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[Latitude Pay] Brother MFC-L2710DW Wireless Mono Laser MFC Printer $174.10 + Delivery/ Free C&C @ The Good Guys


Hi all, had my eye on this printer for some time now and stumbled upon some stock of this extremely rare item at TGG combined with 10% off at TGG and $50 off Latitude Pay worked out to the cheapest price I've seen for this printer in a longgg while.
As for reviews I've heard great things for this printer from OzB community but never tried it myself, hopefully it lives up to the expectations.
Good luck.

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  • Model number?

    • MFC-L2710DW

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      I have this printer, it's pretty reliable, can use generic toner and drum so operating costs are very sharp, its good bang for buck, no real complaints about it

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    I was hoping to get the Brother colour laser printer, would have been a good price with HOUSE10 and the Latitude Pay deal, but unfortunately no stock anywhere.

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    Not commenting on this model but best thing I ever did was going to laser as a low volume home user. Bubblejets always drying out and having issues.

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      inkjets are the biggest scam in printer history anyway. capable of printing thousands of pages per cart instead of the inkjet's I dunno like 50 - 100 pages? Lazers/toners/powder has always been the way. No regrets mate!

      Unless you print photos (And you really should just go to officeworks anyway) black is all you need to print 99% of your work documents anyway.

  • How much does the toner cost?

    • I have a HL2300, toner was $14 from fleabay

      • thanks!

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      If you want to have a go at refilling your cartridges then I recommend this place (or their eBay store). Don’t forget the reset chip as well. It will turn out more economical in the long run, plus it’s less plastic waste at the end.

      • Could you elaborate on the purpose of the reset chip?

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          A lot of printer companies now put electronic chips on their cartridges, both toner and ink. Their main purpose is primarily to stop you from reusing the cartridge and force you into buying a new one (preferably genuine from the manufacturer, of course!). They will argue this is in the pursuit of quality assurance so it’s not over-used to the point it may damage the printer. However, most low-end printers are capable of reusing their cartridges several times before this occurs, and by resetting the chip it tricks the printer into thinking it’s a fresh unit. Some chips can be reflashed, others need to be replaced - Brother seems to fall in the latter category.

          • @Chazzozz: Ah interesting, thanks for the explanation. Such is the nature of business I suppose.

          • @Chazzozz:

            Some chips can be reflashed, others need to be replaced - Brother seems to fall in the latter category.

            How do you replace the chip cartridge after refilling it?

            • +3

              @DoctorCalculon: You just pop off the old one and put a new one on. I had a look at YouTube and found this video which shows the same kind of cartridge, but the person in it is actually taking one off the original and putting on a non-genuine. The Tonerstop page says you need it "…to reset the toner level to 3000 Pages." However, the video suggests otherwise. I'm now trying to find whether it's absolutely necessary.

              It used to be different when you had to reset a 'flag gear' which mechanically reset a switch inside the printer. That was a little trickier at first, but once you'd done it a couple of times it was easy.

              Edit: I found a page at another toner supply web site that suggests you don't need a new chip unless your replacement cartridge doesn't come with one already. It also has a link to resetting the toner which further suggests it may also use a mechanical flag as well. If you can afford to potentially go without printing for a bit then I guess you could save some money and reuse the chip on your current cartridge and reset the electronic counter, and if that doesn't work then spring for a new chip. YMMV.

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        Don't think you'd need a chip reset on this. It can be done with a few button presses on the printer itself with Brothers

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          Correct. I have a brother colour laser printer. We buy the non-genuine toners, and when we replace them the printer thinks the toners are still empty. You can press and hold a few buttons to get into a reset menu, go through and reset each toner counter in the menu, hit Save, all done. Easy.

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        As much as I like saving money, this isn't worth it. Toner is a fine powder and carcinogenic if inhaled

        • You place your face right into your printers heat vents when it prints? You can keep it in a different area.

          • @dbmitch: I'm referring to the post about refilling printer cartridges

            • @Shacktool: So it's safe in operation? There is no issue with that?

              And you mean people refilling toner directly with actual powder, instead of buying the whole plastic unit brand new?

              • @dbmitch: Chazzozz post was about buying toner and a new chip and refilling your existing cartridges. It's dangerous, as SpamMeNotInOz said below, it can cause cancer just like asbestos can - by getting trapped in your lungs.

                I don't know about the normal operation of a printer, it might also have some risk in theory but at nowhere near the same level

                • @Shacktool: People do that? That's insane. My brother Toner is like $14 whole unit, plug and play replacement, why would anyone want to deal with that highly staining black powder inside?

                  Well at least, just owning a laser printer and using it normally is not an extreme danger because that's what I was worried about.

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        Wow, you do realise that toner is basically asbestos, and a known carcinogenic.
        Laser printers in poorly ventilated spaces can be carcinogenic, due to toner particles.

        While the above is a 'can', the toner itself is 100% known and proven to be carcinogenic, as it has the same properties of asbestos (micro particles).

        So why would anyone want direct access to toner to save a measly few $$$ over generic, you will just pay big $$$ later for your health.

        TL/DR =
        Lasers in poorly ventilated spaced = Health risk
        Refilling your own toner = Plain stupid as it's a Big Health Risk

        PS: Great deal on this printer.

        • -2

          Carcinogenic but not asbestos.

        • Yup it's horrible stuff.

          It's not even recommended to have a laser printer near your desk or in the same room for extended periods as the particles circulate in the air.

          They aren't glass-like sharp like asbestos though, but inhaling them is terrible for you.

          • @Telios: Are generic toners off ebay safe? I won't be refilling.

            • +1

              @whey4000: The toner particles of any brand or non branded are unsafe to inhale. Refilling will increase how much you will inhale, but even if you don't refill cartridges, printers are not air tight sealed items so cannot completely contain the toner used for the printing process. Toner still gets into the room air.

              • +1

                @skysurfer: this thread makes it sound like one should stay 100 feet away from laser printers and toners! Yes they may be bad for you but don't you think there has been several design enhancements on how laser printer operations and toner safety since its inception in the 60s?? We sit right next to printers in office space and people at times stand right next to it as it is printing. So yea go easy on the carcinogenic advice, no one should be opening a toner and inhaling. if you are that worried, wear a n95 mask or something suitable.

                • +1

                  @lknight: I didn't bring up the carcinogen facts somebody else did. I just answered a question for someone asking about generic vs genuine cartridges in the context of safety. You're welcome to your opinion on the safety of toner particles and it would be good if you welcomed others to hold a differing one.

        • Darn, didn't know this about laser printers.

          If using a generic cartridge, do you have to do anything special to use it? Do you just install it and use it?

          • @Ice009: Just use it, that is the same for Ink and Laser. The danger is if you attempt to refill a Laser Toner.

            • @SpamMeNotInOz: Hi, thanks for the reply. So you just install the generic cartridge and it works fine without having to change any settings or resetting the chip like people mentioned previously if you refill it. If so, that sounds OK. I guess I will still try and buy one when the next good deal comes along if generic cartridges are just plug and play.

              Where are the best places to buy the generic cartridges from? Anyone have any recommendations?

              • @Ice009: If you do use generic, they recommend not updating the firmware. In the past there have been cases of firmware updates blocking third-party, but they were forced to issue fixes. Just something to be mindful of.

                • @SpamMeNotInOz: Thanks for the reply. So don't update the firmware if going generic? I'm waiting for a good deal before I buy one, but what if I don't get one for a while and the firmware is already updated?

                  Also, what is usually the price difference between generic and genuine?

                  And does anyone have recommendations of places to buy cartridges from? I remember ages ago someone putting up a link to a couple of places that sell both genuine and generic for good prices. I should have saved the links as I can't find those posts anymore.

                  • @Ice009: I put security first so I update firmware, haven't had an issue yet, just flagging as it's a risk.

                    I usually buy from either;
                    Cartridge World
                    InkSales ebay - https://www.ebay.com.au/sch/inksales/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_...
                    Just check reviews
                    When on sale they have been 90% discounted from original, but usually 50% cheaper.

                    • @SpamMeNotInOz: Lol they have no actual security updates in the fw. If you want to secure your device, place the printer on a separate vlan network with outside access closed off

                      • @Dezeption: Not true, the other reason I update is for compatibility with Macs and iOS.
                        Printer is behind an in-line firewall performing inspection, external outbound access is only allowed when I update the firmware.
                        I have school aged kids with devices so I consider any device on my user network as hostile. So I prefer physical separation to vlans (so my cams are isolated), my servers are on a separate network. Don't get me wrong, nothing against vlans.

                    • @SpamMeNotInOz: Thanks. I will keep both of those websites bookmarked. Just got to get a printer now.

  • +1

    Hmmm, signed up for LatitudePay and tried to use it and got

    “Unfortunately we are unable to offer you LatitudePay”

    Never have troubles getting loans or credit, is this common

    • +1

      Yes, very.

      • Same thing happened to be because I had paid off the balance the same day I bought something using latitude pay.

        • I think they're takling about not being accepted in the first place.

          But your problem is also very common (happened to me too).

          Something about fraud protection.

    • +6

      Yeah! Same thing happened with me. It was a lot easier to get a mortgage than to get this LatitudePay.

      • Use Afterpay

    • +1

      Thanks for the quick replies, at least it’s not just me 👍

      • +1

        There's a heap of comments in that thread as well as in other offers. Some say if you contact them it could fix it. They're phoneline is pretty quick, could be worth a try?

    • my credit card score is nearly 800 and they declined the credit card application. But with the latitudepay I emailed them and they said it's because I have 2 credit cards so they think I'm not reliable .o.

  • Just wanting to clarify this doesn't do colour printing?

    • +1

      No, it's monochrome

    • +7

      It’ll print any colour you want, so long as it’s black.

  • +2

    You need the next model up if you want duplex scanning.

    • +6

      Just bought the 2750 and oh boy is duplex scanning worth it

      • Where did you buy? I'm looking for stock

      • Yes where how much thanks

      • +1

        How is the automatic doc feeder? I bought the 2395 with manual scan instead, based on some reviews saying the ADF of other models would skew pages. I don’t scan much, but I agree that 2-sided scanning is a huge time saver for large jobs.

        • It's a slight skew, I find that you need to push the document in a bit more than usual to get it straight, but that's what margins are for, all the important information is still there. Just measured the angle in photoshop, its within 1-2 degrees, so if that upsets you, get the next model up for another $200 otherwise, I just scanned my entire year's worth of documents in a few hours!

      • Duplex scanning is the bomb, single pass duplex scanning= no paper jams

    • +2

      Just clarifying next model (2730DW) up only has duplex printing, not scanning.
      It's the next next model up (2750DW) that has duplex scanning as well.

  • +1

    Just an FYI it's $209 from Umart if you not able to get latitude

    • Not in stock

  • +1

    y so big?
    hate how all the laser printers are huge af these days

  • +4

    In TGG commercial it's $185

    • Hasn’t been available to buy (neither click and collect nor delivery) for months now.

      • Works now. I just bought it for delivery.

        • +1

          You paid $35 for delivery? Total would be $221 haha.

  • Damn…i bought the 2713 version for $223 from officeworks just a few weeks ago…specs look absolutely identical…amazing printer for the price…only downside is that it cant scan double sided

    • Bought the 2713 from OW too friend's sister works there so managed to get staff discount such good printer.

  • +1

    Is there any wireless, laser mfc (scan print copy, no need fax) that say half the size of this? That would be perfect.

    • with the same reliability, community recommendation and cheap replacement toners, I would say no. the scanning/copying function is what makes it taller than say hl-l2350dw (print only). If you use scanning once in a blue moon, consider using your phone and a scan to pdf app.

  • Fantastic unit at a fantastic price. I got one around the start of COVID and it hasn’t missed a beat.

  • Hi any idea how many pages a toner cartridge gets

    • I believe the toner that comes with it is rated for 700 pages, if I have read the Centrecom page correctly. Standard toner does 1200 pages.

  • Really good printer, had it since foreeeeverr , recommend

  • -2

    I think some people are on the wrong pills for expectation of what you get or 175….

  • No stock in WA :(

  • missed

  • +3

    downvote for Latitude pay, a waste of time

  • Fwiw when ur printer says replace cartridge you might actually have toner left… You can 'reset' the toner life via a key combination (google it). This lets u squeeze out more prints until your toner arrives.

    I've got the brother MFC-L3770CDW and "needed to replace the cartridges"…and with shipping delays and needing to print the above sorted it, still haven't put the new ink cartridges in!

    • Yes it's a special trick you can use only with Brother I believe.

  • +1

    There are so many mfc printers on Facebook marketplace going cheap. I picked up a colour Fuji xerox with spare toners for $10.

    • hows the toner cost and how many pages it do?

      • Cheap. $7 per generic cartridge from ebay which black good for 2000 pages and 1000 for colour.

        • Dope

  • +2

    I thought I had this model but double checked. Mine is actually the L2750DW, which is a little bit more superior per a comparison page I just found: "The Brother MFC-L2750DW and the Brother MFC-L2710DW are very similar printers, but the MFC-2750DW is better overall. The MFC-L2750DW has a higher page yield that results in a lower cost-per-print, it can perform duplex scanning, and it prints faster." It is still listed at $298 at Officeworks but I bought it for around $160 a couple of years ago by price matching there to computer retailers online. Unfortunately the cheapest price I could find on this model currently is $265, and most of Officeworks' Brother printers aren't available online. Just thought I should mention this model as an alternative. It has been a fantastic printer so far. I have learnt after owning many, many printers that Brother overwhelmingly seems to be the way to go.

    • where did you found $265 ? and is that in stock?

      • Sorry, I was using some price comparison sites but I've since noticed that most of the sellers don't actually have any stock of this and many other models such as the L2710DW that everyone is discussing here. I don't know if it is the exact cause but I noticed a lot of the websites mention stock shortages being due to the effects of Covid-19 demand/ supply. It seems as though you have to be lucky now to find a half decent brother laser printer at a good price. In addition to Officeworks, I just checked Harvey Norman and they don't really have much left either. Looks like I'd be screwed if something went wrong with my printer now. I could only find it at CPL for $279 with an ETA of 26/11/21 but they did have the L2710 in stock for $235 and the L2730 for $259. A lot of places like CentreCom and PLE have nothing left.

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