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Decathlon ITIWIT 2-3 Person Inflatable Cruising Kayak $449 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Decathlon


This is a great quality inflatable kayak, rarely been on discount.

Price down to $449 from $599, plus you if register you will get a $20 off coupon.

Note this does not inlcude paddles or air pump.

I own a few inflatable kayaks and have been researching recently. In my opinion, this is much better compared to the intex excursion pro, this one can by pumped up to 1.5 psi, while the excursion pro only up to 1.14 psi, the intext challenger & explorer only gets up to 1 psi. The higher psi the better performance and sturability.

If you can spend a bit more, you can go up to the X100+ 3 person High-Pressure Inflatable Touring Kayak, down to $674 from $899, I just bought one myself.

The advantage of X100 compared to the normal one

  • separate drop stitch floor, can be pump up to 5 psi, drop stitch is an inflatable material that can achieve very high sturability with lighter weight, you'll be able to stand on it like hard surface. the two side tubes can be pumped up to 3 psi, which is double compared to normal one.
  • material used for this kayak dries much easier compared to the normal one.
  • Pressure relief valves compared to the traditional Boston valves on the normal one, much more secure and if you have a SUP electric pump you'll be able to use it on this one as well.

If you kayak seriously, not just a hobby to play with kids, can getting a full body drop stitch kayak, which can go up to 10psi, like this one.

Have fun, don't forget to get a life jacket, always wear one while kayaking,

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  • +16

    Thanks mate, I'll pass but great job on the info you've provided in the description. Appreciate the effort!

  • +3

    Has anyone even bought any of these kayak deals

    • We bought it for a friends 40th present. Was pretty impressed with it. Two fully grown adults (one a 110kg male) plus child fit in it without issue.
      Pretty compact and easy to put together. He’s only had it for 3 months, but loves it. Great if you want to try out kayaking but don’t have the space to store a regular kayak.

    • +3

      Definitely not. Not one person in Australia has an inflatable kayak. It's just un Australian!

  • Thanks for posting. Are these suitable for beginner kayaker? How does this compare to a non-inflatable one? Also what electronic pump would you recommend?

    • Any electric pump is fine and will get it done quickly.

      • +2

        No not any. Most mattress pumps will not do much past 1psi. You need something similar to a tyre inflator to achive > 1.5psi. But using a tyre inflator alone will take hours. So you need both - one to quickly fill it using low pressure, another to push it up to 5psi, let alone 10psi. There are a few pumps on the market specifically designed for high pressure SUP and kayak inflation or have both modes built in. Black and Decker used to sell a battery powered unit (which is great), also DeWalt and Ryobi have similar units. There are also a few units that pump up with high volume low pressure and then automatically switch to high pressure - they're a little more expensive and generally require an external 12v power source.

        But the double action hand pumps are quite easy to use and can achieve high pressure relatively quickly.

        • Yes, that is correct,

          I'm using this one from irocker, can go up to 15psi and very fast, got it when I bought a SUP from them. the pump can also be used with the kayak, you'll need to get an adapter for boston valves

          you can get this one from amazon, but it won't get you as high psi, you can use at the begening and finish with a few hand pump pushs

          • @wswgin: Do you reckon the Xiaomi air pump is suitable?

            • +1

              @Buy2Much: not sure, I think xiaomi air pump are designed for tyres, never seen it used on inflatables before, the nozzles are also different

            • +1

              @Buy2Much: Only to top up from 1psi to the required pressure. It's low volume high pressure, so will drain out before even nearing the required volume.

        • Can you top it up with one of those larger bike pumps with a gage?

          I have a portable Makita vacuum (the type with a HEPA filter, not their cyclonic stick type), and I’ve used it for things like mattresses and backyard inflatable water toys. Does the initial job well but NFI about >1psi

    • +1

      this is perfect for beginner, kayaking is so easy you won't have any trouble

      Non inflatables are alot more sturdy, but you need to consider a few things,

      Hard kayaks are heavy
      A quatlity 2-3 person hard kayak would cost alot more than this
      Do you have car racks and racks at home garage to keep the kayak? moving it up and down can be difficult, inflatable can fit into a large backpak, it's so much easier to carry around, but you'll need to inflate and deflate it every time

      For this one I'd just get the hand pump, takes about 10-15mins to inflate, not as hard as you may think, or you can get a portable air pump or 12v air pump for about 30-50 from amazon.

      • A beginner can arguably get better value from a second hand hard kayak. The first time they scrape the bottom they'll know it.

      • +1

        Just wondering if anyone has experience of putting an inflatable kayak onto a roof? For time saving when finishing and can dry out while driving

  • +1

    I've owned a couple of inflatable kayaks, they are pretty good if you don't have a roof rack - good for intro to kayaking. But they can get holes in them (albeit rarely) and there is a few parts that can get lost. Not to mention you have to pump them and remember to bring the pump. Then transporting them after use can be a hassle as they drip water.

    I think they are a good alternative to a hard kayak, but nonetheless inferior to a hard one. So personally I wouldn't pay this price. At a cheap place it is only a bit more to get a roof rack installed.

    • +2

      Any recommendation on a beginner 1 or 1-2 person hard kayak? Don’t want to necessarily get the cheapest, but something fairly decent that can still be used when the skills progresses.

    • Valid points all around, but transporting a hard kayak is generally significantly harder, pretty much forces you to have a trailer or roof racks. And then permanent storage.

      • Also possible damage to your vehicle trying to get the thing up and down.

        • +1

          Yes that's all true. At the end of the day it depends on your circumstances.

          When out on the water an inflatable kayak is a similar experience.

  • +2

    Any advice on a hard 2-3 person kayak? Would be great to get the kids into it.

    • Start with second hand - you'll save hundreds, won't fret your first scratch, and if you aren't into it you can resell and lose nothing.

  • is there weight limit on these kayak?

    • 230 kg.

    • No there's no weight limit. I've used mine as a container ship.

      • +1

        Evergreen joke

  • +1

    Great post op.

    Anyone can recommend good 4p kayak or boat?

  • Hard kayaks are quicker to deploy but are generally much less stable, especially for beginners. All those tubes full of air on an inflatable just make them much more stable.

  • It’s coming up as $45 for delivery due to oversized. Anybody else?

    • Just tested, same here. Sydney.

    • Sorry guys, title saying delivered is wrong, mine was click and collect so , I thought they had free delivery over 100,

  • any chance there is a kayak for 2 adults + 2 kids?

    • +2

      Depends on the age of the kids. Most 3 seat inflatables have moveable seats, so you could have 2 small kids without seats between or in front of two adults. Have a look at the aqua marina 3p kayaks. Look for seats you don't need to inflate. Generally more comfortable and much easier to deploy.

  • The Strenfit X500 looks amazing, sorely tempted…

    • +1

      I've seen someone get into one of those, looked awesome. Almost more like a foldable than inflatable. Also got very tempted to grab one.

      A few weeks later I picked up an intex cheapo, to dip a toe in. I'll work my way up.
      Current deal is good though

      • I’ll need to chew on it for a bit. I was close to grabbing one when covid hit, now money’s tighter but it’s about time I got a bit of activity in my routine…

  • +4

    This guy posts an informative YouTube video on the different types of inflatable Kayak. Please watch if you’re thinking of buying this type II kayak and the pros and cons…
    Not giving my opinion, just be informed.
    Good deal, but I’ll pass…

    • Great video, really exhaustive, ta.

  • -1

    why inflatable and not solid?

    • +1

      Storage space and transport mostly

    • You missed a couple of comments above addressing that particular matter.

  • Safe for a dog to ride along in an inflatable?

    • Depend on size/behaviour of the dog and what kind of inflatable

  • +5

    use code 20BDAY9431U for another 20% off. shame about the shipping fee.

    • That tipped me over, thanks mate!

      • What did you buy?

        • X500 $799 with pump and 2 piece paddle.

          • @0jay: Nice. I'll keep an eye out for you on the river…

            • @UncleRico: Haha not sure the x500’ll make it that far…

  • Any chance there is a 7 seater people mover kayak

    • That’s called dragon boat…

  • +1

    Since the 3-person X100+ is out of stock, can somebody recommend a different brand alternative?

    A one that takes ~200kg and has drop stitch. The 2-person X100+ has 150 kg limit. Any chance somebody knows how it performs over 150 kg?

    • I now see how long that shot is… $674 down from $899, then 20% off making it $540 was insane.

      Even at $899 it was the cheapest option available for a 2.5-3 person kayak with a drop stitch floor.

      • Decathlon are generally cheaper. Neoprene sprayskirt was $59 when it was in stock, way below competition.

        • Yeah, I certainly appreciate Decathlon's value.

  • It’s sold out in NSW, but there are plenty in Vic :(

  • 3 person Itiwit 100+ has been out of stock for delivery or pickup from every NSW since start of promo.

    Shame, since this price is fantastic and I would have happily jumped on board.

    • +1

      And wouldn't you know it, within hours of the promo expiring, I receive a "back in stock" notification from Decathlon.

      About the most blatant "bait and switch" I've seen in a long time…

      Great theoretical deal - thanks OP. But shame and big Neg vote for Decathlon - it's a pretty despicable sales tactic, and I've unsubscribed from their MVP program and newsletters.

    • I got the X100+ ordered at $899 click and collect at Auburn store, when I got there last weekend I see that they are running a discount, so I returned and re-purchased it at discount price on spot, I didn't know about the 20% off code though.

      If anyone wanted to buy the regular one, $449 then 20% off at $359 is a very good price, x100+ is better, but the regular one is still a fantasic inflatable kayak.

      • Yeah, the regular was available throughout the promo sporadically at some of their Sydney stores. Stock for every model is available now, but certainly both the cruising and touring models in the 2 and 3 seater varieties were unavailable for most of the duration of the promo, with the X100+ 2/3 seater never available online at any stage. It showed up as available at the Auburn store as "limited stock" for about a six hour window on Saturday, but would always generate an "Unavailable error at checkout".

        From all the reviews I found online, the fast-drying X100+ is a game changer over the canvas-skinned regular. I was happy to pay the premium for the more practical X100+ with it's dropstitch floor, but it was never available for delivery in my area, nor pickup from any of their Sydney stores, and I checked every other hour from the moment the first promo email hit on Friday afternoon.

        Enjoy yours - it looks a great unit and I'm jealous!

      • After hearing about "type 2" kayaks in this comment (they have that extra layer to dry), seeing "type 3" (like x100+, seems so much better), seeing the price difference in this promo, I didn't want the regular one anymore and I'd rather buy something super cheap from Intex instead. Like, the whole set for 2 people, incl. paddles and the pump, for ~$200 when there's a deal. But I wouldn't use it every day or even week.

        Also OP, I sent you a PM with furter questions if you don't mind.

    • I got the regular one and hand pump. I pickup it up yesterday, and looks great.
      Do you have any suggestion about kayak paddle? I'm new to kayak, and maybe will play it with kids several times in the summer.

      • +1

        just get the itwit paddles for 45 each, they will do

      • +1

        Many reviews speak of standard paddles being two short, suggesting to try and find paddles at least 235cm in length to avoid tipping water back in the kayak with each stroke, due to the comparative width of all inflatable Itiwit models.

    • +1

      This OzB deal was on Decathlon ITIWIT 2-3 Person Inflatable Cruising Kayak which kept being in stock till the end. OP was nice enough to list a different model for comparison.

      I understand you wanted x100+ and missed out, but your complaint just doesn't consitute a neg for this great deal.

      • I appreciate your opinion and your right to it, but I'd have thought endemic "bait and switching" constitutes a pretty legitimate cause to let others know about issues with the merchant, and is listed as one of the three valid reasons for a negative vote as the under the voting guidelines for "Issue with retailer" as can be found at

        And in any event, the Decathlon ITIWIT 2-3 Person Inflatable Cruising Kayak was itself out of stock in NSW halfway through the term of the promo, albeit also reappearing in stock this morning.

        Don't get me wrong - to the swift goes the spoils and we're all accustomed to missing deals when we haven't moved quickly enough. If the items offered as part of this promo had a finite supply and I missed out - that's fair game. But when every available kayak was unavailable for pickup or delivery anywhere in NSW well before the end - and in some cases, before the start - of the advertised promo, only to reappear the moment the discount expired, that's classic "bait and switch" and I'm happy to call the merchant out for it.

        • BTW, I communicated with Decathlon yesterday, in case they could still sell the (restocked) X100+ at the special price.

          They said X100+ was never supposed to go on sale and it took them a while to figure out what I was even talking about. From what they said, the OP must have been the only person who got it cheaper. I doubt that, but OK…

  • I created/register new account, but I dont know how to get $20 voucher/code/coupon.
    could you please tell me how to get it or how to use?

    • the coupon will be emailed to you after you register

  • Damn- deal expired?

    • On the positive side, the expiry of the deal has coincided with the return to stock of almost all of the many lines which were unavailable for the duration of the promo.

      Perhaps lockdown has brought out the cynic in me, but this had a very Ebay feel about it…

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