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[LatitudePay] ASUS RT-AX86U GUNDAM Zaku II SE AX5400 DAX5700 Wi-Fi 6 Router $399.10 Delivered @ Wireless 1 (Login Required)


Current Price: $499.00 ($599.00 save 17%)
Use code for 10% off (must have Wireless1 account) or use guest checkout using Networking8 for 8% off.
Apply Latitude Pay $50 credit (expires today).
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  • +2

    Great price, great device.
    I have one meshed to a RT-AX82U and they’re working together like champions.

    • +2

      I have the AX86U too (same as the deal above, without the cool gundam style), provides better coverage and speed alone around the whole house than multiple mesh systems we've tried, using Merlin firmware.

  • +9

    Cant recommend this model enough, gets around 3 times faster speeds than any other gaming router.

    • What speeds do you get?

      • +9

        about 3 fiddy

        im sorry mate was trying to make a bad joke about a certain gundam meme since this is a gundam collaboration router i dont actually know sh*t about the router itself my bad

      • +10

        3 times faster than regular speeds

        (It's a line from the Gundam series, the bad guy Char, goes 3x faster because he's… Red. This is themed around that guy).

        This is a pretty loose theming though, literally just a recolour and logo. Needs a monoeye.

        • zaku zaku. too bad only the red guy can aim, the green guys are all useless like stormtroopers. Well, slightly better.

  • +3

    Gundam theme anything



  • +2

    Wouldn't the AX88U bs better? it's the same price $499 before discounts.

    • +2


      The RT-AX88U performs well and it offers a stable throughput (you also get far more ports for your wired clients, mostly gaming devices), but the RT-AX86U is simply better in almost every test, especially with an AX200 client.

    • +1

      Have you seen what Netgear charge for the Orbi?
      It’s probably the only product of theirs I would touch.

  • I've got this, it's great for wifi 6

    but it you plan to mesh, just get the asus zen wifi.

    I've got this one mesh with my old rt86u, when in the range using the rt86u, there are no any improvements comparing to a normal 86u.

  • SURPRISE _ STORE IS BANNED FOR SOCK PUPPETTING. Does not surprise me with this company. Rubbish service.

    • +7

      Mate OP's account might be older than you, chill lmfao

  • +1

    So if I have NBN I can buy this and it should work right?

    • +3

      Yes, in most cases you don't need any specific config, just connect ethernet cable from NBN box to the WAN port of the Asus router.

      • +1

        …or from your modem into the router (FTTN NBN uses a modem rather than the NBN box that FTTP/FTTC uses).

  • +1

    Great router, I would buy if I had the latitude credit. I guess I'll hold out for another sale when stock improves on these.

  • How do you actually get the latitude discount? I just signed up for latitude… which seemed to have worked, but when I get to the payment page on Wireless1 I don't see the additional discount - is it meant to display it?

    EDIT - You have to actually go to the payment page and log into Latitude Pay, THEN you see the discount. :)

    All done! This is going to replace my ancient Billion 8700VAXL so I'm hoping this will be a big upgrade!

    • +1

      It will be huge upgrade.

  • +1

    Is there a any deal on the standard version anywhere else?

  • +1

    Sucks. Took the time to sign-up to Latitude Pay, had an issue adding a CBA card where netcode wasn't sending a message to my phone..On phone to CBA still waiting for their netcode to verify my card.

    Go to checkout..Sold out. Damnit =[

    Edit* if there's any wireless staff reading this and wanna help me out. Please let me know <3

    • I'm the same, signed up to Latitude Pay all and good (using Latitude's 29 Degree's card) , but when it came to payment , LP rejected me and I couldn't check out… WTF

  • Who actually NEEDS this though.

    • +2

      Well if anyone doesn't want theres, I'll buy it from them :P

    • +3

      People who want Wifi6, good range coverage, stability, regular updates, merlin, etc.

    • +2

      Better and more stable speeds, more security, gaming, performance features, easier management, better WIFI signals. Also WIFI 6 is massive upgrade if you have WIFI6 clients.

      Essentially its for tech nerds, gamers and people with houses too big for ISP provided Wifi router

    • +1

      Reality is if I need good speed I'll use a cable

  • The model of this router in the subs alert was nine words long and is the truncated version of the deal title that omits any generic reference to it being a router.
    I legit had no idea what it was. Mech suit I was hoping for.
    Still, that is one impressive model name.

  • The white strike gundam routers are much better looking IMHO

  • Did anyone order go past "Processing"?

    • Yes - just this morning (went straight to shipped and I have a tracking now)… now I'm under the mercy of Aust post

    • My order just changed to shipped too this morning.

    • Oh no, mine is still processing. :(

    • Still on processing… And no luck with an email… :(

    • Sad news, they sold stock they didn't have in some cases! My order was cancelled.

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