SCA Heavy Duty Degreaser 500g 4 for $10 / Export Wet Look Tyre Shine 400g 2 for $5.99 Pickup (or + Delivery) @ Supercheap Auto


Clean up the fatty fast food on the garage floor x4 for the price of a Big Mac meal.


It doesn't matter what outfit you're wearing as long as you've got nice shoes.

Get yourself some shiny shoes and ride in style.

2 for $5.99 Wet Look Tyre Shine

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  • Is this any better than the standard SCA degreaser spray can, which you can often get for $1 can at times?

    • A review from 'Dave' suggests:
      "Works fine - seems to work about the same as the Export brand degreaser which is a little cheaper though, especially when on sale at SCA. I'll give it another go if I find a task that the Export can't handle. 20% bigger can is a plus as well."

      • +3

        Its much the same shit just in a bigger can for a lot more money

        • same shit

        • Kerosene or similar.
          Good shit.

  • +1

    Thanks used my 10$ credit

    • Was the credit just for NSW?

      • Yes I think it was intended for NSW but a lot of people from other states got it

    • +1

      Same. Got 4 cans for $10 credit.

  • Not sure. I got an email for that and that credit was sitting on account.

  • Super product to clean my push bike drive chain

  • Got my $10. I m in Vic.

  • What would be a good product to clean the engine ? Dust and dirt and all ?

    • Car or bike?

    • Water?

      • 2010 Car, lots of plastic /rubber and little less engine, well , would water gonna stuff the electricals?

        • +1

          ChrisFix has an awesome video on how to clean the engine bay. I did it and I love the outcome.
          Check it out.

  • Is this the same as wd40?

    • No it isn’t

  • I’ve got a $10 loyaltly credit, applied on the check out for click and collect but unable to click on the place order button. Any idea?

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