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[Back Order] Supernatural - The Complete Series Box Set (86 R4 DVDs) $159.20 + $1.99 Shipping ($0 to Select Areas) @ JB Hi-Fi


Supernatural finished after 15 seasons, and the complete box set was released earlier this year.

Normally priced around $300 in local stores, and even though JB HiFi claims a ticket price of $199, I’ve never seen it at that, and with the extra 20% off, $159 is way less than elsewhere.

Amazon (via AmazonUK) has the 58 BluRay disk version for about $260, but JB doesn’t stock it.

Niche product for sure, but awesome deal if someone you know has it top of her Xmas list…

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    "her Xmas list…" - im not a her but definitely on top of my list but blu-ray is a must for me.

    • +1

      I would prefer BluRay, but I got the DVDs as backup plan, can probably cancel if a blu ray deal comes along.

      • Yup I was thinking the same haha

  • +1

    Still got a few episodes to watch of the last season. Unfortunately due to Covid they had to pare back the cast.

    • yep - what they had planned for the ending would have been awesome. pity they couldnt hold out to do as they planned. ultimate catch-22 yet after 15+ years you would think waiting just a little bit longer to finish would have been worth it

  • +9

    Good series until the leviathan.. then it just became lazy writings. Which was a shame cause it had amazing potentially..

    "Does this taco tastes funny to you?"

    Very relevant with the recent opening of taco bells in Perth

    • The entire Leviathan arc was a hot mess! could have gone so many ways and for whatever reason went as it did. shame as the character design was decent

  • +3

    My favourite episode was “Heat of the Moment”; the “Ground Hog Day” one. All the inventive ways Dean dies.

    It was fluff, but it was fun fluff.

    • +2

      Exactly. Not everything has to be Oscar worthy. I really enjoyed the show and the fandom, for the most part, is pretty decent as well.

      • ********** SPOILERS **********************************

        Yeah I've watched all the series. The reveal where the darkness is pretty much taking over the entire town, and chuck breaks out the guitar… that was a good episode.

        The ending was ok. I think it was always going to be hard to end the show, it wasn't dissatisfying. Actually reminded me of vampire diaries ending

        • +1

          “Wayward Son” was such a brilliant song for this show.

          I really liked Crowley and Rowena.

    • prefect summary! fun fluff! well said. so many shows take themselves seriously - which to each their own. yet Supernatural ended up skirting the line of serious with realization of what it was to so many - an escape - thus having fun along the way and it if you watched it enough gets you sucked in to the pure s&g nature of it all with some surprising depth

  • just watch it on Amazon Prime for free, already up to season 6 now.

  • +4

    They should have stopped at the end of season 5.

    • didnt they actually finish the story and the studio renewed it anyway?

      • +1

        Something like that. It was such a good ending but they had to milk it.

      • As a story yes its hard to argue that anything after 5 was especially sold as when Kripke left after Season 5; hat was the story arc that he had planned out. Yet to be fair, when Azazel was killed off early on; ppl at that time thought so ok what next. So when other Producers stepped in over the next 10 seasons the variance of quality vs storylines etc. was very all over the shop.

        Was still my very enjoyable 'guilty pleasure' for 15Seasons & I often argue/debate when ppl question(ed) me or called me out for watching it. I have no issue leaving reason and logic stowed away for 42minutes every so often knowing what i am watching is totally made up and doesn't pretend to be anything else other than that.

        I especially liked being called out by mates for watching something so fake and silly, when they then go on to wax lyrical about the majesty of the latest 'adventure/challenge tv/reality show'..hmmm

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