First $15000 of Sales Fee-Free, Then Flat-Rate Payments with No Lock-in Contract with Tyro EFTPOS Payment System @ Telstra


Saw this at Telstra website, seems a good deal!

Your EFTPOS, made effortless
Make your first $15K of sales fee-free, plus access flat-rate payments with no lock-in contract with Tyro.
Telstra exclusive offer for first $15K transactions fee-free, then initial 1.6% flat rate to customers who sign up with Tyro. Offer ends 31 Jan 2022.

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  • hard to gauge if its a good deal with no monthly fees mentioned (but no doubt apply)

  • It's far worse than any major bank EFT machine tho.

    Have seen many shop owners gave up with POS integration and just manually punch the price every time.

  • I find live EFTPOS the best rate. It's obviously sales based but I couldn't get anyone within .3%

    • 1.60% (Visa / Mastercard / American Express)*
      32c (Debit)*

      Are the best rates?

      • Like I said it's sales based, mine is far lower, I just suggest making a few calls to see what you can get.
        Also per the terms tyro reserve the rights to increase the rate at anytime. So if you have low sales I don't know if you can rely on this staying at this rate.

  • Is this a free way to cash out all those discounted Visa Gift Cards people have been buying from ColesWorth?

    • +1

      More likely any payment will need to be reported to ATO as income.

      • Good point!

      • It's not revenue though explainable to ATO?

        • How it's not revenue?

          You apply as a business and then take payments.

  • Cheers. Going to apply for one

  • Good that there’s no lock in with Tyro. This is the same Tyro that breached data laws back in Dec 2020 and then had a week long outage in 2021. Must have improved following all the issues they had in the past - just something to take note of.

    • Yeah the reviews don't look great from what I read

      • it was used to be very high ratings, most low rating reviews were coming from the January outage (hardware supplier- worldline provided some buggy machines)

        i have got lots of positive feedback from current clients, why not give a try of its first free 15k and have a feeling about it

        • It's good to hear that it's jumping back. Still not for me, my current rates are under 1%

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