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Morphy Richards Evoke 1.5L Pyramid Kettle (White) - $21 + Shipping @ Dick Smith / Kogan


Good price, very similar to this popular deal from a couple days ago.

EDIT: Black which had free shipping is now OOS.

EDIT 2: Platinum is now showing $130.99, so the $21 allotment must be OOS.

White is still available but does not include free shipping.

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Dick Smith / Kogan
Dick Smith / Kogan

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    Richard Smith with the Morphy Dicks deal

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    Free shipping on the black.. but not the white or silver lol WTF

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      Thats racist.


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    3kW heating element? how does that works?

    wouldn't this blow our 10amp fuse?

    our voltage is about 230 voltage

    so a 10amp currents with a power draw of 2.4kW is the max isn't, before blowing a 10amp fuse?

    • +1

      If your Power is protected by 10A please get a sparky out as you have issues

      • Most power ports are rated at 240v 10A so I can see where he's coming from

        • W=V x A

          Any normal appliance cannot go over 2400 Watts, as a power fuse is rated at 10 amps, and voltage is 240.

          • @abacus: Maybe this is not made for Australia. Or certain house have a higher power fuse rating, at least mine only rated at 10 amps for normal power point.

          • @abacus: Yes. And there is a 3kW unit so it's running at 240v 12.5A so how does this function?

  • When added to cart, platinum shows $130.99 (sold by Might Ape, not Dicksmith)

  • DARNNN ….black with free postage sold out… i think the crypto miners snapped them up. All the coffee they drink going online 24/7 hunting down any RX6600 8GB cards that pop up in stock.

    • I got lucky, opened up ozbargain and it was the top deal, I didn't hesitate to buy it.

  • Wow I missed the black kettle twice, maybe it will be third time lucky lol

  • Does anyone know if there is any plastic in the lid?

    • 这也是我关心的问题😁

      • Why are you concerned about that?

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          I personally don't like any plastic in the kettle due to high temperature

    • Filter and some parts are plastic.

      • +1

        OK. Money saved

  • $10 postage for me on white. Worst colour out of all of them so I cancelled. Maybe if it was free postage…then sure.

  • $29. Buy it think later.. Can resell or give as gift

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    Don't buy these kettles. It's a scheme.

  • I have this kettle. It sucks.

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      Would appreciate a bit more detail on why it sucks. Thanks.

      • +4
        1. The opening to add water is directly below where you hold it… If you need more than a full kettle, you'll enjoy the scolding hot steam when trying to hold it to refill.

        2. It takes a long time to boil. I read reviews saying this, and I figured that's fine, I generally don't need my boiling water in a hurry… But… It won't make any noise, and seemingly does nothing for a solid 90 seconds after turning it on. Just annoying.

        3. Putting it back on the base. There is basically a hole in the underside of the kettle, and a knob on the base that you need to match up.
          It sounds easy right? Yeah… It's not difficult but… Again, annoying. At least 2-3 tries each time to put it back on the base…

        Its rated capacity is 1.5L but can fit a bit more in without spilling, but it's relatively small so expect to boil it twice in most cases unless you're just making tea or coffee…

        I got it from cashing in airline points that were expiring, and because it was essentially free for me in that case (not to mention I've got the matching Morphy Richards toaster), it's not going anywhere but… I'd definitely buy the other design if I was going to get a Morphy Richards kettle. Even at $21+Delivery, I wouldn't get it again over a $10 Kmart kettle.

        Hope this helps with your decision-making sir

        • That is a great review on the issues.

          Thanks from a grateful ma’am.

    • +3

      I give it to you, it should blow instead.

      • Well, it might be blowing fuses.

    • It looks like it does. It's wider at the bottom, must be impractical when filling, especially if you need to remove the lid, ie. can't use the spout to fill. Also I bet the scale on it is not accurate or precise, due to it's shape.

      • If there was stock I probably would've ordered one already, but one bit of feedback I read that's put me off this now (if it comes back into stock) is about lining it up to the base because it is narrower than the wide bit of the kettle.

        • I guess you can get used to everything, but why would you need to…

          Also, I meant impractical when filling *under the tap.

          • @pizzaguy: I was willing to give that aspect a go hehe. I've got the basic IKEA pull out mixer tap which is like a horizontal rod so no issues with the handle getting in the way.

  • +1

    Bargain! Thanks for sharing

  • can't see it on Kogan its $49

    • I just put kogan in the title because it owns / operates dick smith - sorry for the confusion

  • The black one has a longer spout

    • +4

      Why you measuring your friends' kettle spouts?

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