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Ducky One 2 SF RGB Mechanical Keyboard Kailh BOX White $99, Kailh BOX Navy, Polia $109 + Delivery @ PC Case Gear


Just picked up a Kailh BOX White model after hearing good things about it, down from $159.

Seems to be the lowest price ever for a Ducky One 2 SF, albeit with only 1 switch choice.

Other switches available in both white and black https://www.pccasegear.com/category/113_1361/keyboards/ducky....

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    Why is express StarTrack cheaper than standard? lol

    • +7

      I see this as an absolute win

    • +8

      PC Case Gear shipping just makes no sense these days.

      Used to make sense as an incentive to pick up from the store, now it's surely just killing their business.

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        yeah i used to buy and pick up from their store and save on the delivery charges.
        Now there's no pick up options at all, it feels bit rip off to try to make profits off delivery

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          They actually package stuff very well compared to other sellers I've purchased from so the extra prob goes into that.

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    Good find OP. Highly recommended product, still loving my One 2 Mini. Shame that there are only these few options at this pricepoint though.

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      Hyperx origins core for $120 on Amazon is quality

        • Got mine for $130 still consider it a steal. Built like a tank, quality switches. Only problem is the keycaps become slipery/fade but that's an easy and fun mod in the future.

        • Price has gone down to $112!

      • I bought the Ducky, then I thought I'd check comments on quality, then I saw people on reddit complaining about no F keys in games and then cancelled and got this, alloy and tkl rather than mini.
        Thanks mate!

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      Go custom for even better quality.

      • +2

        In the past, I have - but I was falling deep into that rabbit hole and needed to get out. Already sold off most of my spare switches, keycaps, cases, cables etc

        • +1

          What did you use? And why you ended up getting out? I mean I might just stop buying new ones and enjoy what I have got but why would you end up getting out?

          • +3

            @beOson: its like smoking, its an addiction

            • @dbmitch: This - I came around and realised how materialistic I was becoming.

              • @jjsu: Hahaha ok thanks guys for the replies, I have 2 more switches on the way and am already thinking about ordering a new set of keycaps that's not cherry MX profile.

  • Solid deal. I love my box white version, but do note this board has some chatter. Couple double types here and there.

    It's comfortable enough and I love the layout enough that I can look past it.

  • Was this the same type of keyboard a lot of Ozb'ers were warning about recently?

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    my space bar has a lot of key chattering for this model

  • Any deals for TKL or full size?

  • +1

    a very nice one.
    would jump on it if it has wireless.

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    Not certain if this problem applied to other switches, but I have this same keyboard with Kailh Box Reds and it had some nasty key chattering issues (and from comments on previous deals here, I wasn't the only one). Very easy to just send it back, got a replacement coming now (free of any additional shipping cost), but just thought I'd give my experience.

    Still a nice keyboard, but definitely buyer beware if you're looking for fast typing/gaming.

    • I have this one in box brown and it has some chattering issues but isn't bad enough that I want to get rid of it. In fact it really only happens a couple of times a day with maybe one or two different letters (b and m are the most for some reason, rarely with any other letter).

  • Does any one game on this type of keyboard? I tried to play Battlefield on one but they have no F keys so it's weird.

    • The Ten Key Less (TKL) size is much more useful as an actual keyboard - no F keys totally sucks for some tasks !

      • Such as playing diablo 2 resurrected haha.

        No F keys is a bit annoying

    • I've used a 65% keyboard for gaming without any problems. To use the F keys with this format you'd typically have a function button that changes the layout when held so you can use the number keys as the function keys while that button is held down. You can always rebind the in-game controls too if you don't find that tedious.

      If you want something similarly compact but with the function keys you can look at 75% keyboards. A lot of them are pretty much the same layout but the added on F row.

  • Looking to buy one. The express shipping from Auspost and StarTrack cost the same. Never buy from PCCG before. Which one is faster to ship to Melb?

    • +1

      I would go with Star Track personally (and I did)

      • Yeah just went with it. I Heard Auspost is congested at the moment.

  • Highly recommend this keyboard. Got mine December 2020 with Cherry MX Brown keys for $175 (just made my taxes). So this price is really good.

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