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Logitech G915 Lightspeed Wireless RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - GL Tactile $255.20 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Logitech G915 LIGHTSPEED Wireless RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
* GL Tactile Switches
* Pro-Grade 1ms LIGHTSPEED Wireless & Bluetooth Technology
* Up to 30 Hours Battery Life (100% Brightness)
* Max Charge in Approx 3 Hours
* LIGHTSYNC RGB Per-Key Lighting
* 5-Dedicated G-Keys
* Full-Sized Gaming Keyboard
* Dedicated Media Keys (with Edgeless Volume Wheel)
* 1.8 Metre Cable
* 2 Years Limited Warranty
* RRP $399.95

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  • Can anyone comment on the price/worth it factor for this keyboard? I can say pick up a duckyone 2 for $100(i know different form factors) but am I going to notice features/uses which would justify this keyboard at this price? Anyone with it think its worth paying the extra money?

    • +3

      Wireless, low profile keys, media + macro keys, metal body - at the end of the day, it's up to the individual to decide if these are worth paying a premium.

    • +5

      I've got a TKL clicky,

      I really like the keyboard, I'm not too sure about the value, sorry I can't comment on that. But my experience with the keyboard has been really good

      Logitech has some software you can use to reprogram some of you keys, also set different mappings/lighting for different games I haven't made use of it but it can get annoying when you get a game that has a profile that changes your RGB, I dislike that about the keyboard.

      Unfortunately it charges by USB micro-B but the battery life is really good even with max brightness RGB I've not had it die on me once with the occasional plug in.

      The volume roller is really nice as well as the other function buttons.

      I have seen some people have quality control issues with some keycaps wearing out within a couple months and having RGB bleed through, my keyboard however looks as good as new besides the dust.

      I'd say this is a really nice price.

      If you have any questions feel free to post them and I hope my experience helps you make a purchase decision.

    • +6

      Got kid the brown key (GL tactile) version. 100% worth it. Recently copped a travel mugs worth of bubble tea and after pulling apart and drying it out, still going gang busters. 🤣👍

      • +1

        I love how little sense the sentence makes to anyone non PC

    • It's also quite a nice looking design as well

    • i had a corsair K95 before this and i LOVE this keyboard(i have the advertised model).

      @mrcatman1 is on the money but everything just works. for mine the only downside is the low profile keys but I'm willing to go without to have software that doesn't suck and get in the way constantly

    • +3

      Well made sturdy construction, some might say a little bit heavy, but it's brushed metal.
      Good low profile keys and switches (have tactile) and there is literally no difference in performance between wired and wireless with this keyboard. They even tested it with professional gamers and having had mine for over a year and a half, I'd have to agree. Haven't experienced even the slightest delay.
      You really can't tell the difference but you can of course use it wired if you want but the battery life is good. I charge maybe once a fortnight and I have RGB and patterns running non stop at half brightness which is still bright.

      You can also press a button and switch back and forth to bluetooth on the fly to use it with other devices so I use it with my TV too.

      Also incredibly easy to clean and it is in the same condition as it was the day I got it despite heavy daily usage. I wouldn't even compare it to a Ducky.
      It's a really premium keyboard, but again, it all comes down to personal preference so it doesn't matter what we say as only you will know once you use it.

      I was lucky enough to get mine brand new still sealed in the box at a pawn shop for $120 (junkies). I'd never pay the RRP even though compared to others keyboard it's worth it, I'd just never pay hundreds for a keyboard. That said, I would definitely grab this again at this price.

    • I got the clicky version for $225 and absolutely loved it. Battery last for ages and build quality is great.
      If you're getting it, get yourself one of those magnetic usb cable, really useful.

    • I paid more for the white version, needed it for the looks but keyboard is top notch, working from home as well I use it for the main computer and connect via Bluetooth to my laptop when working from home , it's great , just buy it

  • I’ve seen this around for at least 3 years

    • +4

      Great keyboard, but I'm waiting for the newer model that supports USB C.

      • Ditto. Can't wait lol

  • +2

    Love this keyboard.

  • Really nice keyboard, but I decided to return it to jb hi-fi after trying it. The low-keys and pre-designed RGB layout for csgo are really good. However, the keycaps is wobbling and cannot stand it. Maybe you can try it before you buy one.

    • +1

      Do they have demo keyboards at JBs?

      • Haven't seen the demo at JBs. But I am sure MWAVE has the G915 demo.

      • I haven't seen any for Logi keys at JB but I have for Corsair. However, since COVID a lot of those were removed for health reasons.

        • Ya, makes sense.

    • +1

      I'm surprised they let you return it as they can't re-sell it as new.

  • For that "RRP", I'd look into buying a custom keyboard instead (yes, there are some budget options that come with bluetooth)

  • +2

    I like it. Issues so far:
    - 1 x bluetooth and 1 x lightspeed only. I have 3 machines so would have preferred multi-blutooth like the MX
    - can't install the software for the macro keys as its blocked by my workplace
    - push buttons at top feel cheap

    I certainly didn't need it but it feels premium and I enjoy it.
    Pair with a Logitech mouse

  • 400 RRP for a keyboard is (profanity) insane lmao

    • -1

      Hahahahahaaha. That’s the price of one of my keycaps sets alone.

      • hell ive never seen keycaps go for this price, what customs you got?

      • is it made out of gold? why so expensive

        • +1

          It types it for you, all you have to do is think.

        • You can get one made out of aluminum and that can be had for $609 dollars.


          Frankly speaking, I go why CNCed aluminum? But something like that does exist I guess?

          • @iridiumstem: Hell, If they'd ever do it, id love Brass keycaps, automatic anti-oiling, disinfecting and thus anti-shining, just like doorknobs of the same material. Would destroy any PBT keycaps that resist shine.

            • @dbmitch: I have seen a keycap (like something you'd put on ESC key) made out of brass, so you probably could get something simliar to that.

  • I have both the TKL and the full version. Get the TKL version if you can.

    Problem with the full keyboard is the annoying G keys on the left side that I was always accidentally hitting thinking it was the Ctrl key.
    There's a bit of learning curve involved to train yourself not to do it.
    And I wasn't even using the G Keys!

    You don't want to be spending all that money on a keyboard, only to have to learn how to type "correctly" again

    • +1

      Cant you remove the G keys? I have the G613 and I absolutely hate the Gkeys. I think all you need to do is remove the G4 and G5 keys and it would be much better. Its worse in my case as G1 is next to escape and G6 next to CTRL.

      • That's a pretty good idea. I will have to try it out. Thanks for the suggestion

        • I mapped 'delete' to G5, easier to use 'shift + delete', and does nothing if I accidentally hit it

          Mapped G1 with Ghub to quickly check the battery level, G2 Synapse for my razer mouse (battery etc), G3 open a new tab or close the current tab, G4 reopen a closed tab (MACRO)

    • +3

      Map G5 as CTRL and you're done.

  • It has 5 macro keys along the left side of the board, which completely throws off the spacial orientation relative to the left side keys - esc, left shift, left control, tab. Absolutely annoying and I wonder what would be the use for these progrmable keys anyway. The board is heavy. Connects very well, long range too. Tactile feeling is satisfying, the typing is fast due to the low profile keys.

    • Yeah if they had shifted the G Keys towards the right, it would have been so much better. You gotta wonder if these guys did any usability tests. That would be the first thing I'd flag as a tester.

    • i find that low profile keys just make hitting 3 keys with one finger all too easy.

      • How, can you please explain?

        • Fat fingers.

          • @Munki: That can happen on any keyboard? I find it the other way.

  • -1

    Pro-Grade 1ms LIGHTSPEED

    Speed of light in air is ~1.0003c


    Approx: 299.7km

    • How can speed of light be over c?
      I guess you are some guy who proved Einstein wrong

      • +1

        Light in air is 1.0003 times slower than light in a vacuum, which slows it all the way down from 299,792,458 meters per second to 299,702,547 meters per second.

  • Are there mice that can use the same receiver with this, like the unifying ones do?

    • I don't have a dongle for my mouse as I have the powerplay wireless pad which also acts as the receiver, but if I remember correctly, the lightspeed USBs are non unifying and are each tied to one device only.

  • I've been wanting to check this out, but dont know if i can like the flat keys. Any demo models in Brisbane?

  • This or the G613? For work.

  • +2

    Get a keychron or gmmk over this

    • I have had no end of trouble with Keychron’s Bluetooth, and the battery lasts me two days if I’m lucky. Can’t speak for GMMK, but I absolutely can’t recommend a Keychron.

      • I’ve only used their wired offerings with hotswappable switches. Once you go true tactile (not browns), it’s very hard to go backwards. With some of the newer switches you don’t really even need to lube (though you probably should).

        Slap on a tape mod, put in some foam/butyl dampening. Excellent.

  • have the TKL version , amazing keyboard.

  • +1

    the macro on the left side threw me off daily use so I changed to TKL version. Such a good keyboard

  • I'll be honest. While I do love this keyboard, I don't think the price tag is justified. if I hadn't gotten a really good deal second hand (excellent condition though), I would never have considered it. Having said that, I think it'd be a good buy in the $150 range - or even max RRP of $200.

  • I have one of these and it’s an amazing keyboard. Sadly, my wife and I now share a desktop as we’re minimising our desk setup so I’ll likely be selling mine (DM if interested).

    But, I highly recommend the keyboard from a design, usability and tactility perspective. Makes typing a breeze and working on the computer more fun.

    RRP is steep but a deal like this is worth it.

    • User vikrad does not accept new conversations.

      • Ah sorry, didn’t realise I had that setting off…fixed!

  • Thanks! Bought 1 for the missus. I am using this and so far loving it. I had the g613 before and I find that very bulky it was taking much of my desk space. I also like the more shallow key strokes in the 915.

  • I have it. It's a joy to type on and build quality is great.

  • +1

    Love my TKL version, but do miss the numpad sometimes so would maybe go for this version if I had a do-over.

  • Can you connect this via cable to one computer and switch to wirelessly connect to another? I am having a tower and a laptop on one desk and currently switching actual keyboards whenever I switch between work and leisure. I know keyboards like MX Keys allow you to switch between computers, but I would rather have it plugged in for the tower for lower latency and for charging.

  • i have the tactile version of this keyboard and its the best keyboard ive used. the keystrokes are so fluid and satisfying to press. The sold aluminium body has such a premium feel and the wireless RGB is a plus for me, without the lighting I fumble typing as im not a touch typist.

    I would grab this deal just to have a spare, $255 is pricey however I got mine from eBay for $240 so im not fussed.

    Only negative side is the macro keys which I had to get used to initially because it sort of threw me out when trying to type as I kept on hitting the macro keys instead of the CRTL, SHIFT, keys etc..

    Other than that its a solid buy if you have the cash..

  • Folks who have built custom mechs: how would you reckon this compares with those, particularly budget customs like NK65's of KBD67lite?

    • Hmm low profile switches on a full size/TKL keyboard with wireless that's not just bluetooth? RF tech I don't think is that common or at least up to the quality that Logitech advertises. Low profile switches were on some of the split keyboards kits I've seen, but nothing that was something like TKL. It's possible that I just haven't seen one yet.

      I frankly think those two would be the sales point of this keyboard. If you are not interested in those, then eh.

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