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Alienware AW610M Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse - Lunar Light - 16000dpi 1000hz - $81.60 (RRP $204.00) Delivered @ Dell


Device Type
Connectivity Technology
Wireless, wired - USB
Lunar light
Movement Detection Technology
Buttons Qty
Movement Resolution
16000 dpi
40 G maximum acceleration, polling rate: 1000 Hz, 400 inches per second
Auto-calibration, adjustable scrolling wheel, nylon braided cord, 7 programmable buttons, Omron technology, 20 million clicks, 5 on-the-fly DPI settings, detachable cable, 16.8 million AlienFX lighting
Cable Length
2 m
OS Required
Windows 10

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        JV has a disorder that he can't say anything without bolding at least one thing.

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            @Zackeroo: Only on Friday nights when not in lockdown.

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          he can't say anything without bolding at least one thing.

          I've just proved you WRONG.

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            @jv: Don't bold anything for the rest of the month and there's a pizza coming your way.

            • @dbmitch: I can already see the headlines…

              "DBMITCH!! The user who stopped jv's bold text"

              • @jv: You could of had pizza, but i Guess the pineapple was too strong. RIP

                • @dbmitch:

                  You could of had pizza,

                  Could of is a sin worse than random bold words.

      • It's to emphasize how irrelevant his/her comment is as well.

  • Bought one, thanks OP xx Any one had experience with this mouse and can comment on the pros/cons?

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      I have, regret buying

      • Did it break or something? Why such a let down?

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          I've had one for about a year now and love mine.

          The only downside is that it doesn't have BT connectivity so will need a USB port. I've had no issues with mine.

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            @Justiny: It's nice to hear someone from the other side of the fence that likes it. I didn't even know they had mice nowadays that don't need a dongle in the USB port so that doesn't bother me too much.

            Why'd you decide to buy this mouse?

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              @SpainKing: I had some Dell vouchers to use at the time and it was roughly this price on special also. I've not regretted it at all use it daily.

              I read a bad review about the way it feels in your hand, but I don't have an issue with it. Battery life has been very good also.

      • what did you regret?

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      why this and not something better like a g305, orochi v2, viper mini, hati s.

      just by looking at it, the sidebuttons will be terrible, its extremely heavy, bad tensioned clicks. terrible shape and its ugly.

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        Mainly because I didn't do the research and it looked like a tasty price I worried might sell out quickly.

        I'm no mice aficionado so the side buttons I thought would just be good to set a macro to.

        I've got the upper body strength to move a mouse for a few hours and get a decent forearm workout, I'm no competitive gamer so I don't feel I'd need to be moving at blinding fast speeds where the weight might be a detriment. Also unaware of how much a good mouse should weigh

        There's no way for me to know how the clicks feel without clicking this mouse or having something else with the same clicking mechanism. Unless I looked at very detailed reviews on the clicking functions of this mouse.

        Why's the shape bad? One of the Dell reviewers said they could game endlessly with it

        I agree it's ugly but that's primarily because of the white contrast to the black, the all black one looks much better in my opinion.

        All that combined with a fear of missing out on a hot deal and you have your answer but thanks sincerely for your input

      • I also bought a Razer Basilisk X from a semi-recent deal and thought it could be good to compare and then resell or gift the other one because one of my friends is very good at breaking his electronics whilst gaming

        • ye basilisk x isnt terrible just a bit heavy and not the best qc. if you want i could recommend you a good mouse for your hand size and grip style.

          • @abjsdhasehasee: Good to know, I'll have to test it out to make sure they didn't mess mine up. That would be lovely, thank you. My hand is 19 centimetres from tip to the base of my palm. I use either a claw or palm grip but I like to think it's the claw grip because it sounds cooler. I was also interested in a vertical mouse but that's a different box of fish

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              @SpainKing: whats your hand width?
              this is how i measure and also how to know your grip, although grip can change depending on mice, green is typical area, red is area that is part of that grip but not as typical
              you could be doing some forward palm grip or some claw who knows.

              • @abjsdhasehasee: I would say that I cup the ass of the mouse (forward palm grip). It's 10.5 - 11 centimetres wide, was a bit hard to be accurate as I had a very small tape measure that wouldn't hook over my thumb easily. Also that's the best mouse grip infographic I've ever seen

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                  @SpainKing: turns out im terrible at finding mice for people with palm grip variations so im stumped tbh. id check out mm720 and see if that looks like an interesting shape for you. the build quality of it isnt great though but it can be good.

              • @abjsdhasehasee: very useful hand measuring guide.
                am choosing mouse too…
                thinking of jump onto G305 which seems to be a safe choice.

                • @sanrs: id check out orochi v2 aswell, great fingertip and claw mouse.

    • It sucks for fps, for MMOs and dinning that didn't require K clicking it might be okay, but again it feels no different to the Kmart gaming one which was on sale for 3-5$ (performance wise). I've now got a Logitech mouse which I paid $61 for and it feels much smoother, and better to use (I play a lot of fps).

      I hope this helps you, just sharing my experience.

    • I bought one to match my laptop at the time (returned the laptop cos it was a piece of junk). Gave the mouse to my brother. Personally hated the feel and shape of it. Wasn't ergonomic to human hands. Maybe that's why it's called Alienware…. ><D

    • +3

      $81.60 < $91.36

    • That's for the black one, the white is $156.23

      • Isn't the point he showing its heavily discounted at multiple places .
        Hence a summary needed for you : not much chop !

        • It's also $91 on the Dell website so I think Amazon is just price matching so it's still a discount stemming from the same source

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    Don't waste your money. I own this and it's no better than the Kmart one. Better off buying a different brand for the same price

    • Which Kmart one are you referring to? Also curious what aspect of the mouse do you feel like it doesn’t meet your expectations?

      • +2

        I presume it's the $3/$5 ones from kmart a few months ago.


        Turns out they might be unbranded Razer stuff.

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          Haha so this Alienware mouse is sure a ripoff big time? Again ppl just paying for the brand …

          • +3

            @kaikor: Alienware was a ripoff in 2009 and a decade later its still the same lol

      • Something something Anko

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    why is this on ozbargain lol, this is a terrible mouse. obviously gonna be ass clicks, bad side button position, terrible shape, extremely heavy, bad cable, scuffed wireless implementation id bet and it looks terrible.

    go buy yourself a proper mouse lmao

  • $204 RRP? You’re kidding yourself Michael!

    • I too, LOL'ed hard at that.

      RRP is something the manufacturer decides, and they can just set any price that has no real basis in the real world if they wanted, so it's only worth that price as long as people (or suckers in this case) get sucked in.

      Considering the heavy discount, not many suckers to be had lately. Yet its still not worth it at all lol

  • +2

    Got a free replacement as the battery died after just 3 months of use.
    Durability is a concern here.

    • Mine died after three months too

  • This vs wired G502 mouse?

    • +2

      wired g502. why is this your only option anyway, many more mouse out there that are better and cheaper than this oem garbage

      • i got a g502 already that's why. What better options do you have?

        • depends on hand size, grip and budget.
          if your palm gripping then that really limits your options.

    • +1

      Even g305 outperform this

  • Squid mouse?

  • +3

    Yikes for this mouse. F for the poor souls who bought.

  • +7

    Just want to say that I own this mouse (got it as compensation from Dell on a previous deal due to delayed shipping etc) and gave my G305 to a friend.
    This thing eats batteries like a fat kid eats cake and it's an ergonomic disaster, it just feels awkward in the hand DO NOT BUY

    • Why are you lying for?

      You say it "eats batteries like a fat kid eats cake" but it only has an internal battery - it doesn't use batteries like you're suggesting.

      Per your comment here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/586263#comment-9710800, you're using a very cheap Logitech mouse that takes a AA battery.

      I got it as part of the compensation for the AW3821DW eBay Dell deal last year and have been using it since in both wired and wireless - it's absolutely fine and I have no drama's using it coming from an early gen Logitech G502.

      • -1

        I had the same mouse and battery life is bad. It only charges to 72% after a few weeks of use. Buggy dell software.

        It works ok as a wired mouse and only if you pay no more than $50.

      • -1

        My bad the one I got is the 310M, either way the Logitech is much better than the 310M imho both ergonomically and its ability to last longer than 14 minutes on a single battery and besides, the 610m is pretty much the same shape, so my statement on it's ergonomics stand.

        I wasn't lying, I was slightly misinformed and gave an opinion on a similar product, that being said, I appreciate your deep dive into my comments on previous deals and yes you are correct, that Logitech mouse does indeed use a AA battery.

        Imho, Logitech mice are superior to Dell's mice, and it is true that the 310M does indeed eat batteries like a fat kid eats cake.

        But hey if you find it comfortable and enjoy it that's good, it's simply my opinion on this product based on a my experience with the 310M

  • -2

    Yeah, good price for the brand, quality, features etc. but I have been waiting for the Razer Viper 8Khz offer

  • For a mouse this expensive, you'd expect a bit more info on the sensor. Not saying it's a bad mouse, just a bit of an oddity that's all.

  • I got this one for a similar price a while back to match my white lian li o11 mini case. It isn’t terrible as a general purpose mouse for a casual gamer as most people like to point out, I’m quite use to it now. I know there are better purpose built mice out there, I also have mx master 2 for comfort and one of the older logitech g gaming mice with lots of buttons (can’t remember model), and this one. I don’t use the logitech gaming mouse anymore as the buttons are playing up now. The Alienware is not amazing at anything in particular, but the build quality seems pretty good and it does a good job at everything that I need. This design is pretty unique and if anyone is trying to match a colour scheme of their computer, go wireless with rgb lighting, they shouldn’t rule it out.

  • -1

    Recently bought the AW310M and it has been great. There were lots of comments about its bad ergonomic style, but I find this shape really comfortable.

    • BTW I used to wear Lycra regularly when I was competing as a cyclist. Good guess JV.

  • Bought one from 14th Aug on Dell's online shop with no indication it was not in stock.

    Got estimated delivery date originally from 16th Sep , then got pushed to 16 Oct due to low parts. A week ago got another email saying it's delayed again to 15th Nov.

    Interesting to know they are having sale again when they don't even have stock.

    • I'd be pretty annoyed if I had the same experience you had, though I ordered mine yesterday and I just got a notification informing me that it has been shipped with a delivery ETA of tomorrow.

      Have you tried contacting them to see what's taking them so long?

  • i got this so it will match my keyboard and laptop. 😅

  • +1

    Something being on sale doesn't mean it's even worth it at the marked down price, when will people here learn this. In the end the biggest savings are made when you don't buy garbage.

    • How many would you order if they were 10 cents..?

      • The 15-20 dollar shipping costs would've already made it a useless value proposition.

  • Have had one for about a year and overall I'd say it's worth the sale price - wouldn't pay RRP for it though.
    Only issue is there seems to be a bug with the latest firmware where it wasn't charging properly.
    If you purchase one of these, go onto the Dell site and install an older version of the firmware to avoid this.

  • wonder how many people out there actually paid the RRP of $204 for this thing

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