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Lumations Twinkly App-Controlled RGB 600 x LED Christmas Lights $199.99 Delivered (Online Only) @ Costco (Membership Required)


Lumations branded led that use Twinkly app. Comes with 600 Rgb Led Christmas Lights at $199 from Costco.

I could see kids having lots of fun with these. At least that's what I'll tell my wife.

These are not the genuine twinkly branded lights. Twinkly branded 600 LEDs are $400 but still use the same app.

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    I don't know why these are so expensive other than the ability to change the leds patterns. Be aware if you setup on tree the lights will only fit on one side as you capture the extent of the leds by using the app with your camera. OPs price good, but product way overpriced.

    • Do you have these?

      • Other string curtain ones

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          comparing apples and oranges.. check

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            @gizmomelb: Twinkly, but the string curtain version

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      You can map the tree from multiple angles/attempts to capture sides depending on your set up (according to their online demos)

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      There is a 3D mapping option in the app

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    I don't know why these are so expensive other than the ability to change the leds patterns.

    Not sure if you realise, but it's not just changing patterns as in flashing patterns. Each LED is individually addressable so you can display animations.

    They're certainly expensive for Christmas lights, but they're not just your typical flashy flashy lights.

    [Techmoan review] (https://youtu.be/DYVMeyGEWes)

    • Still think overpriced, but yes not your typical string LED's. You can make your own patterns or use made patterns. I think alot of the cost is in the development of the app. You can connect other sets together to make 1 big show in theory

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        Are they really overpriced? As mentioned below, a cheap Aliexpress string of 600 addressable LEDs is $140. That doesn't leave much for the cost of custom tooling, hardware and software development, packaging, delivery, profit margins at each level (manufacturer, supplier, retailer), warranty costs, support staff, and GST.

        $400 is probably overpriced but IMHO $199 is a good price for a product like that. It'll always be a low-volume item compared to regular lights so they have to make more per set compared to a bunnings cheapie.

        • -4

          Like with most RRp, the figure is really a made up figure only someone would buy without research or just wanted them then and now. $199 is more like the real price, but could be cheaper to be a real bargain. If that makes sense.

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    Thanks OP. Maybe update the title or description to mention the bulbs are individually programmable, otherwise, “tell them they’re dreaming” comes to mind.

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    The $400 ones are the Twinkly branded ones - I found these same Lumations branded lights for $238 here: https://topmart.com.au/Australia/home-furniture/occasions/lu...

    I also assume these are string lights, although nothing in the product description confirms this.

    • Is there a difference? I’ve been waiting for Twinkly to have a good price.
      Are lumations making their own but linking to the twinkly app?
      Will that make a massive difference in use?

      • I believe Lumations is the type of light, still part of Twinkly/Polygroup

      • Looking at the images, these have rounded tips, while the Twinkly ones have flat ends. The controller may be the same, but the LEDs are probably cheaper / less bright.

        • Correct. The Twinkly has matt flat lights that would provide better diffusion of light. It uses the same app but is a different product. If you want really cheap lights that are app controlled, you could always use something like https://www.bigw.com.au/product/mirabella-christmas-genio-wi.... Doesn't provide the range of control though.

          • +1


            Doesn't provide the range of control though.

            You don't say! They're in a totally different category. The Big W one is the same as a classic cheapie, it just lets you press the button on the controller through your phone, plus a timer. The Twinkly is an entirely different beast with individually-addressable LEDs and 3D mapping. :)

        • The string curtain Gen 2 have clear cabling. Flat heads with opaque tip. https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/237754/91755/20211017_...

        • different manufacturer - but they are twinkly compatible.

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    I have them and there's no doubt they are very cool and this is an excellent price. It is crazy expensive though and I was quite annoyed when the cat bit through the power cable in the first 30 minutes and killed the whole display, but nothing the soldering iron and some heatshrink couldn't fix.

    The app could use some work, it would be nice to have better editing options for creating your own animations.

    Note that the 600 kit is actually two 300 strings, no big deal, just need to take that into account for whatever you're going to do with them.

    • How long are the strings?

      • +6

        About as long as a piece of….

        I'll see myself out.

      • They are currently in attic storage, if I can get up there today I'll check the box.

    • but nothing the soldering iron and some heatshrink couldn't fix.

      And for the lights?

      • Ha! There was a lot of colourful language at the time but the cats were saved from any further harm by my daughter.

        • When ours were kittens they used to chew through wires, they seem to have grown out of it. The other thing to watch is the cat trying to climb or jump onto the tree.

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    I got these in the post on Tuesday.

    Be aware there is no warranty period stated on the product in Australia - either on the Costco webpage or in the box.
    There is a 3 year warranty card inside for United States, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico (https://www.polygroupstore.com/help.asp)

    For Australia there is a limited warranty statement saying that the goods comes with guarantees under the ACL (but no warranty period) and the Australian Distributor is Costco Wholesale Australia Pty Ltd Lidcombe 2141. So they are the seller and the importer.

    I've made a request to Costco on livechat (163650) on Tuesday and appart for the support ticket autoreply I have had no reply.

    Take this into consideration as if I don't get a warranty reply, they will be going back (too expensive to cark it after 1 Christmas).

    • +3

      They’ll be covered under Costco’s satisfaction guarantee in perpetuity as long as your membership remains current. You could take them back in 10 years and say their lifespan wasn’t satisfactory to you, and they’d refund them, but probably think you were a bit of a jerk. 😂

      • Yup. Costco has a return if not satisfied. There is a limit of 90 days on some products, usually electrical appliances. You can’t take back things like hearing aids.

        A friend of mine took their esky back to see if they could find a replacement for the clip that had broken and Costco just refunded their money. The esky was years old.

    • +1

      Have you tried to connect them to the app at all?
      Does it connect as Gen 1 or Gen 2?
      The description doesn’t specify.
      I will return if Gen 1

      • +1

        Also keen to know if the ones you received are gen 1 or gen 2 as well please Kraji.

        • They are Gen2

      • +1

        Apparently Gen I can only have 250 lights per controller, while Gen II can do up to 600, so these have the better controller.

      • They are Gen 2

    • Can you check the full length? And also what generation are these lights? (gen2 seems to be the latest).

      • +1

        47.7m and gen 2

  • I want the tree….but not for 1000 bucks.


    • Maybe day after Xmas 😉

  • +7

    Given they are individually addressable, I think that's a good price. A 600 led string of WS2811 LEDs would cost approximately $140 off AliExpress for the cheapies. Agree the WS2811s may be a bit brighter but $50 for not having to fiddle around with controller's and power supplies may be worth it.

  • I got these from Amazon US last year for $250(Gen II) and (although expensive) they are pretty impressive.
    There are a lot of different patterns in the app plus you can make your own patterns, and the camera mapping/scanning function works amazingly well. I might visit costco today and get another box

    • Have you tried the usb music stick addon. So it changes with the music? Or does the 600 led kit come with some music integration?

      • +3

        I haven’t bought the usb music stick add-on, not sure if there is music integration through the app and using the phone as the mic.
        Here is a video from last year, we are living in a temporary setup due to renovations and I couldn’t use our big tree so I used 2 smaller trees instead(with one twinkly 600 Gen II)

        • +1

          I love the fireplace on the TV effect. Much better than a real one with the Australian summer.

          • @try2bhelpful: LOL, in the background you can still hear the noise of the portable aircon 😂😂😂

            • +1

              @GregFiona: Brilliant. What a perfect example of an Australian Christmas.

              • @try2bhelpful: I teared up a little

                • +1

                  @GrueHunter: My favourite Christmas Song is “Drinking White Wine in the Sun” by Tim Minchin. It encompasses the experience of being away from home and looking forward to getting back to a safe harbour again.

        • Nice. Looks good. Can't wait to try it out. I have a small tree so I might decorate something else with the second 300 led kit.

    • +2

      These are online only. They won’t have them in store.

      • you are right, just checked Costco Casula NSW, didn’t have them

        • Ahhh sorry I didn’t pickup up and comment early. Could have saved you a trip! Although I’m sure you still managed to buy a giant bottle of pretzels or 3 bottles of ketchup shrink wrapped together while you were there!!

          • @edsnails: I feel like a Lilliputian in those stores.

          • +2

            @edsnails: LOL it’s ok. We have saved a few $$$$ during the lockdown period, wife now wants to spend it all in one weekend 😂
            We almost ended up getting the $999 Xmas tree with built-in LED lights 🤷‍♂️

    • So the set that you have are the genuine twinkly lights not this lumation brand.

  • +1

    So are these the real twinkly ones? Or alternative brand that can leverage the twinkly app (given screenshot has image of twinkly app but none of the other photos look like twinkly brand lights..)

    • +1

      They come from the same company, and use the same app, but are a different lower cost brand.

      • nope - only luminations is part of polygroup and who are licensing the twinkly brand to create their own (cheaper) lights.

  • Needs a cloud service to map lights?

    • yup.. computing 3D spatial positioning in a timely manner is beyond most mobile phones

      • But does it need the service or an app running all the time to have them running?

  • I got this 200 LEDs from Amazon US recently for ~$20 and they are amazing. Ability to power through 5V USB and IP44 waterproofed is added bonus. Its sturdy and well built. Doesn't have app though.

    • +1

      Good price but very different to Twinkly. Each Twinkly LED is individually mappable via the app

  • Is this a string of 600 or 2x 300

    • 2x 300 from someone who recently bought has commented here.

    • +1

      It is 600 wired as 2 lots of 300 from the 24v box going in opposite cable directions.

  • +1

    looks like an alien glove with led fingertips

  • Was going to get some but then noticed the length is 431cm. Which means either the length is wrong or the 600 led count is wrong. Reached out to Costco for clarification and they said they would email me the details, but never did.

    • I live close to costco any issues I'll just return it.

    • 600 lights in 431cm would mean each light would be spaced about 7mm apart, so yep I suspect a typo by someone converting feet to cm. :-)

    • They are 47.7m long

  • Costco probably importing them on their own, they aren't listed on the Twinkly website as a stockist in Australia..

    But the kids have now seen the Twinkly website and found couple local stores sell Twinkly products.

    Could be an extra expensive Christms !
    Ozbargain is meant to save me money lol.

    Edit: Is luminations a different brand from Twinkly but just under the same Polygroup ?

    • Costco probably importing them on their own, they aren't listed on the Twinkly website as a stockist in Australia..

      Hmm if they did, wouldn't it come with a US power supply?
      Although with their buying power I suppose they could have done a deal of some sort.

      • Just seen Costco listed on the Polygroup site under retailers https://www.polygroup.com/ourretailpartners

        But when I search under where to buy on the Twinkly site they don't come up for Australia

        That's why I edited my original post asking if Luminations & Twinkly are different brands under same group.

        Either way I wish the kids didn't see the YouTube review video ! lol

    • +1

      nope - only luminations is part of polygroup and who are licensing the twinkly brand to create their own (cheaper) lights.

  • I’ve been hanging for these real ones for years!!
    I reached out to Twinkly a while back and they had no supplier in OZ.

    Soooo glad the the co have em now!!!

  • Are there any restrictions to where Costco will deliver?
    Is it metro areas only or Australia wide?
    I am in regional Victoria, and considering if its worth the $60 membership fee

    • It says that they may require additional days for delivery if it’s to remote areas so sounds like it might be okay.

      You can always refund your full membership cost if you’re dissatisfied. I’d guess that not delivering to your regional location might be a good reason for refunding the membership anyway.

  • +2

    Shared with a buddy as we discussed these at Xmas gathering last year, turns out he ordered official twinkly branded ones for 25% off a few months ago from lightsuponline ..thanks for the tip..(ex)mate

  • +5

    I don't need these, but Costco appears to have sent me a confirmation email saying I ordered them so I guess in hindsight I did. Thanks OP.

  • So tempting, and nearly hit the buy button, then worked out that of course they are RGB with no support for white/warm white. The flashing colours, patterns etc have a wow factor, but I'd also like it to be able to be a little more discreet at times. Twinkly do have a version with that, but definitely not cheap. Might stick with the Bunnings specials for now. ;-)

    • Could the RGB generate a decent warm white?

  • +1

    In an OzB fashion I signed up and ordered one because everyone on here is raving on how good and it’s a bargain.

  • Myers seems to have some twinkly ones


  • -1

    its a clone of a real brand. meant to mislead you. pass. not a fair comparison. $400 is the real ones.

          • +1

            @SickDmith: Buggered if I know - somebody up thread suggested the flat ones would look better - something to do with the way they disperse light. These will likely be good enough for me.

  • +15

    I've actually discussed with twinkly support.

    Twinkly is a brand owned by LedWorks in Italy.
    Luminations is a brand owned by PolyGroup, a thailand (?) based company who make pools and fake xmas trees.

    PolyGroup have "licensed" Twinkly to create their own led strings, which integrate to the twinkly app.

    The costco set is not produced by Twinkly/LedWorks but it is authorised by them. Thus you will see zero mention of luminations or costco on the twinkly site.

    • +1

      Thanks for the update.

    • Wow I believe this is true. I wonder how they compare.

      • can you edit the original post to add this?

  • +1

    One question I haven't seen answered is the Twinkly lights have Bluetooth and Wifi for control. These only mention Bluetooth? Can anyone who got them, confirm?

    • +2

      Can confirm it connects to 2.4GHZ WiFi.
      Received mine yesterday.

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