Someone Random Just Sent Me $1000 into One of My Unused ANZ Bank Accounts

Hi folks,

I received an email from ANZ this morning that someone has deposited $1000 into one of my unused ANZ bank accounts. Initially, I thought it was spam but I further checked online and the payment was indeed there.

The transaction states the funds were sent with Osko, so I'm guessing the sender is local. I am quite concerned as I have never dealt with any crypto and that someone has my bank account details. The only time I shared my account detail was with eBay and a few gumtree transactions a few years back. I stopped using this ANZ account since early last year.

What do you think I should do in this scenario? Just worried that I will be in trouble with the police / financial authorities. Has anyone had this situation happened to them?

Thanks for your help.


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    Leave it sit. Watch. If it doesn't reverse in a certain time (unsure), decide then what to do.

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    Be careful of anyone contacting asking you to transfer it back (if you do, you’d probably find the initial transaction is somehow reversed and you’re out 1k).

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    I was half asleep one morning and sent 1K to someone on my payee list by mistake . Rang the bank they said rather than mess around with their policies that could take 4-6 weeks , ring the biz and asked for it back . They sent it back the same day .

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      only issue with that in this scenario neither party is a business, so contacting each other (in either direction, payee->receiver or receiver->payee) will be extremely difficult as bank's privacy policies are strict and they won't disclose. Add to that 'W LOO' is not much to go off.

      Best course of action if you can wait in queue and are bothered is to reach out to the bank and let them sort it and its off your bank. This will take its time so don't expect an immediate response.
      in the meantime sit with the money, don't touch it at all. If ANZ takes action over the next few months then agree to hand it back immediately.
      If a year passes and nothings happened then you can go buy over a dozen cases of beer thanks to W LOO (Just kidding, probs should still leave it there or contact the bank and seek advise)

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    alert your bank- they might be scamming you in the future etc- and i think you probably signed a document with your bank any unauthorised transactions- including deposits should be reported immediately.

    Think of it this way. Imagine having a safety deposit in your bank and someone puts their jewellery in your box accidentally. Are you going to keep it? It could be some elderly person transferring their money and didnt know how to do it exactly…

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      Good advise, thank you. I have called ANZ and they have lodged a return for this transaction.

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    Whatever you do don't use any of the money. If the bank tries to reverse it and there is lack of funds you can be in a bit of hot water.

    My friend received $900 he used like $300 and the bank couldn't reverse it. 6 months later police came knocking and ended up charging him.

    He paid it all back but still had to go to court and ended up costing 5k to make sure his record stayed clean.

    Contact the bank and advise them of the unknown transfer. Potentially lodge a police report.

    • Good advise, thank you.

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      Wow. I remember 40 years ago as a teenager I got $100 unexpectedly and sure enough when the bank reversed it there were insufficient funds. I put the missingdollars back in but still got called into the bank to get a scalding by a man in a suit who said the bank didn't need scum like me! I was very offended as I thought it was a funny mistake and I put the money back in immediately at first request. Still they looked at it as if it was theft … so yes, be careful.

  • payment was from W LOO

    Could be a new way of money 🚽 laundering.

    OP did you sign up for those “jobs” to money from home? /s

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      On the phone with them since this morning, waiting times are 1 hour…
      Just concerned, that is all.

  • "CryptoMonies".
    I am quite concerned as I have never dealt with any crypto

    There is nothing to worry about. This isn't crypto. It's not even a digital asset.

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    Highly unusual that ANZ would send you an email saying funds were deposited into your account, I have never heard of this happening before.
    Have you checked the actual source of the email message?

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      Yeah, I've checked the email meticulously. Email is: ANZ reply <[email protected]>
      The Payment is indeed in the account, just called ANZ and they confirmed the email.

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      Highly unusual that ANZ would send you an email saying funds were deposited into your account

      Something they have been doing for a while when funds are received from an external party.

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        We have never received an email from ANZ for any external deposits. Even when an overseas source deposited an inheritance. Also, to log onto ANZ it it so unsure why the email address sending it is just .com.

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        ANZ did it first for me (email or SMS deposit notifications) but Westpac and ING have started doing it too

        • UBank only does SMS notifications. Still better than nothing.

  • yep it stinks of scam….

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    Thank you for yours guys comments and advise. I have called ANZ and they have lodged a return/reversal for this transaction.

    I just want to know, if this was indeed a scam, what benefit they will achieve doing this? I am 100% certain that I do not know of a W LOO, it's just so strange.

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      My guess is that the initial transfer was done in a way that scammer either can easily reverse at will and/or used a hacked account. They then contact you asking you to transfer the money back to their designated account. You then transfer 1k of technically “your” money to them (since you did it yourself, albeit under their persuasion, no hacking involved). The initial 1k is then reversed, leaving you in negative balance. Bank then chases you up for it.

      Or, it could be a genuine mistake made by some careless person, in which case, as stealthmatt pointed out, can also end badly if you decide to take advantage of.

      Either way, alert the bank and let them sort it out would be your best bet.

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    Hey OP,
    I accidentally transferred $1k Osko this morning.
    I was meant to send it to Wen Loo my Nigerian Brother.
    We share a Binance account that I'm in charge of…
    Can you s send it back to me?

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    OP: it's "advice" with a c.

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    I think you should send the money me for safe keeping.

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    Withdraw the money. Close the bank account. Flee to a non extradition country like the Dominican Republic or Guyana.

  • Free money is always a problem 🙄. Too late now as you’ve already panicked. I’d just leave it there and see what happens. If it’s an account you don’t use then make sure there are no other funds there. Emails can end up in your junk folder so there is no proof you knew about it. Could be a Christmas bonus next year.

  • Just leave it at the moment.The sender will lodge the claim through their bank and in turn will contact your bank for reversal.
    Normally you will receive the bank mail asking your authority to reverse the fund.
    If you didn't reply back normally they send another mail for second reminder.
    However I heard that Cba did it thru it's commbank app for the authorisation instead of mail out the letter.
    Either way don't use the money and only authorise the reversal if you sure it's come from the bank.

  • I would think the obvious reason could be somebody placed a wrong acct number when they paid the payment into your account. Surely the bank can resend it back to where it came from

    • The bank cannot send it back without the authorisation of the recipient

  • I would say it is a mistake. Just do nothing… do not withdraw or spend.

  • Just because the money is in your account doesn't mean it is yours.

    I once sent 12k to the wrong account and I believe my bank was only able to recover it quickly because of the mutual cooperation of the person who I sent the money too. If they refused to hand over the money I was advised that I could bring a civil case against them and potentially a criminal one.

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    isn't osko usually meant sent via PayID? i had an experience someone sent $100 into my PayID via phone number. this guy rang me up early morning b4 5am, so i believe he's in Eastern state, i m in WA, n demanded i return the money. i was half awake so told him to call bk later. later that morning he rang again n said his son send the money to the wrong number, again demanding i return it. he was not apologetic at all n was nasty on the phone, like it's my mistake! n start sending abusive sms…
    i would hv return it straight away if he was sorry n courteous. so i let him wait a few days n i replied saying i m not interested in his $100 n would talk with a decent human being. He didn't reply after that n I can't return the money as he all those times he didn't send any return details…what can i do? i dont think the police can come after me as it wasn't my mistake.

    • Just return it, you've made him wait long enough and its not your money

      • i don't hv his details to return it to him! dont neg me…

  • Is it your tax return?

    • It will say ATO if it is his tax return.

  • Leave the money there and wait. It's not yours. Spending it is theft by finding. Let the bank sort it out.

  • Good job contacting the bank OP, now go buy a lotto ticket and see if the universe will reward you.

  • and the update ??

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