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20% off Points Sale on Selected Apple, Garmin, RM Williams & More @ Qantas Store


There's 20% off domestic flights, full-priced items at the Rewards Store, plus so much more.

This event ends midnight 18 October 2021.*


RM Williams



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    Wish virgin had this too sigh

  • Damn, just purchased new iPhone not a while ago.

  • new apple watches not listed yet

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      thats… what a points sale is… haha.

  • How does it work with flights? I've had my eye on BNE-HBA next Feb cheapest classic reward seats were 9,600 points - but they are still not discounted. Is it a different option / class of ticket that is discounted? When I choose 'pay with points' toggle on the search, the 9,600 point classic rewards seat is still the cheapest and the rest are significantly more (I wouldn't know if they incorporate 20% discount as they were more than double the amount so I didn't take notice).

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      The 20% discount is on "points plus pay" flights only rather than classic rewards unfortunately. Classic awards flights are always cheaper when there is availability so it looks like this deal won't save you any points unfortunately.

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        Thanks, that explains it (newbie to FF stuff)

  • Doesn't seem to stack with Qantas club discount

  • after discount for ipad mini6: 104,280 point = 750AUD

    is it a bargain?

    • if you got the points for free, then yes its a bargain :)

    • How many GB?

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    Hope we see a lot more points sales. I reckon Qantas needs lots of people to blow their points on the store before travel resumes, because we all have so many points saved up and they need to make some money on flights!

    • There are a limited number of classic rewards seats available, don't worry about them.

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    Hmmm I was waiting for this sale to get my son a new ipad for his birthday…but now thinking about, is 70,000 points good value to save $500……

    Found a table of how much you can save with flights


    • Using points for flights has always been the best value per point, but the higher value ones (eg international upgrades) were always the hardest to actually get from what I hear.

      Also got to consider if you'd ever use the flights in the current post-covid climate. When lockdown happened last year, we used some points on some dyson stuff.. which was lucky cause we wouldn't have gotten to use them for flights this year either too

      • Yeah, tough choice. I'm the sort of person who likes to accumulate and accumulate and when I should use points, I say to myself, "paying by CC, accumulates even more points" so I end up never using my points.

  • Any good sales on turntables?

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    Got an iPhone 13 pro thanks OP

  • Where could i go with 5000 points?

  • Does this stack with the 10% Points Club Plus reward store discount?

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