours so vividly, i put it beside my old monitor and it made the old monitor look extremely washed out. Couldn't recommend highly enough. Shop around online and you can surely find a better price, or wait a bit for it to go on sale

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    Asus I think is probably the best, I'm looking from this search which is 1440p, IPS, 119hz+, < $550, sorted high to low, ruling out monitors in ascending price order


    ViewSonic VX2758-2KP-MHD - Not G-Sync compatible so if you get an Nvidia GPU it won't do VRR "as well" as if it had it

    AOC Q27G2S 27.0" - Is G-sync compatible, seems ok, not sure about the monitor's quality overall

    ViewSonic XG2705-2K - Also not G-sync compatible as above

    Asus TUF Gaming VG27AQ1A - 170hz, ~$500 on Amazon at time of writing, reviews are talking about flickering when overclocked so possibly keep it to 144/165hz instead of the 170hz, is G-sync compatible

    Asus TUF Gaming VG27AQ - Yeah looks good

    Dell S2721DGFA - Slightly more expensive, slightly brighter so that may be worth the extra, no other issues I could find

    Gigabyte M27Q - Not G-sync compatible so, objectively worse I reckon?

    Gigabyte G27Q - Also not G-sync compatible?

    Yeah I'd probably pick the Dell because Dell have been in the monitor game a long time, Asus and Gigabyte have also been doing good monitors for a while though, the Tuf you mentioned should be fine.

    Do you have an Nvidia or AMD GPU?

  • Black Fri /Cyber Mon coming soon if you can wait. Might get some good deals.

  • @conza sorry to for not seeing ur message sooner but yeah I have a RTX 3060ti paired with a ryzen 5 5600x and yes I was thinking the same thing with the Dell S2721DGFA it’s an overall good monitor 165hz which I’m exited about coming from a 75hz monitor I’m stoaked for that, it has gync and is an overall good monitor. Well I can buy the monitor now let me know if should I buy it now since anyway I might because there’s a deal on the dell but wanna hear some feedback on it first thanks for the help boys I appreciate it a lot guys. DELL IS THE WINNER for now.

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    I bought the Dell 27 Gaming Monitor: S2721DGF i can't wait for it to arrvie

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