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Cabletime USB-C to HDMI [email protected] Cable 1m US$7.26 (~A$9.85), [email protected] Cable 1m US$11.48 (~A$15.58) Shipped @ Cabletime AliExpress


Cabletime have a US$3 off coupon on these USB-C to HDMI cables available in the lengths of 1m, 1.8m, 3m and 5m. The cheaper cable is HDMI 1.4 with [email protected] support, while the more expensive cable is HDMI 2.0 with [email protected] support.

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  • 4K on 30Hz for pc use is painful…..don’t do it…..

    • For me 4K is too small so I go for something like 1440p where I can still get 60Hz 😉

      • It's monitor and OS dependent. If you have a 4K monitor, operating on 1440p mode, while feasible, would use interpolation.

        If you have a 2K monitor, then obviously, it is a non issue.

        • Yes of course and many don't like that. I don't buy 4K monitors for that reason.

          • @Clear: Fair enough, there is certainly a pain with 4K:

            • USB-C/Alt-mode 1.2 vs 1.4, all data channels vs half data channels on the display. USB-C/Alt-mode vs Thunderbolt 3.
            • Dongle mess for USB-C.
            • HDMI 2.0a bandwidth.
            • HDR.
            • Display scaling. While it generally works okay, it is not always better.
            • 27 inch monitor is really too small for 4K.
            • @netsurfer: A lot of that is because of the whole USB-C mess. What gets me I'd all the manufacturers adding USB-C ports and not specifying the spec. Then you've got the Apple M1 problem where you need DisplayLink.

  • My RP2 just winked at me 😛

  • Any ideas if the 5 metre long 4K 60Hz would work with a MacBook Air?

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