Boost Mobile Pre-Paid SIM Starter Kit 1-Year $150/80GB for $146 Delivered @ Enjoybuy


Dear Buyer PLEASE READ below from boost company policy regarding $150 boost sim how can you get 80gb data first step you get 20 gb when you activate second step you will get 60gb bonus on second Friday automatically! For checking the bonus 60gb, pls download the apps "boost mobile australia". This apps may not working on the first day when you activated sim card. Please login the app on the SECOND FRIDAY by mobile data then the app shows all data what you have got after click on "see all activate recharges" (see the third picture on the ad).

There will be a “two step” type activation process (detailed below) however new customers activating will gain access to the International Inclusions available on the current $200 tier. Upon activation of a $150 Boost sim, the customer will be credited with 20GB. This will be followed by an additional 60GB of data and the international inclusions from the Boost $200 sim. This additional credit will be applied AUTOMATICALLY on the second Friday after the initial activation, at which time the customer will receive a text message notifying them of its completion.

BOOST $150 PREPAID SIM CARD◉4G◉EXPIRY 03 2022◉TRIO FIT SIM◉80GB DATA◉1YEAR SIM. Condition is Brand New. Sent with Standard Parcel Delivery.This sim is not manufactoried any more from boost company ,but it is last stock from Boost and expired by Mar 2022 ,so you have to activate by Mar 2022 ! These sim cards are Starter Kit. If you are current boost customer, you need to port out to other providers then port in to use these sim cards.

The international inclusions on the Boost $200 sim are as follows: Unlimited international standard calls to 20 destinations: Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA, Vietnam. Plus 1200 mins of standard calls to the following 30 destinations: Afghanistan, Austria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Kuwait, Mexico, Nepal, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, UAE. Plus 1200 standard texts to any country in the world.

Estimated Delivery Time Frame: 3- 10 business days

Processing: Processing time is currently 1-2 business days. This is how long it takes us to process, pack & post your order. Postal estimates are on top of this.

Tracking: All shipping, Domestic & International, is tracked. You will be automatically sent a tracking number when your order is fulfilled, clicking this number will take you to it's tracking info on This is the most accurate way to track your package (we do not have access to additional information).

Express Post: We highly recommend whenever possible you select Express post.

We have no liability for delay delivery. Australis post currently experiencing postal delays due to the global impacts of COVID-19. We recommend EXPRESS during this time.

These sim cards are not returnable.

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    If you have any questions about these Boost sim cards, please TEXT me on 0413505707 (no call please). I will respond asap. Thanks May

  • My 80g plan was forced to be migrated to new plan on September. So could this old plan be activated?

    • Same boat, but I have no idea what 's the difference. Have you got any ideas ?

      • Difference is you pay more on renewal. Existing $150 have features of $200 plan.

  • When for 5G?
    When for international roaming?

  • I have 92 days left in my boost pre paid. If I buy this can I recharge for another year? Can it be activated on my existing account? And keep my existing phone number?

    • These sim cards are Starter Kit. If you are current boost customer, you need to port out to other providers then port in to use these sim cards.
      So you need to port out and port back in

  • If you are currently with Boost, you need to opt out to other providers then opt in to use these sim cards. These sim cards are starter kits.

    • I've found that if you speak with boost chat support they'll connect you without having to port out to another provider.

  • Opt out meaning I have to sign up to Optus for example for 30 days and then sign back into this starter kit?

    • Yes. Or if you are nice to the Boost customer support, they then to be able to swap you over without switching providers.

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    Catch 365 w/85GB plan is $89 (Optus 4G)

  • Does 'Second Friday' mean the Friday after 2 weeks?

    • No, it means when Friday falls on the second of the month. 😉

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    better buy the $200 pack @ $154. For an extra $8, you get more inclusions.

    • …and a 100gb.

  • Nah, bring it back to $120.00.

    • maybe time to switch to colesmobile 120$

    • If you have any questions about these Boost sim cards, please TEXT me on 0413505707 (no call please). I will respond asap. Thanks May

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      Too much to read, can you summarise?

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        And half like lorem ipsum, very hard to understand.

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        to sum up, you would save $4 for this deal.

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      You'll probably have to do better than that around here. This is one of the more expensive deals for this SIM.

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      Only $4 cheaper?

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      It may be better value to move to the $200 Boost prepaid plan, which can be had for $156 (an extra $10) which includes 20GB of extra data here


      $200 plan can be had for $146 from here with 20gb extra data. Making this deal poor value.

      • Any chance office works price matching any of these?

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          Disregard. Xtremecommercial is adding GST at checkout…. dodgy.

          • @Bob81: Dodgy, and they don’t let you view cart unless you login

          • @Bob81: A shame. I added 2 to my cart and it said shipping was free. Then at checkout…bam, $30 more added (GST)! Order cancelled!

      • Thanks. I ordered two from auditech.(after reneging on the one above) and got an extra discount. $304 for the two, or $152 each.


        Edit: Make that 3!

    • The reason this is not cheap is this plan was discontinued and you could only get it if you already had it.
      So might be one of the last options to get it.
      Though I think the newer deals are better if you're happy to swap providers back and forth after a year and will continue to be better in the coming years as data allowances go up , so it's questionable if it's worth grandfathering yourself in for this

    • $4 off ??

      You need to learn from people like Auditech who put up real bargains..

    • This is far worse value than others.

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      The community has spoken!

      No deal..

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