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ASUS Dual Radeon RX 6600 8GB Graphics Card $609 Delivered @ Scorptec


First deal posted. Have been trying to get one of these since the "launch" (all 12 minutes of it). Bought one myself.

Hopefully someone can not feel a little remorse getting a 1080p card for $600 in 2021, however IMO this is a good price.

$0 delivery with $200 spend at checkout.

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    I was about to put payment details, sold out already lol

  • oof that was quick

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    oos already. Good lord.

  • Sold out

    So quick.

  • +1

    Ozmined 🤭😂

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    Welp, that lasted 102 clicks and about 12 minutes, again. Sorry all. Hopefully some happy campers.

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      Not your fault - thanks for posting mate.

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    Ive been refreshing all the storea all day.. :) but gave up a hour ago lol. Doh

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    I hate this market.

    Thanks anyway OP.

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      Apparently he hated it so much he quit Ozbargain in disgust

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    ohh the market.
    paid the same price ~2 months ago at 6600xt launch day

    • paid $30 more for a Sapphire pulse 6600XT Delivered
      This cards around 23% slower at 1440p… its SAD because i think most of that 23% is coming from the change from 16GBPS memory to 14GB memory as its performance shows the worst drop in 1440p gaming where the extra memory speed gives more benefit.

  • More cards in stock now

  • These are back in stock @ $699 now.

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